Share Love at Real Life

My mind was all over the place that day thinking on what to do that coming weekend. With no plans yet, I read my wish list and try to see if there’s something I can achieve to do. While doing my usual audit at work (and thinking something else) I am browsing for anything worth doing such as joining in an outreach or trying to organize my own. Torn with the idea of organizing as it needs more than a week to fully organize or at least create a team to help me. I focus on my search instead and was directed to this link.

Real life is a Christian non-profit NGO who are passionate to help young Filipinos by giving scholarships and moulding youngsters for their better future.

I send them an e-mail immediately after browsing their site and checking some of the fellow bloggers who joined their feeding program. I invited my friends and luckily Jess and Kate was all heartedly happy and excited to join me.

A response from Rhea, confirming that we can join that Saturday on their feeding program in Pasig was the gun start for us three.

By the way all photo credits to Kate. Thanks for letting me use your pics for this blog post. (Ayan, tinamad na naman kasi akong mag picture picture dahil hindi ko kayang mag multitask with the kids and all the picture picture session)

For the shirt, we paid 250, donations na rin for the food that's why volunteers are required for it. If you have your shirt already, no need for that, it's all up to you :)

Ang mga makukulit na bata outside

The kids are just residing nearby, most of the kids are not first timers so they know the routine. Fall in line upon entering the hall, wash their hands, then they can play and roam around. Next is the game and storytelling part.

And yes, they play hardcore

And after the story telling part, they need to fall in line to eat.

Yes it was fun and tiring, the kids are all of different kinds, may gusto na magpabuhat palagi, may nang aaway, may makulit at pasaway, may matabil at kung ano ano pa. It’s all because they are raised differently by their families and has their own needs na minsan nakukuha lang nila ang care and attention here at the foundation.

The goal is for them to learn on how to follow rules, share, respect, learn how to win and how to lose, how to listen and learn from it and how to socialize to other people that they will remember sa paglaki nila.

Those who are in a bigger group is in charge on preparing a game and a story for the kids. Usually they need to reserve months in advance since maraming volunteers. For less than 5 groups like us, if there's a slot for more volunteers, we can fill in. Maximum of 20 volunteers per session and the kids can be as many as 120 kids that are divided into 2 groups.

Our fellow volunteers

Yes, the kids needs to remember these

And for us; I really learn a lot from the activity. Especially realizing that we are fortunate enough and that these small little things that we could do could change the way the kids view and could change their future. They may be exposed to hard shifts of life but in their small little minds, they also want to live well by knowing God more and creating their future together with God’s guidance.

A great experience that I will not forget, we will go back and continue to help. Or, to dream big, why not we do more than this.

Sorry naman for my over outdated post,event was held Jan-last week.

Majestic Mt. Pinatubo (A Day Trek Challenge)

Finally, my own Mt. Pinatubo wallpaper!

My must see place and one check from my wish list; It’s my wallpaper for quite a while until I finally able to see the majestic Mt. Pinatubo. Yes, it’s a dream come true for me. We are thinking of getting a package tour or DIY trip until we saw a Trekpros tour posted in Ensogo for 999php, this include 4x4 arrangements and the guide. Pwede na diba to save planning and organizing part of the trip!

From two persons up to eight; hal and my girlfriends headed to Tarlac to start our day trip challenge.

We opted not to join the arranged shuttle service of Trekpos to save a little penny, (in which we realized that there’s not much difference). From Victory Liner in Cubao, we left at 4:30am and headed to Capas, Tarlac.

From Capas, we took a tricycle ride going to Sta. Juliana (300php per trike) where Trekpros team guided us to our 4x4 and immediately headed to our dusty ride.

Also includes crossing the river. As per our guide, nobody can go to the crater during rainy season.

The trek begins after the 4x4 ride, sabi ni kuya tourguide, may mas shorter trail pero sarado dahil sa pagguho ng daan. In short, let's take the more challenging trail.

Bons, Rose and Jhoy. Wala ung ibang nahiwalay sa 4x4

It’s quite a long bumpy ride but the view are amazing. I asked kuya, hindi ba gumuguho to kuya? Kuya said, Gumuguho din po mam lalo na pag tag ulan.

The ladies from the other 4x4 ride.

Jenjie, ikaw na ang hindi prepared pero kumpleto. Thank you sponsor! :p

Jess, Mainggit ang dapat mainggit! Rock on girl!

Cleah, special feature ka na naman dito :p

And so we continue...

Sabi ni kuya, malapit na daw pag wala nang sapa sa daan. And yes it’s true, we are now near to glimpse the crater, pero konting tiis pa.

Finally… Literally nawala ang pagod ko. I even forgot to put my backpack down before taking pictures. Initial reaction, ganung ganun sa picture, kung ano ung nasa wallpaper ko.

Would you imagine that this beautiful Mt. Pinatubo killed many people from his last eruption back in 1991? Paki google nalang for more details. :p

You can rent a boat to get to the other side of the lake

Finally first group shot.

It’s really God’s gift that after the eruption, he was able to show how wonderful the Mt. Pinatubo can be. We brought our own lunch and share it to our guide.

We also had to take a dip to the water of the crater, pwede nmn pla maligo. This was after the water temperature changes. Akala namin mainit, ang lamig pla. It’s hotter on the other side of the crater as per our guide but that’s on the bottom part of the lake.

It was past 2pm when we are advised to pack and start the trail back. Mejo bitin but it’s the recommended time to avoid getting caught in the dark while on trek and on 4x4 ride.

We also saw a group of young Aetas in the area going back. We share some of our food to them.

An unforgettable trip and place to visit here in the Philippines, Mt. Pinatubo is indeed a remarkable place. Once destructive and was hate but now showing its superb beauty and wishing to remain like that for the rest of time.

What’s your Impression in Puerto Galera?! (Talipanan Beach)

Still a cool experience in Puerto Galera after all

I heard a lot of comments about the famous Puerto Galera. Because of easy transportation (I guess), Puerto Galera beach in Occidental Mindoro is a famous “crowded” beach of the town. Personally, I really want to go there so I can justify those hearsays. Luckily I was invited by a selected breed sa office to go for a trip. Breed talaga, haha! Anyway, I know they will forgive me for exploiting them dahil ganun talaga at mahirap mag cover ng face ng group shots. Anu daw?!

So going back to the Galera trip, I was trying to recall Chyng’s post about Talipanan if it is the same place or may iba pa. And oh yes, it’s the same place after I checked.
From Alabang, there’s a bus going straight to Batangas Pier. Mejo malakas ung alon but Galerian Lines seem ok and organize, mukhang talagang sa galera, they are not requiring their passengers to wear the life vest, same with other sea lines.

The first stop is the White Beach which is the most commercialized, then the Tamaraw Beach which is more private and the last stop is the Talipanan Beach, same with Tamaraw, private ambiance and less people. Shots were taken while on our way to Talipanan.

A lady doing yoga

Finally at El Canonero; the place is ok for me, it’s nice but there’s something I don’t like, maybe the place is not as clean as it should be or the exterior. I am not hard to please and definitely not choosy pero feeling ko kailangan ng may mag mamanage ng over-all look of the resort. Or maybe dahil foreigner yung may ari and single so walang female touch… hahaha! Just a thought!

Here are the best parts of the resort, looks good sa pictures naman in fairness. :p

We are technically El Canonero’s guest but occupying Luca’s big room. We booked for 2 rooms but there’s no more rooms available on the date we requested. So El Canonero offered that setup and we agreed. We also saw other guest from El Canonero staying in Luca’s that day.
The catch here was Luca’s was literally not considering us as their guest. We are even not allowed to sit to the hammock near our room and the benches in front. If the setup will be like that, guests should be informed ahead or at least make them aware right?

Upon arriving, we also get to visit the falls near the place as suggested by the hotel staff (Ate Ivy) and she guided us going there. I didn’t bring my camera along but it’s ok because the falls is not as good as I expect. Haha!

We decided to have some fun drinking at the shore on our first night. We were informed by the El Canonero staff to sit near their resort so other guests will not be disturbed so we moved. Then after a while, the owner of Luca's went out flashing the light to us directly. It's our mistake that we got careless of time and our noise while having fun. We apologized but his rude approach seems he doesn’t care that we get his concern. We clearly admitted that we disturbed the quietness of the place but being the guest, he should know how to approach properly and react to things.

So moving on, since ayaw namin ng spoiler, we all went island hopping the next day.

Underwater actions below

The island hopping is the highlight of the trip. We also hire small boats to bring us to the cave and bring us to fish feeding area where big boats are not allowed.

The cave on a nearby island.

We went to the White Beach after the Island hopping for lunch and souvenirs. For me, mas pricey ang food and souvenir dito kesa sa Boracay.

Next day was just for us to relax and konting swimming sa beach front. We left the place before 3pm and eat Lomi’ng Batangas on our way home. Yes, it’s a successful fun trip after all. Talipanan gives us the not crowded part of Galera. Luca’s is not a recommended place for me after the incident, not just because of it but the room and over all ambiances is not that good. Hindi sulit for me.

For El Canonero, credit for the service of the staff but not for the cleanliness and organize of the place. There are better resorts to choose that can give same services.

Pero after all the issues and kung ano man...

The best part of the trip ay ang bonding na nabuo ng grupong "Bembangan" Super glad to be part of it! Salamat sa imbitasyon at sa uulitin!

So what we get drunk?
So what we smoke weed?
We’re just having fun
We don’t care who sees
So what we go out?
That’s how its supposed to be
Living young and wild and free

Alam nyo yan mga par!