Survivor USA is in Caramoan Islands

Oh Yes, just saw on twitter and on the news that Survivor USA is in Caramoan Islands. And of course, they should definitely go to Philippines for a shoot.

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So for those who are not very familiar about Caramoan; it is a paradise hidden inside the Southern tip of Luzon in the province of Camarines Sur. The town is very quiet and simple. Each island has its own beauty that you will remember. Islands that you can visit are Matukad Island, Lahos beach, Cagbanilad island, Minalajos island and Tinago Cove and more.

There's a famous Statue of Our Lady of Peace (Tabgon,Caramoan),located at Mt.Caglago.,Culapnit Cave that you can also visit.

So then I remember how I celebrated my birthday in Caramoan few years ago. Super nakakamiss! Wala pa akong DSLR at di pa ako blogger that time so please bear. :p

And more pics...

That's my one of the best out of town. Pictures are just a collection of what to see and things to do in Caramoan but I would highly recommend for you to see yourself. You can try a DIY trip or travel packages, just try to search for a good deal. Sana makabalik ulit!

Pitong Sagot sa Tanong na Sino?!

Warning: Not a travel post

Tell me something about yourself award: Sobrang napasaya ako ng tag na to dahil bago pa lang yung blog ko ng natanggap ko siya. Feel na feel ko! Haha! Maraming salamat sa isang bonggang bonggang Malditang “Kura”cha sa pag tag. Thanks Maricar!

So eto na ang version ko ng award na ito, dun daw tayo sa inde mo laging sinasabi sa interview.

1. I don’t know how to swim pero I love beaches; Di nmn ako takot mag swimming sa dagat pero sana kaya ko yung malalim. Pero pagsisikapan ko yan, never say die!

2. Ayoko ng spicy food; hindi kaya ng powers ko, mahina ako uminom ng tubig pero para sa ma-anghang na dish, for sure bloated ako ng tubig nun.

3. I love animals; right now I have a dog, cat and a hedgehog. Nakapag alaga na din ako ng isda, sisiw, palaka, hamster at bibe nung bata ako. I’m super emotional when it comes to animals. Gusto ko mag vet nun pero I can’t dahil naaawa ako sa knila. I respect them and anyone will hurt an animal in front of me will be sorry. My dream is to build a rescue shelter for those unwanted or hurt cat and dogs. My idol? Cesar Millan of the Dog Whisperer.

4. I can’t live without a lip balm; kahit ano pa yan or kahit petroleum jelly lang. Super tuyot ng lips ko and will get painful cracks pag wala akong lip balm.

5. I have a strange laugh; napansin ko lang yan pag pinagtatawanan ako ng mga close friends ko pag OA na ung tawa ko. Siempre pag simula pa demure pa. :D

6. Mainit din ang ulo ko pag mainit ang panahon; lalo na pag nasa tirik ng araw. Bad mood na.

7. Mahilig din ako sa art. Minsan ko nang naging negosyo ang projects ko nung elementary at highschool. Ngaun hindi ko na alam kasi di ko na napapractice.

And so that's it. Akong ako na nga!

And so this is your turn guys:

And more...

Hope to see your blog about this tag soon!

2012 DIY Guide to Calaguas Island

We started with no clear plans going to Calaguas(Previous post)yet it was successful. Thanks to my mga sikat na inspiration blogger fellows that helped me a lot through their blogs to create a guide in going there. Thanks mga idols!

Special thanks to and lakwatseradeprimera for the details of the trip and to packupanddrift and of course kay Chyng of for the inspiration to visit the place soon dahil sa tempting post nyo.

Expenses Breakdown:

Manila To Calaguas
= P730 Manila to Talobatib (Philtranco in Pasay)
= P25 Talobatib to Paracale port
= P550 Boat rental divided by 6 pax (P3300)
= P165 Food supplies divided by 6 pax (P990)
= P95 Camping Fee (75) plus Barangay Fee (20)
Calaguas to Manila
= P25 Paracale port to Talobatib
= P30 Talobatib to Daet
= P480 Daet to Alabang (Superlines)
= *P300 Estimate other expenses (food water,trike,etc..)
Total = P2400

Absolutely Not Bad for a Virgin Island!

We chose the Paracale route as it was cheaper compare to Vinzons which is the more popular route.
We also left the Island at noon so we are too early to wait for Air-con bus from Talobatib. Since we didn’t contact any bus line to fetch us; we decided to go to Daet and had the Superlines trip going to Cubao with Alabang drop off for a sure seat and an earlier departure.

Going to Calaguas can be tiring and difficult to some if you’ll travel by land but then if you are ok with long night trip like me then it’s not a problem. No need to worry as water and rest rooms are available in the island. Riding public boat can be an option for a cheaper fare but with no definite schedule.

There are also some travel organizers online that you can check if you prefer less hassle in organizing and preparing for the trip. They will take in charge of your tents, lights at night, food and etc but for sure for an extra cost.

Expect big waves and long boat ride but all worth the risk and wait.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers... the mind can never break off from the journey.
-- Author Unknown

Calaguas Island: Finally at Mahabang Buhangin

Calaguas Island is one of my dream beaches to visit. After reading several bloggers showcasing their fabulous experience in the beach, finally I had experience the awesome long beach (Mahabang Buhangin)up north.

After showing the picture of Mahabang Buhangin to the Bembangan, (my travel buddies from the Galera Trip) and suggested this place as our next destination; they all just said yes and agreed to go.
So then we planned the overnight stay in the island. After some bahala na trip, and for some of us who will not be able to join. Kahit ako lang mag isa go parin ako.

From Philtranco Terminal, last trip nalang naabutan namin which costs 730php. We didn't realized it was friday and maraming pasahero. We are only five until Jess texted and had the last seat reserved to him. We departed at exactly 9pm.

We arrived at Talobatib Junction at around 6am where buses going to Panganiban passes by. We waited for a while, until it arrived and we asked the conductor to drop us at Paracale port. May nakasabay din kaming mag ca-camp sa Paracale on our way.

At Paracale, we asked locals where is the market for us to get our supplies, at that time wala pa kaming boat so then I tried contacting some contact numbers I found online. Mukhang peak season ngaun at may hatid na sila, but then they informed us to just go ahead near the port and there are boatmen that we can ask to bring us to Calaguas. We ate first at a local Carinderia and even let us use their restrooms kahit malayo pa pala sa kainan nila. Sinamahan pa kami sa bahay. Super thanks :)

At mukhang marami nga kaming kasabay

Jenj,Bian,Ella,Jeth and Jess - ang mga certified gala sa Bembangan

So we had our 2 hours boat ride, kaya siguro ng 1 hour lang if big boat. Hays! First time ko natakot sa bangka, super bigwaves talaga and since it is coast to Pacific Ocean, musta nalang ang masiraan ng bangka. Feeling ko talaga magkakalas kalas ung boat namin nega' lang, compare to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales, parang mas nakakatakot yung waves nito.

hindi pa kami wasted nito

Finally after the never ending boat ride, we are finally here! All I can say is WOW! Grabe ang ganda talaga, I can’t explain how I feel, parang Boracay pero it’s more serene, walang kalat, wala masyadong tao, though there were few campers already in the place, di parin crowded.

Ikaw na ang unang nakatapak sa beach :)

At ako, yung paa ko nalang muna at wala ang photographer ko :p

Uso ang ganitong shot sa Calaguas, dami kasing ganyang halaman dun :p

And so we set our tents up, syempre may hammock ako, we had our quiet place until some campers arrived, medyo hassle kasi they are in a big group na parang may program pa pero nakatulog parin naman kami ng tanghali, rest mode habang mainit pa mag swimming.

Ayun sa gitna ung poso, dun kami naligo para hindi na mag igib sa rest room :p

And here are the cottages

We also walked towards the right side of the beach, saw more campers, and a wonderful sunset...

Pagbalik sa campsite, we had our dinner and socials. Aminan at bukingan portion, all had a good sleep after a tiring day.

And on the next day, the photoshoot goes on... Sa leftmost part of the beach naman kami tumambay since mas malapit kami dun.

Pwede na rito mag prenup :p

It’s a bit early to pack but then we don’t want to rush back home dahil may pasok pa yung iba sa amin. And dahil mainit na rin naman, we left the place at almost 12 noon, we went to Daet to get an earlier trip. We left the place at around 5:30, after we had our late lunch and tambay mode pa. We had Superlines going back home straight to Alabang. I am officially home by 2am.

Yes, it was fun and sulit kahit overnight lang. Sulit talaga ang challenge going there. I’ll definitely go back here and will include other islands on my next visit.

Wondering how much did I spent on our overall trip? Yes, summary on the next post.
I highly recommend this to be your next destination. Just make sure to preserve the cleanliness and the serenity of the place and this can be one of your best beach escapades ever.

Till I see you again Calaguas!