Baler on Foot: What Else Can You Do in Baler Aside Surfing?

If you’re not the surfing type, you fear the sea or you feel like physically not prepared for surfing, or maybe if you’re typically just not into it, visiting Baler is still a must as it can offer you other places to spend your time with.

Baler Church and Museum

Despite of its simplicity, the church is a remembrance of the Siege of Baler. From July 1, 1898 to June 2, 1899, the revolutionaries laid siege to the church manned by Spanish troops in the town. Its a battle of the Philippine revolution and concurrently the Spanish-American and the Philippine-American War.

In Baler Museum, You’ll get to discover more of Aurora’s heritage, culture and arts. Apparently it was closed when we had our visit.

Aurora Aragon Quezon House

To discover what’s behind the life of the wife of Manuel L. Quezon President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. The province was named after her wife, Aurora Quezon. We were unable to spend much here but you'll get to read facts about their family here.

Ditumabo Falls.  

Located at the small village of San Luis, Aurora is a hidden wonder. It was a rough unpaved rocky road plus a 30mins walk to discover the Mother Falls also known as Ditumabo Falls. An easy and constructed trail for the visitors and we also notice a well maintained surroundings. The falls exceed my expectation as it was magnificent on its own. We immediately dipped in. The water is so refreshing. Also no entrance fee but we can give donations for the caretakers.

Lukso-lukso Islets and Diguisit Beach 

 Located at the coast of Barangay Zabali, Baler Aurora, it’s another beautiful beach to see. It's a very scenic place. Sun was on its dusk when we visit the place and that makes it more appealing. You may also notice a small man-made pool at the side and the kids are enjoying it as much as we appreciate the view.

And the Ma. Aurora Old Balete Tree

Rooted at maybe around 1604 and was there to act as a place for some local tribes for their rituals from old times. The wide tree that was almost covered by its roots are very huge that I guess 15 persons can fit inside. Some locals are there to guide other tourists to climb. No entrance fee here but we might want to give donation for the caretakers. Majority decided to climb but for me, I decided to save my energy for tomorrow.

So that's just some of the province of Aurora. Its the surfer's paradise other side of the town. So when you're done surfing, or maybe before you begin to surf, you may want to explore the town first to warm up. But then let's not skip the Surfing part of Baler in here. :)

Surfing in Baler: Got stoked while I ride the waves!

It was a planned weekend trip to celebrate the birthday of our friend. And also, we haven’t had any trip for quite a while already. The weather is unpredictable so we decided to go rain or shine. And we decided to go Surfing!

We surfed on the next day in Baler, the first day was spent purely on land tours and getting drunk. If only my niece was there, I have an excuse to the drinking session, however since its all a party mood and all adults trip, we partied the night before as if we do not have any plans the next day.

So here’s the surfing day. Though we are around 2hrs late from the promised surf time, we still had enough time to go surfing. I am nervous as it was my first. We were so glad that the Sun was there to welcome us, wow God is really has a good timing!
Sunblock on and I am ready to go. I do not know what to expect. All I have in mind is I do not want to get bruise and I want to learn to ride the waves. I am on it!

This is it guys kabado inside! 
After a few walks to the shore, we saw our instructors in line together with the surf boards. I immediately stand in front of the 2nd guy from the left. He introduced himself as Rommel.
Tip # 1: Listen to your instructor. Proper position will help you stand up the first try. If the basic position is hard for first timers (like me), you can try 2 other positions, “popping up” may need a lot of strength and practice.
I am relaxed with my instructor from the start but not on the surfing part. He gave me a detailed briefing and I listened carefully.

Ang chubby cheeks ko lang dito, kainis... :p
At first I am hesitant and I felt that I am too heavy to stand the surf board. First 2 attempts were not successful and he gave me another technique. He also reminded me with the correct position as he was able to identify why I missed on those attempts. He showed me how (3rd technique) and on my 3rd and 4th try. I was able to make it! Wohoo! Feeling like a pro!
Tip # 2: Always look up; not on your feet. This will keep your balance and will help you concentrate.
After several rides with lesser effort on my end, he teaches me how to paddle, OMG I am so excited as I guess I am on the next level, he do not push the surf board anymore and was now just giving me a go signal to paddle and stand up. I struggle at first but was able to do it.
Tip # 3: Learn to paddle; paddle as hard as needed, your instructor can let you know when to paddle, stop and when to get up as the timing to catch the waves needs more practice.
 Winning moment ni Rommel ng makapag paddle ako then stand up on my own. 
I do not want to brag but my coach and I are doing better than the rest. I applaud my coach for that, he really encourages me and was able to give clear directions. Hal and I compared our instructors after the surfing lesson and we know that Rommel was better that’s why I did well too. It might be that I am secretly good or maybe “Kinarir ko lang talaga” but I believe it’s also because I have a good coach too.
Tip # 4: When you’re about to fall off your board, try falling on the side of the board and not in front, try to fall not face down. Then falling means get back and try again.
He invited me to go back to Baler for more. I’m sorry as I forgot to get his number. I do not have any phone with me that time and my over excited-ness just made me forgot all about it. However I guarantee you that he is so passionate on what he was doing and will surely make your Surf trip in Baler so “Sulit”, so look for Rommel on your Baler trip please!

Nag- Apir pa kami ni Kuya (another instructor), a high-five for a good job! Yey Kilig!

Here are the rest of the surfers plus me.

Umay pics of me... 

Good job kaming lahat! - Thanks to Rony for the great shots (buti nlng di siya nag-surf :p)

We spend roughly around 2200-2400Php per pax for 2days-1night trip. Really, it’s a steal right? We stayed at Pacific Waves Inn along Sabang Beach which provides a pretty decent place despite of its affordable rate. We rented the family room for 3500, good for 12 pax. And also, I finally know what stoked means and glad to say I’m STOKED!

By the way, this is Rommel, my instructor. I wish you’ll get to remember him and look for him on your Baler trip:

One of the best weekends ever and I am sure I’ll be back for more! Let’s surf again, sige na!