Isdaan Floating Restaurant: A Quick Night Food Trip

Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Laguna

(Latepost) It was unplanned dinner road trip with hal’s family and they’ve decided to visit Isdaan Restaurant. I have no expectations or whatsoever but I am excited to see the place especially there are several blogs telling that the place was great for a dining experience. Located in Calauan Laguna, we headed there unsure if it’s still open or not. We should’ve been earlier but the traffic added much time and even makes us hungrier even more. 

Buddha Everywhere
The place is along the road and you won’t miss it out as giant status and lights at the entrance are very noticeable. We all forgot that we’re hungry at first and we’re very excited to take pictures. It’s indeed a huge park were you can dine and experience Filipino food while being entertained by the views with Bali and Thai theme. There are also some activities plus several statues all around the area such as, security guards on different poses, Cats, Monkeys, Dinosaurs, Elephants, Gigantic Mermaids, Buddha's, Disney characters and more! Guests will be greeted by circus performers and unicyclist plus a Tacsiyapo wall to release your anger. It was such an eye pleaser place already at night and so much more during day time. 

And there's Spiderman above
Nipa huts where you can feast :) 
My niece with Mr. and Ms. Obama :p
And cats my favorite :) 
And this very huge Gorilla :) 
Pardon the photos as all pics were just taken from my phone :) 
Try Tacsiyapo too :) 
Overloaded menu :)
They will not let you finish your food without being serenade in a funny way :)

Sadly we’re not able to take pictures of the food, obviously because we’re very hungry that we’ve forgot all about it. Well, I can say now that the place is worth a visit.