Hello Everyone...

Why UntiedEscape?

I really do not know how it started, maybe because it’s like escaping from my routine to discover the world. And as I started traveling, I learn more about life and appreciate small things around me, I am happier; I feel livelier and challenge myself more. As they say it, I guess I am bitten by a travel bug.

Who’s the owner?

My name is Gladys (and I wish I have it longer or a second name), I am a Quality Assurance Officer, usually and preferably working graveyard as I noticed that my mind is more active at night. I do not skip breakfast and I always keep my window curtain dark so I’ll be able to get a good sleep during daytime.

I’m Sansa and Damon’s mommy, my gorgeously smart Cats. :D (Plus I have Snow now, my adopted cat)

My routine and sometimes annoying (it's normal) but blessed life was being balanced by my travels and scheduled date with my girlfriends. If not, of-course it will be spent with my soon to be husband and helping him with his Partyneeds Business inspired after our cats.

I still crave for a lazy Saturday, eating chips while watching a great movie.

I believe that by thinking POSITIVE, positive things will HAPPEN and being HAPPY is always by CHOICE and not by chance.

I am good in organizing things, planning, analysis, creating itineraries, giving advises and I have a creative mind. I am an animal rights advocate and want to be a Dog Whisperer. I am also a photographer hobbyist and a singer wannabe.

I’m terrible in dancing, taking directions, reading maps and math. (Yeah even you are not good in those skills you can travel too!) I mostly can’t handle being in a crowd and being on a spotlight.

Why blogging?

I attempted to keep several blogs before but I ended up not updating it. I was inspired by my first blogger friend Chyng, she inspires me to travel more and write more that I finally have one. And I have a feeling that I’ll have another two: My wedding blog and my inspirational blog.

This is an online journal of my travels and life in between, to show how God loves us much and to keep track of the best things happening in my life. By the way, I am not a professional writer so please bear for some boo-boos you might read here. :p

Comments and visits are very much appreciated!

Happy Reading! ☺ 

Email me at: untiedescape16[at]gmail[dot]com
http://www.facebook.com/sydalg16 | Twitter: @untiedescape


Unknown said...

Hi Glads :) I like the theme :) Will be following your trail once you conquer the world. Cheers!

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