Open Trip @ Anilao Batangas - Let's Go Snorkling

It may be a blessing in disguise that our planned hike was cancelled so I was able to join Chyng’s open trip. Immediately, out of my nervousness(in joining) and curiosity, I sent her a message. So then I found myself a solo joiner sa Anilao Trip. Puyat pa from our company’s team building, I went at the meeting place packed with excitement and anxiety on what will happen next. Glad to say I enjoyed the trip because of the elegant-looking resort that made best with these wonderful new travel buddies.

Dito kami sinundo ng boat going to the Resort, nice view na agad right?!

Welcome to Portulano Dive Resort! Bawal mangapit bahay ng resort, boat ride is the only way to go here.

The place is relaxing and inviting, you can just sit and enjoy the view of the beach. There's an infinity pool as shown above.

The lounge and the bedroom area, cozy and madaming pillows. Classic look, a good place for a vacation if ayaw mo nang lumayo from Manila.

Topmost area facing the beach; this is were we stayed after dinner, lazy mode lang.

Dining area, buffet meals for breakfast lunch and dinner.

More views of the beach here, but of course, the reason why we went there is for snorkeling. Apparently first time ko to use my underwater camera in an open water and I'm so cautious holding it and snorkling at the same time. Di ko ma karir ang view underwater. Ang lalayo tuloy ng shots ko. :p

More underwater shots here with Chyng c/o Maricar

Corny talaga ng underwater shots ko, haha! not good so ako nalang... still not a good photo though.

More shots on the beach nalang ulit. Some were taken going back to home na.

~~~~And finally, saving the best, meet my travel buddies.~~~~

First time to see each other (except for Chyng as I met her 2 days before the trip) but we enjoyed the company. All are very pleasant and friendly, everbody has their own unique personality. The place can’t be this gorgeous without these 8 girls of course.

Kath (above) and Pam (below); both from Iligan City. I am fascinated on Kat being a mountaineer and being so adventurous pursuing what she wants on her life and Pam standing on what she believes and being so brave in the name of love.

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Rona(above), nice and soft spoken lady, then it’s Maricar(below), loud, cheerful and very natural. Glad to hear good stories from you guys.

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Carla(left) and Saids(right), the duo. Super sa kulitan sila and enjoy lang. Buti dinamayan mo ako sa kwento ko teacher Carla, Chos! and Saids - again sa ganda mong yan, try na natin ung offer ni Chyng. Peace!

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And of course Chyng, thanks for organizing the trip and being so nice to me, thanks for sharing inspiring stories of yours. Lumalakas loob ko tuloy pag kausap ka. :p


What I've enjoyed most is the experience joining an overnight trip with all strangers with you. Hey It's not too late to explore for first timers like me. :p

To everyone, thanks again and I’m looking forward for more trips with you guys! See you soon!

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We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend. - Robert Louis Stevenson.

Meet Mikey

He's Mikey. He’s half-breed of Aspin and Japanese Spitz. Bigay lang siya ng friend ng father ko. My mother doesn’t really like keeping pets but since it was a gift, she had no choice and eventually fell in love with him.

He’s already 5 years old now. Old enough in counting calendar years but I can’t believe that he’s already 37 years old if counting the real dog’s year equals human year. Mas matanda na pla siya sakin. :p

To count your dog’s real age:

Dahil first official pet, naku he's a spoiled dog. Though he’s a bit of a brat, I can still manage to deal with him. All he wanted is little extra care and attention.

- He sits on a chair and most of a time doesn’t want to go down. On top of a table or in any place he could jump up and see a better view.
- He doesn’t eat dog food well unless you’ll feed him by your hand. Kelangan subuan mo pa yan, so get ready for his saliva all over your fingers!
- When you hear “Arf Arf” facing the door and the window, you have no choice to bring him out either to pee or to poop. He won’t stop until you bring him out.

He stayed for a few months at my boyfriend’s house when I thought I’ll be going to rent a place near The Fort pero he's here again in my place ng hindi ako natuloy. I know it’s not only me who missed him but our close neighbors and my nanay. Love namin yan kahit wala masyadong alam gawin… hehehe!

More pictures...

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."
- Christopher Morley

My Fave Blogger Award

Got inspired to blog again because of Chyng!

I mentioned already that this is my 2nd blog. Feeling ko kasi I’m just posting sa old blog ko kasi obligado ako to update it. Mas blog reader kasi ako kesa blogger. Pero after I started stalking her blog,I finally decided to create my page again kahit wala pang network un blog ko till nowMay mga reader na ako kahit papano :p Na-inspire to start again kasi Chyng is very positive sa post and bring good vibes. What I love on her blog is very true and magaan basahin. Keep it up Ms. Chyng! Hope to meet you soon. We are friends now! and she is very down to Earth! Glad to know din that you work in Global City as well. Small world, sana makasama ako on your future trips. I am now a "suki" on her open trips. 

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Cocktails Overflow!

The QA team finally set a night out @ Azzuro Bar located at The Linden Suites. We purchased a voucher @ Ensogo for the 50% off for beers and cocktails all you can including pica pica. It’s just a room located at the side of their Dining area. You can see the bar, a few tables for the dining guests and a large LCD TV showing both local and foreign channels. The buffet area for the pica-pica is near the door. The place is good for those who wanted to have a great bonding with friends while drinking. For party goers, not a good place. It’s quiet and cozy and no music at all. Na bored kami ng konti dahil majority, party party ang trip. So instead, kami nalang nag ingay. I really felt na sobrang na-torture namin ung other guests sa place. Any way we are just naturally maingay and syempre madami kami. Sulit naman sa pica pica and drinks because there’s a lot to choose from, hindi tipid sa food kasi daming choices and they were refilling the buffet area from time to time.

Photo Credit kay Kate, my co-QAO. Thanks much.

Over all; the promo is sulit parin for the unlimited food and drinks. The place is not advisable for party goers who wanted music and dance floor. The place can’t handle too much guest’s kasi maliit lang. We still enjoyed the night kasi the team are almost complete that day. Isa lang absent and we have friends invited. We headed up to Dheng’s place for his birthday after the night.