Cocktails Overflow!

The QA team finally set a night out @ Azzuro Bar located at The Linden Suites. We purchased a voucher @ Ensogo for the 50% off for beers and cocktails all you can including pica pica. It’s just a room located at the side of their Dining area. You can see the bar, a few tables for the dining guests and a large LCD TV showing both local and foreign channels. The buffet area for the pica-pica is near the door. The place is good for those who wanted to have a great bonding with friends while drinking. For party goers, not a good place. It’s quiet and cozy and no music at all. Na bored kami ng konti dahil majority, party party ang trip. So instead, kami nalang nag ingay. I really felt na sobrang na-torture namin ung other guests sa place. Any way we are just naturally maingay and syempre madami kami. Sulit naman sa pica pica and drinks because there’s a lot to choose from, hindi tipid sa food kasi daming choices and they were refilling the buffet area from time to time.

Photo Credit kay Kate, my co-QAO. Thanks much.

Over all; the promo is sulit parin for the unlimited food and drinks. The place is not advisable for party goers who wanted music and dance floor. The place can’t handle too much guest’s kasi maliit lang. We still enjoyed the night kasi the team are almost complete that day. Isa lang absent and we have friends invited. We headed up to Dheng’s place for his birthday after the night.


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