Surfing in San Juan, La Union: Getting Ready for the Big Waves

Gloomy Early Morning at La union 

After the surf in Baler, I promise myself to try surfing again in other surfing spots. Of course first thing in mind is to visit La Union. It’s the surfing capital of the North and luckily Escapaderas (My overness craziness group of girlfriends) decided for a quick getaway before the summer ends.

It’s recommended to leave Manila as early as possible. It’s almost afternoon when we arrived. It’s estimated of 4 to 5 hours drive from Manila. We went straight to Sebay Surf Resort to check for available rooms. Luckily we had 2 beach front rooms that are suitable for our group.

Sebay Surf Resort
Surfing lesson costs P400 pesos. This includes surf board and instructor. Apparently the waves were much bigger than those in Baler when we visited. We opted for smaller waves since its hard for us beginners to learn with big waves. They brought is in an area where the waves were tamer.

Walked on the other side of the Beach to watch some surfers in action
And so the surfing lesson starts, we were all excited especially me. My surfing experience were much tougher than those in Baler. I felt that the board was a bit slippery than the one I used before. And also, there were rocks on the sea bed that’s why you need to be extra careful falling because the next thing you need to avoid is not to step on pointed rocks beneath the water.

Determined friends with better waves for newbies like us at the back :) 
And since the waves were not very cooperative, it gaves me a hard time. I should lose a few pounds or work-out to prepare for this. Just kidding! Overall, the attempts paid off however since it was raining we wasn’t able to get a good shot while surfing. I still want some more, maybe another surfing spot and would still love surfing to the max!

We drained all our energies left beating the big waves after the surfing lesson. Then we finished the day with a live band in Sebay and a drinking + dancing + truth or dare session that was all happened in our room after.

I enjoyed this more...haha!
Pretty Eskapaderas in action! 
We're getting good at this, really! 

Till next surfing action!