Gift Giving 2012 - Every Little Deed Can Do

December is the season for giving, sharing and remembering that there are people out there that need our help. I also believe that Christmas is for children; they should feel love, care and just be happy. I guess we have the same views of those who started this gift giving program. Even just for a day, those who are not being noticed will feel appreciated.

I personally do not give money to the beggar. Especially for those who looks like they are making business out of it. Looking so weak and hopeless when they are near you but then looking at them closely, with their body obviously fit for physical job, they can do better than asking for alms. Technically there are better ways to earn money aside from their monkey business. Really, they can be richer than you if in a day, they’ll be able to collect money to every concern citizen they pass by.

However, it’s a different scenario for children literally living in the street. The street is their teacher and molds them on how they become in the future. Whatever views they may have in life, eventually it will reflect once they grow old.

Kaye invited me to pledge just a few years back for their gift giving tradition. I usually just pledge a few amount and then they do the giving. I was able to join once before and now I was able to join them again with the grocery, packing and the distribution of gifts.

Just some from the first batch of goodies. 

And we are also the first batch to pack, some are still on their way to continue packing. 

After packing, we were the first batch who went to some streets in Manila to look for kids where we can share our gifts. We also decided to divide the group so we are less noticeable to the crowd. Though it was just a food for a night, the spirit and the feeling that they were recognized this season can be something for them.

He literally showed "Wowed" face

It was hard to keep them fall in line. 

For some,we really need to go their place to give their gifts.

We tried to disguise to avoid the commotion. 

I personally would like to give thanks to Kaye and her friends who started this program and for inviting hal and I to be part of this. Though it may be just a little deed, every little deed put together can be a big act.

Looking forward for a better and bigger gift giving next year. 

Our Year End Party 2012

Our Year End Party Theme: Modern Victorian Soiree

We had our Year End Christmas Party again at Dusit Thani Manila and we used the same ball we had last 2010. We were at Western Premier F1 Hotel last year and I like here better because its bigger. It was really a challenge for us to keep the Victorian theme alive on our dresses without spending much or being overdressed and I am pretty happy to found an outfit in a reasonable price. But I still prefer simpler theme next time. :p

What made our party extra special? Our CEO Charles “Tony Stark” Reed arrived. He was very in the mood to party and seems really having fun. And of course we had our Mr. JJ Arvisu, our “Cool” director who also partied all the way with us that night and Mr. Gael Sydness, our primary visitor which is an external vendor and the "main attraction". You'll know why. :D

The group was divided into Three, Supreme Ground Breakers, Up Beat and Support Team. Being a QAO, I belong to the Support Team.

So here are the party pics!

First Group: Supreme Ground Breakers
Performance: Adonis

Second Group: Support Team
Performance: Phantom of the Opera

Third Group: Up Beat
Performance: Moulin Rouge - Winning Team!

Some awards were given during the event: Docomolympics Award, Loyalty Award, Best Team, Top Agents and Raffle Prizes

And more pictures below.

Our own Tony Stark :D
Kate, Rhea and Jess with our CC Director, JJ Arvisu

And Mr. Gael Sydness with Cleah, and he is the "main attraction" I was telling about. :D

Playing around ;p

Let's Party! 
My outfit for the night; My top was bought at Forever 21 (on sale), it's a dress actually and my skirt bought at a thrift shop and tailored to put volume on it. 

We had unlimited beer, live band and party peeps all night then we all squeezed in and muddled at the hotel room after the party. The room was rented double purpose, for our dressing room and after party - "QA only party". But after we had our exchange gifts, we all just went to sleep out of tiredness. It was a great party but it seems that we had more attendees last year than this year. And I bet everyone would love to add more raffles next time! 

After Party - Just Chips for breakfast. Lol!

Merry Christmas Bloggers 2012

Simple celebration we had at home is such a treasure already. I am so glad Nanay and I prepared some candies and goodies yesterday for the children who drop by for wishes “Namamasko” every December 25th in the morning. And of course gifts for my “inaanaks” that for some never fail to visit me every holiday. It was a tiring preparation and then we went to church for mass after and  yet it was a great way to celebrate Christmas day.

With all the holiday rush and jitters, today is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We may have celebrated it with or without an expensive ham, we should all be glad, find time to give thanks, pray and share this wonderful day to everybody.

Seeing children receiving gifts and smiling, laughing and having fun is priceless!

Will get into my backlogs soon ;p

Just like what I've mentioned last year, come on and let us make our day fabulous and meaningful!

Palawan Escape: Spending Sunset in El Nido

Exploring the rocky side of El Nido

One of the best experiences for me is ending the day in El Nido. As the sun goes down, the water subsides and revealed the rocky seabed at its low tide. From the resort, it's just a few steps down and you can literally walk far from the shore. 

We saw some locals, mostly kids also taking their chance to walk the seabed as if they are looking for something. We heard some children giggling, small talks but then all focus searching.

While searching for something useful

I guess, the locals have their own ways to kill time and maximize their resources.  Hal and I decided to explore on our own and get a chance to speak to some of them and see what they are doing.

We realized that they are collecting shells for dinner. We tried to find too however, we mistakenly took the “non-edible” shells instead.

All busy for work

We thought it was very easy to spot one but my determination to find one didn’t work. 

Especially the little “hermit crabs” are confusing us too, so we just ended up watching them how they do it.

Her bag is almost full and she smiled at us.

We also saw a small crab on its camouflage. It's quite hard to catch the little crab but we did it. We immediately put him back after taking a picture.

A cute crab in weeds.

A group of kids was caught throwing a stone attached to a string a far. We heard them boasting at each other. We went towards them and saw a kid holding a slimy creature while trying to pull the tentacles away from his hand.

Creepy eyes, telling that he is not good for dinner. 

It was a small Octopus, we didn’t notice it at first but we saw how strong the tentacles are and literally sucking their skin and you’ll hear a pop once they pull it and the sucker was pull off the skin. We asked if it hurt him by dragging it on his bare hands but he said it was not. I tried touching my pointed finger into one sucker and I felt how it tried to stick and suck my finger. It popped out of my finger and it sounded like popping a plastic bubble wrap after I pull it out. It was creepy. Hal tried to touch it and manage to do so but he gave it back after a few seconds.

A big catch so far.

They said that the rock that they throw is the bait as it immediately catches anything that falls near them. Then they pull it out after. Then they have their dinner.

Poor little Octopus :(

And that how they spend dusk in a very laid-back province. It's not very easy dinner but they are seems ok with it. They also welcomed us with a smile. As soon as the light visibly fading out, we said goodbye and headed back to the cottage.  

"If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sunset picture~from Sol, Thanks!

All I Want for Christmas

Getting a tag from Cris reminded me that Christmas was really getting nearer and nearer everyday. It's December already and sometimes I feel so “Grinch” every season. You know, yes that's it. The Grinch from a movie that hates Christmas. Though I am not really an exaggerated Grinch like, it’s just that I feel sad, not excited and wishing to extend more days before December.

Truly, I am getting emotional every holiday season. 1st thing is I feel so old because I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the next month. And it’s seems like automatic to think of the things you did this year, what you’ve achieved and what you’ve wanted to achieve more. However I am still glad that even there are a lot of rough times. Filipinos are very good in keeping the Christmas spirit and celebrating it in every possible ways, from the simple family gatherings to decorating the entire house with Santa Claus. So being Pinay, positivity should rule for me. The more you think it's possible, then it is. So then I stop being "The Grinch."

Anyway, I thank Cris for tagging me here and triggering me to think of my top 6 wishes for Christmas. Btw my list is more like of my goals together with a particular wish to achieve this Christmas.

  1. Money Machine: Well, obviously this is not only for December but for the years to come. I am now doing my best to keep my penny-wise living now and spending sensibly than before. I am now investing in a stock market (in a passive way for now) and would love to start another money machine but still working on it. Help me plan on getting a small business please! Yeah, so to be able to create a clever business plan is my wish for Christmas.

  1. Tithe and Volunteer: I wish to continuously do my tithing and start a regular voluntary work. I am a regular “The Feast” attendee in Alabang and I would recommend you to try visiting them. It will help you keep your faith and focus and build your positive self in God’s guidance. I can’t explain well here but you’re all invited to visit any “The Feast” community near you. Regret is really not a word if you try. A volunteer work or a feeding program is my wish for Christmas.

  1. Unity and Forgiveness: My parents are in a rough time and I wish that they will find forgiveness and unity to each other this holiday season. It’s really weird to think that they are almost on their senior years and spent more than 30 years together and now they hated each other. I wish to just laugh on it but I am seeing that deep inside there are such heartaches. A mass together with my Nanay and Tatay and a happy Noche Buena with them is a wish for Christmas.

  1. Out of the Country Trip: Hal and I are planning to do our SE Asia backpacking trip and if this may not be possible this year, hopefully this can be our honeymoon adventure, of course after the wedding. Again, not a wish to be granted this December but maybe Santa Claus can back me UP there in fulfilling our future plans. So for now Hal needs to get a new job first so we can proceed with our plans is a wish for Christmas. 

  1. Healthy Lifestyle: I want to jog more, smash more (in Badminton), sweat more and be more flexible. Because I hate myself waking up with a backache and feeling so unenergetic. I guess I am fighting with my own discipline here. A consistent everyday exercise and a weekly jogging session with Hal is a wish for Christmas.

  1. Travel gadgets: Outdoor set, pocket camera, hiking gear and all the basics that we need for our backpacking trip. A new hiking bag first to start and this is my wish for Christmas.

I hope I didn’t bore you with my wishlist and I would really love to know yours too! So it’s your turn to post in your own creative way:

  1. Sol of Wanders of Solita
  2. Jessie of Happy Feet
  3. Bheng of Soul Orphaned
  4. Bhie of Bhie~BusyMom
  5. Mitch of Round-Tripinay
  6. Scarlettie13 of Relief Through Escape

*But remember that this tag post has rules*

1. Kindly use the same title and as well as the first photo that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas tree above) in your post.

2. List 6 things that you want to receive for Christmas. 

3. Tag 6 of your friends to make the same post (no tag backs). 

4. Send me the link so I could check it out too.

~ Enjoy! ~