Going Bicolandia

We set a trip to Bicol months ago after we spotted piso fare promo in Cebu Pacific. Lucky for us, Arjie’s ancestors lives in Legazpi so we had our trip planned and set a 2 days/2 nights trip.

Super a dream come true. Taken at Embarcadero de Legazpi. From here, we get a small boat to bring us to Cabit Manito, Albay where we stayed for a night. Boat ride took us more than 1 and a half hour.
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View of Mayon while on the boat, pero this shot was taken going back to Embarcadero na the next day.

First step on the beach. I didn't expect how beautiful the place is, it's low tide so there's a long sand bar like shore, it's a bit slippery because of some weeds and the sand is hot. What's the best for me is the view and the clouds that makes it so perfect. Beach is not commercialized, so for me super raw ng dating. I love beaches talaga and comparing this sa mga beach na nakita ko, this is classic.

We need to walk for more than an hour to get to the place. Super hindi kami prepared for this. Sana nag hiking shoes kami, super nakakapagod. Sanay naman ako sa ganitong challenge so ok lang. For Jhoy, super effort ang lakad namin.

Arjie’s relatives are very accommodating. The town of Manito is very rural, simple and magaan sa pakiramdam. Kahit pagod na, the view of the place and the breeze of the air was very relaxing. I remember Quezon province pero mas maraming over looking hills and wide mountain views dito.

First activity, taste of pili and had fresh buko to refresh us after a tiring walk. Kami na ni arjie ang galing sa night shift. Walang tulog pero go parin. First time to eat and see ng bagong kuhang pili from the tree.

Before going back to the town proper, our boat stopped to get a view and discover a boiling lake called “Nag-aso Boiling Lake” right on the mountain ridge. Nag-aso” is a Bicolano (local dialect) term for “steaming.” We was unable to get near the lake kasi mahirap and makalat daw going there from our location. Sadly daming litters nga on one side of the area where we can get water galing bundok. Sana lang the place should be preserved and clean
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Finally at the town proper, Shot taken at Waway Resto which the locals suggested to us to get a good meal. Satisfying enough for me but didn’t exceed my expectations.

Btw, we had our hotel near the town. Apparently I was unable to take pictures. The hotel is just – ok. We didn’t took much effort to find a place to stay as we just opted to get cheap but good place to rest since our flight going back to Manila is at early time.

Taken at Daraga Albay as we headed to Cagsawa Ruins. Authentic native bags here are cheaper and in good quality. I wasn't able to leave the place without getting one and I ended up buying four bags, three for pasalubong naman.

And of course the famous Cagsawa Ruins, the old church that was destroyed by Mayon and was now a tourist attraction. For me the church and Mayon symbolizes that this majestic view was once caused a big tragedy and buried million of lives. Yet we all lived and moved on from the past and now appreciating it's beauty.
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It’s already getting dark on our way to Lingon Hill. And of course, before we reach the top, madilim na talaga. We stayed for a while and headed back to city to look for a place for dinner. We found ourselves back at Embarcadero and stayed until 12 midnight.
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We packed early in the morning and get ready going back to the Airport. Super sulit ang trip for all of us. Thanks to my best buds Roseann, Arjie, Cleah and Jhoy for another trip. Glad to meet Arjie's cool mom and gentleman cousin Stephen. Thanks to both of them for guiding us all throughout the trip. And of course, thank you Lord for the blessings and making this trip happened.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

BSC-CS 07 Get Together

From Northpark to Music 21 to Starbucks until 5 in the morning. Super nakaka-miss ang college life. There’a lot to talk about, parang hindi kami tumatanda, same kulitan, same asaran but just getting mature enough to face life. I’m so blessed to have them, iba rin talaga siguro pag blocked section nung college. Thanks to facebook for keeping us in touch… :p!

Along Makati Area, after dinner, buti umabot pa ako, it's super challenge for me going to the location alone, sorry for being so numb in directions. Thanks to my "uber" supported friend Roseann and Kaye for helping me out. I arrived safe and alive!

Spoiler lang un Music 21 kasi hinde maganda un microphone sa music room. We reported it but 10 years ang response, nagkataon lang na we are just to occupied with tsismisan at okrayan and so we didn't care. Mali pa ung na charge sa amin but of course we have it discussed and settled c/o Meann
Photocredit kay pareng Eugene, our official photographer

After the night some of us decided to go for a coffee, some already left, so for the night shifts and sa mga sanay sa puyatan. We ended up at Starbucks at dun kami nag ingay. :p
Photo credit naman kay Rigor for this photo

It’s not the school, the place, the events, not even the chance or being lucky but the people you have that makes your college days so perfect.

Same old view @ Intramuros

B1 and I initially planned to do our next trip @ Kamay ni Hesus in Quezon but it would require us more time and preparation. So we had our plan B; with only 4 hours sleep, Jie and I went on with our plan with my almost drained energy left.

We then found ourselves in Intramuros, a very familiar place for me as I studied near the area. I can’t imagine that I can count in my hand the times I’ve been to the place kahit ang lapit lang sa school. Bakit nga ba inde ako nakapag explore habang malapit ako dito. Ako na ang bahay – school lang palagi. Parang na lugi ako. I appreciated the place more than before, cguro I miss the view kasama na ang view ng SM Manila which is my way to go home. :D Too much to reminisce.

Sharing some of my photos...

Taken at several locations inside the area, I put it in aged look as I was unable to set my camera well during the photoshoot. Narealize ko lang we are almost home. Puyat nga talaga ako.

We also went inside Casa Manila; The museum illustrates the lifestyle of the rich families during Spanish era.

We also went to San Agustin Church and was lucky to witness a wedding.

But this vintage car caught my attention the most. So very dream wedding for me.

We also visited Manila Cathedral and saw another wedding; this time it’s almost done, the bride was walking down the aisle. Happy and proud bride as per Jie, I was unable to see her face clearly as I was busy taking photos discreetly and was exploring the church.

Taken at Casa Manila, di nmn ako halatang wasted right? And Jie, kulang lang ng smile saktong sakto na :D

It's tiring but fun, we ate at SM Manila after the trip, btw just for fyi, it would be advisable to a lot whole day of your time to spend longer and visit every places, we started @ 4pm and ended before dark almost past 6pm already. We rented a "Pedicab" to service us anywhere we go so you won't eat time walking and burn your feet out.