Tropical Storm and After: How To Help

Another ‘Habagat’ from the tropical storm ‘Maring’ affected majority of the cities and provinces in the country. I know some of you may have suffered because of this another calamity. Some may have chillin and enjoying the long vacation, some are just laughing it out because we are just happy Pinoys with pure humor even we got stranded or had to walk home.  
Just  made my day!
From humorous memes found in Rappler

If you want to extend a helping hand that’s great, though a sincere PRAYER will surely do.

Sharing a list from Yahoo on where and how to help our fellow Kababayans. 

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Feeders Project: Bringing Happiness to Elders

Happiness is something that you will never be found. You will create it. We are in-charge to embrace the life that we have and be happy with it. I definitely agree, but how about those who live their lives on their own, old, feeling useless and just waiting so long enough for someone ABOVE to call them when they are ready. And wondering if the people from their past remembers them and give them a visit, or just a call maybe.

Sunset reminds me of life, my past and the time that flies fast in front of me. 
That was going on my mind on my way to the Feeder’s project. A project created by my kindhearted office mates who shares the same passion. I am glad that Sol invited us to join them. We save a few bucks of our salary every pay day and settled visiting the elders to give gifts and a day of happiness.

I remember how I got lost going there by myself, and I’ll never ever trust Jeepney drivers again in Pasay (no offense! I just had a very bad experience) Luckily, I still arrived safe, keeping my poise and calming myself down first. My mood changed immediately as we are about to start.

We organized games like singing and dancing, we were the one who prepared and served their lunch on that day. Everybody was happy and wanted to participate, some were already too old to join us and some were feeling young and kicking.
Lunch first before the program
Then they showcase their talents
Some gifts to share
We had few conversations and all had almost same ending, nobody can take care of them like the institution does. Actually, these elders are lucky as the facilities are very well equipped with their needs. Elevators, own rooms, decent meals everyday, entertainment room, prayer room and big space. I am thinking that they have all the materials they need; only their families are not around.
"Learn from the people who have walked the path before you… respect them. Because someday – and sooner than you could ever imagine – you’re going to be old too."
We Filipinos are used to living with our elders, we are not used to the culture of bringing elders to a nursing home like this, seeing them happy and contented makes me feel better, they are still being loved by the sister and by each other. At least they are being taken care of. But still I prefer having their last day spent to their love ones, but if you happen to know someone, living their own, no families to take care of them, on the streets, begging, no shelter and food. Maybe you can help bringing them to a nursing home like this.  So they will find a family that will love them until their last breath.

Thank you for the wonderful experience 

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