A Cat Named 'Sansa'

Warning: Not a travel post.

Aside from loving dogs, I am a cat lover too. Ever since I was a kid, I am exposed to numbers of stray cats living in our porch. We do have our official cat in the house named Jenny and she’s the only cat can go inside. Ever since, Jenny is raising kittens and bringing some friends in our place. And since we do feed them, the number grows radically and I remember how hard I cried every time my mother put kittens away home so they can’t come back.

As I grow old, Jenny died out of her age and one by one the cats living in our house were moving out. From more than 10 cats down to 0, we do not have cats around and I’m used to it already, that’s the time Mikey (My Dog) arrived.

It’s been a while that we do not have cats at home but now I already have Sansa which is our official house cat.

Sansa is a Persian and a Siamese mix. Aside from being black which is not typical for a pet cat, she’s extra special because she’s well taken care since birth. She takes a bath, can only eat cat food (except for cooked fish dish), sleep in the bedroom and poop in the litter box. At first I know my mother will not like the idea of a cat strictly inside the house (because for her, cat stinks and a mess) but she loves Sansa from the very start.

Here's Sansa's family, the two orange male kittens stays at hal's house and Sansa is here with me, the Siamese  cat is the daddy that was just borrowed from their neighbor to be Meiji's partner (Sansa's mom)

Who says a Black cat can’t be so adorable?

Since Sansa is not afraid of being groomed, you can cuddle Sansa anytime, just make sure she didn’t chase a mice or a cockroach before you cuddle her up. She loves to sit besides you, on top of you or on your back or on your shoulder. Sansa hates when I am on a phone or in a laptop. She keeps on meowing and doing anything to put my attention back to her or if not, she just wants me to watch TV or sleep. Ayaw nya ng may ginagawa ako. It is sometimes irritating but her cuteness wins, she just wants me all the time. :p

Just call her name and she literally run towards you, she also knows when I am coming as she's already waiting at the door for me. She is quite stubborn cat to my father because she knows she can go out easily if she will beg to my father to go out. To my mom’ it’s the other way around, she’s ok inside because it’s no effect. She can go out the porch at sometimes or if we are around. And Mikey and Sansa are good friends.

She likes to play a lot! Sansa's favorite pet is a black stuffed toy cat that is now smaller than her that she wrestles all the time and the Christmas ball that she always carries using her mouth. She’s also our baby now and looks how she really feels that way. Some says Sansa gave sulky fierce look but she’s not, she is such a sweet cat in person.

And so who says that black cat brings bad luck?  

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

I spent some holy weeks years ago in Nagcarlan but this is my first time to visit Nagcarlan Undergound Cemetery. I am hearing a lot about the place but I have no idea on what to see which maybe why I didn’t push myself to go.

Upon knowing that the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is part of our trip, I am glad to finally visit the historical landmark. 

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is a burial located inside of the Church that was made in 1845 by colonial Franciscan Missionaries in Laguna province. The burial is technically beneath the Church maybe around 15feet below and was said used during the 1896-1898 Philippine revolution as a secret place of the Katipunan.

The Nagcarlan Underground cemetery was declared a historical landmark by the National Historical Institute in 1978.

No more masses being held at the church anymore. What you can expect here to see are the caretakers that maintain the area and supervise the visitors that are coming to see the place. 

It was almost closing time but we managed to get inside.

The old structure makes it remarkable. - entrance of the church.

Below the church - a bit creepy and cold here.

The altar underneath 

On the right side of the church is the stairs down the burial.

I am actually calling Sol to go back  as we are about to leave. 

Inside the church

Some tombs that surrounds the church

And we are leaving

Last picture taken outside the church.

And meet my travel buddies on this trip - That's me, Joel and Sol. All are Nikon fan.

And this ends our short worth it visit. 

How to go to Nagcarlan:

There are several bus terminals going to Sta Cruz (Buendia-Taft , Cubao, QC and in Alabang for those from the South.). You can take bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna then get a connecting Jeep bound to Nagcarlan. Don’t forget to visit Nagcarlan church too! 

Pahiyas Festival 2012

In honor of San Isidro Labrador, it was a tradition to celebrate the Pahiyas Festival here in the town of Lucban every 15th of May. This is the way the farmers give thanks for the bountiful harvest by displaying colourful rice wafers, fruits, vegetables and handicrafts decorating every house in town.

It was my first time to join a festival celebration in Lucban and was so glad to get to see and feel the warmth of the locals here.

What can you expect during the event? 

1. Food; Of course it's everywhere, they expect number of visitors so you can either eat in any local stores or sidewalk. Or look for your friends house to invite yourself in. For us, hindi namin nahanap yung house ng office-mate namin so we stick to our plan to eat around the area.

Kiping is made from grind rice that was brilliantly colored for main decorations.
Pwede ring i-ihaw para kainin. 

The famous longganisa ng Lucban

And, pansit Habhab - this is 10php per serving. 

Pwede ring pamaypay - :D pero nakapila to para ihawin.

Fried Kiping topped with sugar, mas bet ko toh kaso si ate natalsikan ako ng mantika. :p

2. The Lucban Church; It is devoted to town’s patron saint, San Isidro Labrador and this church is said to be almost 400 years old.

We should not forget to include visiting the Church to give thanks

The beautiful structure of the church outside.

3. Parades; You can see marching bands, ladies wearing colorful costumes/Filipiniana made of native materials, floats and farmers with their Carabaos in costumes.

4. Street Party; We also saw a group of environmental activist singing in the street. They caught our attention because of the Reggae theme of their band and the singer sang well. Hindi namin napansin nag cause na siya ng isang malaking party-party sa initan. Even the foreigners joined the party. Asteeg at ang saya lang!

Haribon haribon...

Instant dance floor sa initan, angsaya! 

Don't get near the mic or else you'll get to sing too.

5. Souvenirs; Of course don’t go home without buying something for pasalubong.

Meet Sol, my travel buddy for this trip (Actually may isa pa pero camera shy)

Na-aalala nyo pa ba toh nung mga kabataan natin? :p

And of course the main attraction are the houses of the locals in Lucban. This is the reason why tourist go to the town every 15th of May. 

It rained for a while pero uminit na ng tanghali. 

Tutubing Okra :p

Locals are kind enough to let you take pictures anywhere you want. 

You can go inside the house to take a picture by the window

Ang daming tao

Iniisip ko parin kung anong hayop or insekto ang gusto nilang i-achieve dito :p 

This is my favorite! Puro luya yan, infairness... 

Pacute lang... Pumila pa ako makapag pa picture lang.

The tallest house we saw :p

After lunch we went to Liliw to check for some slippers and shoes and had a short visit to Nagcarlan Underground cemetery. The day was such a tiring but colorful day for me! We haven't got to know the winner of the event. :p

How to go to Lucban from the South:
Since I am from South, the easiest way for me is from Pagsanjan/Sta. Cruz Laguna.
From the Alabang Terminal, you can ride an air-conditioned van/bus going to Pagsanjan/Sta. Cruz.  Then from the Town Plaza, ride a jeep going to Lucban. You can also join a group tour to get the comfort of not worrying for the transportation especially if you have seniors or kids with you.  Btw, expect for a long walk as the main road was closed for the event.

I hope to visit the next Festival and get to see Kamay ni Hesus next time.