2012 DIY Guide to Cebu-Bohol Trip

The trip was planned with the hope to visit a spot as many as we can and within our budget. And so we did. Total expense (excluding airfare) did not exceed 10k including pasalubong. That was a 7 day-6 night trip to Cebu and Bohol.

Here’s our itinerary for the trip:
Day 1 
Buy Ferry Tickets (Cebu-Tagbilaran)
MeetUP with Kaye&Jeck
Check-In Hotel (Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia)
Cebu City Tour

Taoist Temple

Taboan Market, Dried Fish hunt
Dinner at SM Cebu
Lights Off/Rest
Day 2 

 Travel to Kawasan Falls (South Bus Terminal)
 Travel to Cebu City, Dinner
Day 3 
Wake UP/Prepare/Check out
Ferry Travel (Cebu-Tagbilaran)
Countryside tour
Hinagdanan Cave
Check In (Whites and Green Resort Panglao)
Day 4 

Wake UP/Prepare
Sea Tour
Bohol Bee Farm, Dinner
Day 5

Explore Beachfront,Relax
Day Pass to BBC
Back to Pier
Ferry Travel TagbilaranCebu
Dinner, (Sampaguita Suites)
Day 6 
 Wake UP/Prepare
 Free Time, Souvenir hunt
 Departure Cebu-Manila

The itinerary I posted was modified on what had happened during the trip. We removed some because of the time constraint and the distance. The only reservation we had was the Suite in Cebu and the Resort in Bohol. Then the rest were contacted during the trip already. It was an awesome journey. DIY City Tour in Cebu will save you a lot but can be tiring if you are with your family or if with kids. In Bohol, I would definitely recommend visiting Panglao and the Island Tour if you’re a beach lover.

I would like to give thanks to Mark Gallardo of Triptabai  for giving me tips about Cebu and to other bloggers out there for their helpful posts.

I would also like to give special thanks to the taxi driver who gave the number of Kuya Renato (on the right) because he's such a nice tour guide in Bohol. He also knows where to find a recommendable place to buy food and souvenirs in Bohol. You can contact him at 09322275270.

And again, to make your trip more memorable, don’t forget to interact, and be kind to the locals in the city you are in. That’s the secret of “pakikisama”, you are new then you need to respect the people and the place. Enjoy and live free! 

My favorites are Kawasan Falls, Bohol Bee Farm and Balicasag Island. I would love to go back to Cebu and Bohol and visit more places. Hope to see  you again!

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2012 DIY Guide to Cebu-Bohol Trip

"Own only what you can carry with you; Let your memory be your travel bag." 
 ~Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Cebu – Bohol Series: 4.3 Bohol Beach Club

It's our last day in Bohol. We decided to spent the rest of our time in Bohol Beach Club just to check what's inside. Since we are just sharing the same beach front, I am not into the beach anymore but just to have a place to stay after checking out from Whites and Greens. Though it's ok for them to stay more time on their place, we decided to walk towards the BBC for a day tour. We left our things in the frontdesk area to secure it while we explored the resort.

Clean beach front.
The pool area.
The place was all ours that day.
Good facilities but the rest room near the pool was dirty. It’s really a big no-no for me. 
And of course :p
Beach huts all the way.

A whole day pass inside BBC is 350php with 200php consumable for food. Not bad but nothing very special for me. I wish we had more time to go to PINR (Panglao Island Nature Resort) which was our original plan. Wdidn't realize that it’s quite far from our place already and we do not have much time. 

And so we just took more pictures...
and more...
And I don't mind anymore because it's tiring...
We were too tired to swim and just spent most of the time facing the beach in the hammock. Relax mode. 
And here’s what we have eaten before we left.
With rice of course. :p

Check their website for more details. :p

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“May your time be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks and 
sand between your toes." ~Anonymous

Cebu – Bohol Series: 4.2 A Visit To Bohol Bee Farm

If you are looking for a place to eat after your tiring Bohol adventure, BBF is a popular place to visit. The place is known for their organic dishes, breads, pastries, teas, honey, spreads and more. Try their buffet as well or their signature salad with edible flowers on it. I need to emphasize it because that's what I love most. :p Most of their organic products were freshly taken from their farm. Herbs and Aroma can be overwhelming to some but that makes the difference. And because hal and I love to explore food and organic products, BBF is our BFF. I admit, I am quite late discovering BBF but at least the hearsay's really proved me why there's a lot recommending us to dine here. 

Do not forget to dine at BBF
We hired 2 motorcycles to bring us in Bohol Bee Farm. They charged us 50 per person. We advised them to fetch us once we are done exploring BBF. We immediately registered and joined the Farm Tour upon arrival. Charge for the tour is 30php per person.

The tour presenter showed us how they produce their organic herbs. 

They have a separate bee farm location, this is just for presentation. 

Be careful, the bee will die if they sting you, so it's not you, ok, the poor bee.  :p

I love the Malunggay and Avocado Ice cream, very flavourful. A must try too at 60 php.

We spend more time here inside, can't choose what to buy. Pesto and Mango spread is the best. 
Showing the Bohol Bee Farm amenities. 

And finally, spending your last dinner in Bohol should be the best. Here’s what we had for dinner. We wanted to try more but we were already full.
Choco Banana Shake and Mango Shake

Can anyone tell me the name of this pasta? I forgot already. :D

Organic Garden Salad

Stir Fry Vegetable 

Honey-Glazed Chicken

Cheese Pizza

I also ordered Taragon ice tea but is not in the picture. 

We all went back to our resort with satisfied and full tummies. Food ranges from 100 pesos up. If you want to get a full Bohol Bee Farm experience, you can stay in their place as well. BBF is a resort actually but is open for tours and diners. Overnight stay starts at 2000 pesos which is good for 2 pax and includes breakfast. You can check more details on their website.

Bohol Bee Farm
Vicky Wallace
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 502 2288
Phone: +63 917 304 1491
Email: vickywallace@boholbeefarm.com
Website: http://www.boholbeefarm.com/

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The belly rules the mind.  ~ Spanish Proverb

This is not a paid post.

Our Journey to Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church

A short journey 
We were running out of budget, but we already planned in going out for a short trip. We wanted a quiet and simple out of town. And then I told him that I haven’t been to Kamay Ni Hesus and so we decided to push on with the trip. With only a thousand bucks in our wallet, we were ready to go.

I love seeing different churches, though I am not active in joining pilgrimage or a patron devote, I see to it that I attend to church every Sunday. Now, I am a regular attendee of The Feast and I also encourage you to join to discover more about your faith and to find your way to your Financial Freedom. I know most of you know already what I am talking about. 

By the way Kamay ni Hesus is located in Lucban Quezon, and you can include a side trip here if you'll visit Lucban for their Pahiyas Festival. 

Kamay ni Hesus is popular healing church. Masses are being celebrated by the known healing priest Fr. Joey Faller.

Another thing that makes the church popular and bring hundreds of people here is the 300 steps hill with life size figures portraying the 14 Stations of the Cross. On the top is the large statue of Jesus Christ. 

Going to Kamay ni Hesus is easy.

From Alabang or Buendia terminal take a bus via Lucena and take off at the grand terminal. From there, are jeepneys bound to Lucban. Advise the driver to take you off at the grotto. Or you can easily notice it as the jeepneys usually stop there to drop passengers. Expect a lot of people and vendors outside.

You can also see the Garden of Eden, a life size image of Adam and Eve can be found here. A Noah’s Ark shape building is what they called house of prayer is a retreat house. Different animals can be found outside to replicate the event. 

A place to explore and a place of prayer, by the way do not forget to wear proper church attire here as they do strictly require following it.

So wondering how much did we spent on this short trip?

Alabang to Lucena          - 360php (two way)
Lucena to Lucban           - 40php (two way)
Breakfast (Chowking)     - 100php
Lunch                             - 150php
(Pansit Habhab + Tapsilog + Ice Cream + Water + Shake) 
Total Expenses per person = 650php

Of course if you want to buy pasalubong, then you still have extra money left. 

And remember... ;p

This post is my third entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival for August 2012 with the theme  "WHERE WOULD YOU TRAVEL GIVEN A P1,000 BUDGET?"
Hosted by Cris of Pinaythrillseeker

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Cebu – Bohol Series: 4.1 Dolphin Watching and Balicasag Island

So to refresh you with our Bohol trip, you may check my previous posts here and here. But then, I’ll share my favorite part of our trip, the Dolphin watching and Snorkling in Balicasag.

We took our breakfast early and met Kuya Larry, which was kind enough to fetch us near our resort. They are from Alona Beach so from there, they need another 15-20 minutes travel time to get us.

Kuya was getting ready. You can also see locals cleaning the shore early morning. 

We immediately headed to the location, Dolphin watching first. Upon reaching the area, boats were already there waiting and rushing to the group of Dolphins just like a paparazzi who is dying to get a shot. 

I am a Dolphin lover. I do think that I am Little Mermaid’s Ariel in my past life. Haha! Yes, though I am not a swimmer, I am dreaming to be a mermaid just for a day. Then I can swim and talk to the Dolphins and other sea friends and they will make a pearl necklace for me. Though so you know, I am not a fan of Dolphin shows. I never attempted to watch either. Well I guess you know why. Dolphins need freedom and they should be able to swim freely in an open sea. Thinking about this makes me cry… literally.

Our Dolphin friends! 
Dolphins are active in the morning. They are owning a certain spot in the sea where-in they seem enjoying, playing and jumping above the sea for a show. Kuya Larry told that they are eating. And I guess, almost everyday, boats are rushing towards them to see those events. However after observing, it seems that the motor boats are disturbing the Dolphins. Once the boat rushed in and get near them, they disappear. I guess it would be better for the spotters to just stay where they are, turned the motor off then wait and let the Dolphins do what they supposed to do.

Sorry if we are disturbing you my sea friends...

I am still glad that the experience was close enough to my dream Dolphin encounter. How I wish I can swim with them. And aslo, I am praying that we can find a better way to watch them in the wild. Wishing here that they are all ok.

After the Dolphin watching, we went to Balicasag Island and experience to snorkel in the Balicasag Marine Sanctuary. 

On our way to Balicasag, what a pleasant view. 
And now I know why Balicasag Island is also a famous diving spot.
Sunny afternoon and a snorkeling time weather for us!
Seriously, this place is the top best snorkeling area for me because we can snorkel freely and there were different kinds of fishes everywhere. You can even fool them by moving your fingers as if you have bread in your hand and they will come near you. Sorry if I was unable to showcase it here in my pics but I am sure you'll love Balicasag!

Yes, because unfortunately, my underwater camera broke down after a few shots; I guess our boatman brought the camera too deep and unable to handle the pressure. My Olympus camera is only good for 10ft.  Good thing it’s still under warranty and was now with me almost brand new, but I need to buy a new battery. L

Some of the few shots we saved after the camera broke.
Jeck showing his Muro-Ami skills. Haha!
Healthy and excited fishes everywhere...
Kaye and her first time to snorkel, first and the best. 

And our lunch; the one on the left :)
After the tiring bonding with the fishes and our luscious lunch, we went to the Virgin Island. The island is a small C shape sand bar and you can explore the entire island in just a few minutes. Though it was a tiring walk and effort to get near the edge of the sand bar, (which we did!, only the one side of the beach.) you can rest for a while and try to be the vendor selling Coconuts for a while.

The long stretch of the sand bar, you need to wait until 2pm for the low tide. 
While replacing Manong's job in exchange for his shade. :)
One thing I’ve enjoyed here was our bonding with one of the vendor and he was able to convince us to eat the shell’s meat and the Sea Urchin. Well, I’m all game! The shell's meat tasted like squid and the sea urchin was like a watery salty taste of the crab’s fat.

Above picture is the empty shells and below is the shells with meat that you can eat.

Below picture is the Sea Urchins meat.
By the way the Spikes of the Sea Urchin is moving, they are all fresh and a bit creepy to touch. 
Hope to see you again!
Kuya Larry and his partner (Sorry I forgot his name) 
And my bloated... You know what!

Wondering how much it costs: 

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“I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.”
-- T. S. Eliot