Boracay is Lovelier the 2nd Time Around (Showcasing: Helmet Diving and ATV Tour)

It was 2 years ago when I first step in Boracay and I can say that it’s still the best beach for me. After the long wait, my best office buddies finally set 1st week of December to be our Boracay day using the La Carmela promo package from Ensogo. I tag hal along (again) on this trip. We stayed in St. Vincent Cottages on the first night and 2 nights in La Carmela (plus another 1 night for me and hal). Being in a larger group makes the trip cheaper and the end of the year season makes it more budget-friendly. =)

It’s a cloudy welcome for us. Sun is a bit shy to welcome us but I still love it. Umuulan sa hapon during the stay because of the season pero dahil lahat kami eh conscious maging nognog, mas trip na namin toh.

Thank you sa sale for my swim wear and Ocean Front sa sunblock. Di pwedeng maging nognog si hal kasi absent lang. :p

Bora welcomes me back.

Waaah namiss ko toh, parang walang nagbago, same view pero parang mas dumami ang tao, no more sand castle, bawal na daw because it prevents the natural flow of the sand. Necessary permit and fees are required to build one. Nagkalat parin ang mga guides na nag aalok ng kung ano anong activities. Di lang halata sa shot na toh :p (taken by sol using her cam)

Teaser ng mga Boracay babes.

Meet my Bora babes, exploited na sila from now on. (Jhoy,Arjie,Cleah,Rose,Sol and yours truly)

My attempt to take a paparazzi shot – success!

Ms witty with the controversial tripod know her more by clicking this link

My pal, with high standards. :D

Small but terrible,know her more by clicking this link

Ang suki ng blog ko :p

First stop, HELMET DIVING.

Hal and I arrived earlier than the five girls. So kinarir na namin isa isahin ang mga nag ooffer ng activities at makipag tawadan. Mas ok sana kung fix rate or regulated ng government ang price para wala nang haggle moment. December is a good season I guess kasi the guides are collecting guests under their name (sabi ni kuya tour guide) so kahit walang dagdag or patong for their side kinukuha na nila to add guests/group na na assist nila kasi nag rerenew daw cla every year. The more the better, mas impress si bossing nila. We had our Helmet diving @ 250. Wag daw namin pagkalat. :p Btw, make sure to check their ID to ensure your safety.

Our runner was able to conquer her fear of water, medyo na attach na siya kay Mr. Diver bago nakababa.

Yes it’s a bit scary and masakit sa tenga if you will not be able to follow proper breathing while going down but seeing the view under water is so cool! I want to learn diving na! Photo's are from the Helmet diving package. Nice video too!

After dive shots.

Second Stop, ATV Tour.

We also tried ATV @ 300php. This is to see other side of Boracay. We went to Aviary Farm and the viewpoint to see the top view of the island.

All are excited

All ears for safety

Bored c hal and disappointed kasi pang bata daw un ATV, well for me it’s ok kasi it’s all about the experience. Mas expensive kasi un bigger ATV and since we are not allowed to overtake din naman di parin sulit un malaki. :p

May Go Kart Racing din

We are on a hype to enjoy the stay, di ko kasi na try to on my first visit eh. :p
The next post will showcase The Aviary Farm and the Island Hopping trip. Kaumay na mag scroll eh. :D

Merry Christmas Bloggers!

Yes, I want to blame Boracay for not being able to blog for weeks. Imagine it’s almost end of the month and yes it’s Christmas Eve!

I miss my blog so much! December is a crazy tiring month for me, Boracay on the first week then Christmas party then catching up on my pending workloads. Christmas rush I can say as I also rushed buying gifts just yesterday. Ngaun lang nag sisink in sa akin na Pasko na pla.

Don’t forget to pray and thank God for the blessings. Greet Jesus Christ a Happy Birthday and make him proud. Savor each moment since it’s only once a year to reflect and be with your family.

Btw, don’t forget the calamity from the typhoon Sendong particularly in CDO and Iligan City, they need our help and prayers.

Come on and let us make our day fabulous and meaningful.

Bittersweet Sagada - Cave Connection

From Lumiang Cave to Sumaging Cave, after the Echo Valley Tour, we just waited for a while for our guides to gear up and then we started the walk. It was getting cold and I’m a bit worried but then we will not give up.

Full smile parin kahit pagod na, well excited pa ako sobra.

We met another Kevin (This time without the H). He doubled the kakulitan of Kehvin, kala namin mahiyain pero lakas mang trip

Lumiang Cave was explored by foreign spelunkers as per Kevin and Sumaging was explored by locals decades ago.

Yes, every step is challenging but then bitterness immediately turned sweet especially of the excitement on what to see and what to do next.

The two guys, while giving us information about the cave are tripping us at the same time. But then we saw how they took care of their guests and how they assist us every step of the way.

After these shots, my camera went dead, medyo di pa sumuko agad yung isa pa naming point and shoot so then here are some pics from Kaye’s camera.

Getting into the water is the most difficult part for me. Grabe sa lamig, that’s the worst. Kaye also sprained her arm but then continue to finish the challenge.

Kaye’s arm was feeling ok though she’s a bit worried. Still, she accepted to take the difficult route. Masakit na din katawan at paa ko but then we continue. To the maximum level na daw. And yes the last part of spelunking is way challenging plus me basa-an factor pa ulit.

Nag me-meeting sila kung pano kami pag ti-tripan. :p

More rock formations below.

We were unable to showcase all the magnificent rock formation inside as we have limited shots already but I assure you won’t regret. Dead battery na lahat bago pa maka akyat.

After getting out the cave, with super slippery way out, we noticed that it’s drizzling outside. It’s so cold but we are so happy that after 4 hours and 20 mins (rounded off) we were finally out of the cave. Super an achievement for all of us, it’s already 8:00 pm and we were also dead hungry and we rushed to look for somewhere to eat asap. So the four of us, together with the two Kevin’s (plus H) ate at Shanghai Hauz. Rice to the max kaming lahat.

My legs hurt so much but then so proud to finish Cave Connection. Tinulog ko nalang. :)