Bittersweet Sagada - Cave Connection

From Lumiang Cave to Sumaging Cave, after the Echo Valley Tour, we just waited for a while for our guides to gear up and then we started the walk. It was getting cold and I’m a bit worried but then we will not give up.

Full smile parin kahit pagod na, well excited pa ako sobra.

We met another Kevin (This time without the H). He doubled the kakulitan of Kehvin, kala namin mahiyain pero lakas mang trip

Lumiang Cave was explored by foreign spelunkers as per Kevin and Sumaging was explored by locals decades ago.

Yes, every step is challenging but then bitterness immediately turned sweet especially of the excitement on what to see and what to do next.

The two guys, while giving us information about the cave are tripping us at the same time. But then we saw how they took care of their guests and how they assist us every step of the way.

After these shots, my camera went dead, medyo di pa sumuko agad yung isa pa naming point and shoot so then here are some pics from Kaye’s camera.

Getting into the water is the most difficult part for me. Grabe sa lamig, that’s the worst. Kaye also sprained her arm but then continue to finish the challenge.

Kaye’s arm was feeling ok though she’s a bit worried. Still, she accepted to take the difficult route. Masakit na din katawan at paa ko but then we continue. To the maximum level na daw. And yes the last part of spelunking is way challenging plus me basa-an factor pa ulit.

Nag me-meeting sila kung pano kami pag ti-tripan. :p

More rock formations below.

We were unable to showcase all the magnificent rock formation inside as we have limited shots already but I assure you won’t regret. Dead battery na lahat bago pa maka akyat.

After getting out the cave, with super slippery way out, we noticed that it’s drizzling outside. It’s so cold but we are so happy that after 4 hours and 20 mins (rounded off) we were finally out of the cave. Super an achievement for all of us, it’s already 8:00 pm and we were also dead hungry and we rushed to look for somewhere to eat asap. So the four of us, together with the two Kevin’s (plus H) ate at Shanghai Hauz. Rice to the max kaming lahat.

My legs hurt so much but then so proud to finish Cave Connection. Tinulog ko nalang. :)

Sagada Finally

So then, like what I’ve said from my Banaue Experience, we headed to Sagada early morning. It’s 4am and we already getting ready to catch up 5am bus going to Benguet pero 7am na wala paring ung bus. A van driver offered us getting to Sagada at 2k. Hmmnn, so go na kami maka alis lang. Before that, we checked Kenji at his place (The Japanese solo traveler) if he has plans going Sagada and he decided to come with us. So 5 of us rented the van straight to Sagada.

The view while we are on our way is breathtaking. Wala na ako nasabi kung hindi Wow. For first timers, now I realized bakit ang daming pumupunta ng Sagada. Ang linis, ang sarap ng hangin, ang ganda. Basta. It’s so green and artistic. Parang artwork lahat ng pananim. Pati damo may flowers. It’s really a place that you can be proud of.

Town of Benguet. Hindi na kami nakababa dito so hanggang tanaw nalang, we are almost there.

First glimpse of Sagada.

Parang Sims lang, really a small community. Then I remember the map I saw from the net. Ganung ganun siya, the place is quiet and serene. We stayed at George annex kasi full na ung sa main. Kenji was able to find a place to stay in George annex. Afterwards, we headed immediately to SAGGAS to coordinate the tour. Kenji decided to take his rest.

We eat first and then get ready to start the tour. We met Kehvin our tour guide and Raffy,the doggie tour guide. Kehvin told us that Raffy really get along with the tourists. Sumasama daw talaga siya. And maybe because he felt that we really like him the first time we saw him sumama si Raffy sa Echo valley tour namin. Raffy seems very popular, sayang hindi naming na meet yung owner niya.

Leftmost is Kehvin, our tour guide in Sagada. He was able to share Sagada's cultures and practices. And a good photographer.

On our way to Echo Valley, we saw the Church bell and the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, a vibrant Episcopal parish. We were able to attend mass and wonder why it’s a bit strange, after researching back home, that’s the time we realized the meaning of “Episcopal”. It has similar approach but a lot different in Catholic Church in some aspects. Di kasi nag babasa. Hehe!

The piece of wood act as a candle.

Raffy was making sure we are on the right track. Medyo out of focus ako that day kasi I want Raffy to go back, anlayo kaya so feeling ko nag eeffort lang siya. Haha! Going back, It's Echo valley because you'll hear echos when you shout. Sarap sumigaw ng sumigaw kaso I felt disturbing the quietness of the place.

Finally at the Hanging Coffin, it’s weird to see but then after Kehvin discussed the reason why it was there and how it was brought there by the locals, I was amazed. Kehvin told that elders believe that it would be easier for the souls to get to heaven being hanged on these rocks so it would be near, than buried down.

Tired, not yet. After Echo valley Tour we headed to give Cave Connection a shot. Another must try in Sagada. We get ready and headed to Lumiang Burial Cave, Kehvin brought another tour guide to assist us then our spelunking adventure begins.

To be visible on my next post. :)