Meet Mikey

He's Mikey. He’s half-breed of Aspin and Japanese Spitz. Bigay lang siya ng friend ng father ko. My mother doesn’t really like keeping pets but since it was a gift, she had no choice and eventually fell in love with him.

He’s already 5 years old now. Old enough in counting calendar years but I can’t believe that he’s already 37 years old if counting the real dog’s year equals human year. Mas matanda na pla siya sakin. :p

To count your dog’s real age:

Dahil first official pet, naku he's a spoiled dog. Though he’s a bit of a brat, I can still manage to deal with him. All he wanted is little extra care and attention.

- He sits on a chair and most of a time doesn’t want to go down. On top of a table or in any place he could jump up and see a better view.
- He doesn’t eat dog food well unless you’ll feed him by your hand. Kelangan subuan mo pa yan, so get ready for his saliva all over your fingers!
- When you hear “Arf Arf” facing the door and the window, you have no choice to bring him out either to pee or to poop. He won’t stop until you bring him out.

He stayed for a few months at my boyfriend’s house when I thought I’ll be going to rent a place near The Fort pero he's here again in my place ng hindi ako natuloy. I know it’s not only me who missed him but our close neighbors and my nanay. Love namin yan kahit wala masyadong alam gawin… hehehe!

More pictures...

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."
- Christopher Morley


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

hi glad! ang cute ng dog mo. I'm fond of dogs din. At talagang spoiled ha. Buti marunong mag poo-poo sa labas. May isa kaming dog ngayon pasaway e. Hindi maturuan. =) Namiss ko tuloy si Max (name of our dog dati), he died due to some unknown virus. Minsan na nga lang magka-breeb namatay pa.


Untied Escape said...

Thanks Kath! Sorry to hear about kay Max, anyway I love Animals talaga kasi they unconditionally and unintentionally love you. Haha! No choice ikaw amo eh... :p I'll post some pics of my hedgehog din.

Untied Escape said...

Teka bat nga ba Kath nasabi ko... Haha! Maricar pla... adik lang...

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