Palawan Escape: Night at Seaslugs Bar, El Nido

For those who still got some energy to go night out in El Nido, Seaslugs Bar and Restaurant is a popular place to visit. Most of those travelers recommend visiting this place to dine. The beach front restaurant set the night with a live acoustic band that is of course best with a pair of beer plus your beer buddies. A very good ambiance if you love to chill out with a good music.

We were also quite hyped out that night and prefer being loud than chilling and so we dare each one of us to sing. They normally invite, ask or dare their visitors to sing in front. So after several push, Jessie did! Jay also took his chance to impress Kate and sang for her.

Because we were still full from our dinner at the resort (in which we could’ve waited and save our hunger a bit and dine here instead), we indulge ourselves with their pizzas. We tried different flavors and they taste reasonably for their price. I forgot to take some pictures of the food but I bet it's worth to try their food plus the experience. Both locals and foreigners patronized the place. They also serve breakfast but the crowd visits mostly during the night. 

Anyway, I really do not know why they choose Seaslugs to be the name of their restaurant because “Sea slugs” seems not an appetizing creature. Lol! 

And upon arriving back to our room; Hal and I was welcomed by a friendly visitor. Hal wanted to take the Gecko home but it freaked out after some shots. And I'll also not let Hal to take this poor creature away from his home of course. It's cute but kinda' creepy to touch. :D

This post is part of the Palawan trip last August 2012.

Subic Day Trip: Zoobic Safari and Tree Top Adventure

And then suddenly I remember our Subic trip and I still unable to share it here. Yana, my niece, told me that she wanted to try the Treetop Adventure then I remember hal and I bought tickets few months back together with Kaye and Jeck. And because Yana was also itching to join us on our travels, we planned a day trip with her going North. Thanks to discount vouchers we purchased online, Yey!

I must say going to North from South on a day trip is easier if you have a car. Especially if you’ll squeeze your activities in a day; it could be tiring and would eat your time on travel than the activity.

We left South at around 5am and fetch Yana (since she's residing in Bulacan) at Sta. Rita exit and headed North. While others were sleeping comfortably at the back, our driver Hal was focus on the road and I did my best not to sleep to keep Hal a company.

Our first stop was Zoobic Safari. Jeck and Kaye already used their vouchers weeks back with their family so they decided not to explore the park again. They settled themselves bumming in the car and doing nothing. I trust Kaye that they will be all fine because I know they will always keep each other busy J

We need to listen to a 15 minutes orientation before the tour. Then after the do’s and don’t and some instructions, we were all ready to go.

Zoobic Safari got several attractions but what stands out for me are the Animal Show and the Close Encounter.  The rest of the attractions are the Savannah, Tiger Safari Aeta’s Trail, Croco Loco and more.
These were taken at the Close Encounter and Tiger Safari. 
Do not miss the Animal Show!
Some of the reptiles and exotics...
Better to ride the Tram than bringing your own car with the tour to get a better view.

We decided not to finish the last 2 attractions to catch up with the Treetop Adventure. We immediately headed to the car after the tour, no lunch at all as we want to arrive to our next destination as early as possible. Luckily we brought some snacks along. Mamaya na ang bonggang kain.

Treetop Adventure is just about 10 minutes away from Zoobic Safari. Yana got excited here. She’s more adventurous than me and more fearless to try thrilling rides.

We of course wanted to experience all the rides. Complete package includes Canopy Ride, Canopy Walk, Superman Ride, Tree Drop, Trekking with  Jungle Survival Demonstration, Silver Surfer and Interactive Free Fall.

The best and most daring ride here is the Treedrop/Rapelling. A real adrenaline rush and heart pumping experience.

Our Treedrop experience.

Interactive Freefall 

Silver Surfer

Canopy Walk

Superman Ride

Canopy Ride
And the thrill seekers!

Over-all experience is awesome! I again managed to conquer my fear of falling or jumping high. Really it can be a nervous breakdown but I wanted to try at least once in my life I can say that I’ve experienced it. 

I just want to comment on a rude staff they have at the Superman ride. Not friendly at all. We felt that he was really pushing us to be quick in climbing the ladder and on setting us up with the harness. I even asked for a moment because I’m still trying to get a comfortable position and he tapped my hand out the bar because I’m still holding on it as they are about to start the ride. Then he said “tsk tsk”. If only we still had time and was not in a hurry to catch the last attraction I’ll get his name and report him to the admin.

I am also exhausted and hungry after all the rides so I pass it on. But I hope they’ll be able to monitor all the staffs on how they perform their duties. For the others, they were all approachable and handled us well.

It’s a worth it trip after all because we bought our tickets on a discount price. Considering the over-all experience on a regular price, I'll think twice of its worth. Maybe I expect more for both of them. Well, you should still try it though so you do the judge. I suggest to better wait for a promo ticket too. J

Thanks to my travel buddies as always!

How to get there:  Take the North Luzon Expressway and exit in San Fernando. You’ll see several signs along going to Olongapo. You may take the Tipo-Subic Expressway to go to Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Then just follow the signs ahead. 

Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222
Makati Office:
3/F Yupangco Building
339 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Tel: (+632) 895-7142;898-3695; 899-9824
Mobile: (+63) 917-8351111      
Fax: (+632) 899-9829

Subic Branch:
JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222 
Telefax Number: +047.252.9425
Mobile: +63.920.628.8740/+63.932.171.5729   

   "Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." 
~ John Wayne

My 2012 highlights – Welcoming 2013 with Bright Ideas!

It’s time for my year end post, giving you the highlights of my 2012. I thought it was just a simple year but yet I realized I was blessed with so much travels and good vibes.

January - My birth month and I decided to celebrate it with the Eskapaderas at the Jill’s at The Fort Strip. It’s just a few walks away from the office so we just freshen up, changed clothes and went after there after work. It was fun, crazy and I had a birthday cake! It always feel so good having good friends around.

It was also our 8th year anniversary and we celebrated it by a “hiking date”. Yes, we went to Mt.Romelo for a day hike and it put our physical skills to the limit as we do not expect how difficult it could be during rainy season. Hal got sick after the climb and that is the downside yet we that's the most memorable anniversary celebration we had.

We also volunteered in Real Life Foundation and had some running activities. 

February - went with my Bembangan friends to PuertoGalera and had a wonderful experience. I learned a lot from them and chillin' is the best part of this trip. 

Then we also scheduled a hike to Mt. Pinatubo with the Eskapaderas again and hal. Another check on my wishlist. 

March - Another trip with Bembangan. My first to organize a DIY trip. We went to Calaguas and visiting this island was another check on my list. Though it was a challenging travel, rough boat ride and plus a heavy backpack, Calaguas didn't fail to awe us. 

April - Last minute call for joiners, I am lucky to check my Twitter before the Holy week. Good thing I was able to join Chyng's open trip to Apo Reef and it was really fun getting to see an amazing place and meeting wonderful people along. I also tag Kate and Jay to join on this trip. 

We also joined Juxtapoz PUP again for a hike in Pico De Loro. Though again its physically challenging if you're not prepared, It was so fun hiking with a big group.

May - Treat my niece, Yana and chill down our Summer at Splash Island. 

And also visited Lucban, Quezon with Sol and Joel to join the Pahiyas Festival.

June - We finally  conquered Visayas by visiting Cebu and Bohol on our 7-day backpacking trip with Kaye and Jeck. I prepared another DIY trip for this and it was successful. 

July - I was invited by one of my long time friend to explore Ilocos Region. We explored the entire Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte and get to experience Sand Surfing.

And also had a day trip on a budget at Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban. 

August - A traveler's dream to visit Palawan happened on this month. I also took in charge of the planning and we was able to had a wonderful, budget friendly, sunburn, breathtaking moment in Puerto Princesa and El Nido

September - I can't remember any highlights happened this month. All I remember was hal and I went to a full body massage for relaxation. 

October - We celebrated Jhoy and Sol's bday and partied all night somewhere here in The Fort and celebrated Family Day here at the office. 

November - We went to Ace Water Spa in Pasig for another treat for my niece and for my Nanay.

December - We had our year end party at Dusit with the Victorian theme. And also instead of just contributing; I was able to join again the yearly gift giving with Kaye and her officemate. Lastly, we went to Zoobic Safari and Treetop Adventure with Yana. It was such an extreme way for all of us to start the Holiday season. I will blog about the Subic trip soon. :p 

And below are some of the Subic trip. 

And that’s how my year goes. And since I labeled my 2012 being on a Good Vibes, now my 2013 will start with bright ideas!

 I’ll continue my tithing, investing and will do my best to start up a generating income, be it a business or additional investment. I am so thankful that the year 2012 opened me to such great blessings like discovering “The Feast” community that welcomed me the idea of success with God’s love. And the tithing and investing that I mentioned, those just happened all because of reading Bo’s article. Though there’s a lot of financial and family issues; still we survived.

They were just a few struggles out of those hundreds to be thankful for. And for the rest; even we have so much life’s challenges; let’s remember to ask for help, believe and pray. Remember that we are just as strong as our trials in life; it’s given because we are physically and emotionally powerful to face it.

I am also looking forward with the plans Hal and I made for this year. And I also believe that God will always support us for this. I might also lessen the travels this year to be able to focus in building our funds for the future but for sure with a good planning, a budget friendly travel will always come.

 So once again, let’s welcome and start the year with a blast! Cheers!