My 2013 Highlights – Welcoming 2014 With Big Dreams and Success

It’s the time to look back and remember the best part of 2013 and now be ready for the 2014 to be more wonderful and fruitful year.

January is my birth month and I decided to have “ordinary day me-time celebration” but that didn't happen as it turned out as the most memorable day for me. I’m officially engaged! Hal decided to propose exactly on my birthday. I thought it was a surprised birthday treat with only of my closest friends and until I realized that some of his friends were also there to witness the proposal. I am clueless and totally surprised, so touch, feeling special, so in-love and so it’s a YES!

Blindfold, dance number, will you marry me shirt, engangement ring, party popper ~ I'm enganged!
February was a simple celebration of my Nanay’s birthday at home. Then we have a new member of the family. It's Damon and he's super kulit but lovable.
Nanay with her birthday cake and Damon on the right (now he's 1 year old!)

I got to see my classmates from BSC-CS batch 4A-07 last March for a comeback party at center Stage Makati. Though we were incomplete, it's the first time after a while to get-together in a big count.

Then it was Cher's wedding, we are five solid girlfriends since elementary and she's the first to get married.

And of course, my dream Mt. Pulag hike finally came true. It's truly a magnificent view.

Good old friends are the best to keep! 

I can't remember any major events last April. It was on the month of May when the 'Meet the parents' happened, and Hal's nephew was baptized and I'm the ninang again. :p

Hal's family and I had finally met (formally) to discuss the up coming marriage. So early and excited lang :) 

June was another trip and the QA eskapaderas 'with Hal' decided to visit Northern Mindanao (CDO, Iligan, Bukidnon and Camiguin). We went white-water rafting, falls trekking, swimming, beachineering, food triping, zip-lining, and do some bargaining at ukay-ukay. Another a-must visit place here in the Philippines.

A week of ultimate adventure! 

July and August were spent more on get together and bonding time with friends, no out of town and other plans. July was also Hal's birthday but we decided to save more bucks and just celebrate it with videoke-time with the closest friends.

September was also a no trip month for me, it was sad but some events at the office like Cocktail party and Docomolympics that fairly made my routine change a bit while preparing for the wedding, business planning and etc.

Then by October, after some few group messages and planning, we decided to go to Baler for a short weekend getaway. We explored the town of Baler. I finally learned to surf and nailed it!

We get stoked and surf it up! 
The month of November was not a very good month for me; my mother was bought to the hospital due to very high blood pressure but was luckily diagnosed for no major sickness. However, tatay was confined after a few days due to heart and lung failure, we stayed in the hospital for a week. I'm still thankful for his second life and finally he gave up smoking and drinking. He's getting better now and just need to keep the medication going and continues medical check up.

And then December, we had couple of trainings, deadline to beat, workloads and exams to prepare so to end my 2013, we had some stress-release all girls night out at Haze and had our Year end party at Metz.

After a stress long days of deadline and bulk-loads at work ~ we really deserve to party hard! 

And that’s how my year goes. It’s truly an up and down 2013 for me. I am unable to keep traveling due to some priorities but I am looking forward to put a check on my travel bucket list one at a time. I am thankful for all the blessings and for making me stronger to face life’s challenges. I was challenged few months before the year ends but I was able to keep up, be patient, be more positive and keep going. Let’s all give thanks to our Almighty God that even with the tragedy and failures; we are capable to see hope and light in every way. I am also very thankful that I am able to continue tithing and attending The Feast and was now more open to his overflowing blessings.

I know we are stronger and more focus on our goals and so please join me in welcoming 2014 with Big Dreams and Success!