Unexpected Banaue Experience

Here’s our plan, going to Sagada by taking Manila-Banaue-Bontoc Route, considering that it’s my first time to fully take in charge of the planning. Who would like to mess up our trip, even the bad weather will not stop us. So we met early to avoid rush hour. Missing the only scheduled trip for the day will be a big disappointment. We found ourselves an hour early at Florida Bus terminal; no rush, no hassle and just getting ready for the adventure ahead. Lahat kami excited, lalo na ako!

The purpose of taking Banaue route was to experience it even for just a bit. Keri na kahit view lang during travel. While on bus we were hooked up in traffic. We are about 2-3 hours left nalang to Banaue sabay totally engine off na sa tagal, ouch! Buti nalang may comfort room yung bus. I’m praying na it will not take long pero it took 3 hours. As per the driver, it’s because of the landslides and the broken bridge kaya naging halos 1 way nlng.

Finally at Banaue, it’s almost 12noon and if pipilitin namin abutan ung scheduled trip going Bontoc pa puntang Sagada, we will be able to make it pero hapon na. It will be too expensive naman to rent a vehicle going there. I guess we are stucked up. I'm quite worried for not being able to complete our itinerary. A tour guide who assisted us offered to do a quick tour in Banaue and helped us to find a place to stay.
Ang daming foreigners and solo travelers sa bus and here are some na kasabay naming mag tour.
Sarap ng local rice nila. It has a sweet taste that I can’t explain. We ate at Halfway Lounge and then we settled the tour Mark (the tour guide) offered.
Top load kami to get a better view.
You need a steady hand not to get out of balance. Rough road, bangin sa gilid, maputik, may mga part na half nalang ung daan kasi may mga bato at soil from the erosion.
Ifugao’s are known for being so creative and it obviously shows that they still preserve the richness of their culture. The terraces are all manmade, and change colors depending on the season. They also put fingerlings of Tilapia in every slope, which serves as the guardian of the rice field, Tilapia eat insects and snails and others that are not good for the crops. A shallow hole in the middle was placed so in summer, the fishes will not die once the water dries up.
Galing ni Mark mag tour. Hands up ako on how he present Banaue to the tourist and how proud he is. He knows how to speak well including different languages. Sabi nya kaka tour na din nya kaya he learned basic French, Italian, Spanish and more. Astig diba.

Different tribes still exist, I guess there’s no more head hunters but native cultures still remains such as burying a family member near the house and will dig up the bones after several days. First born son will inherit everything from the family except the house which is for the youngest son. Your head will be cut off hurting a girl physically. They also speak good English too. As per Mark, they will be punish in school for speaking other languagse. EOP din cla. :p
Some wood crafts made in Ifugao

Kaye and Jerick on Hapao Rice Terraces. Tuloy lang kahit umuulan, sobrang lamig na lamig na ako nito. :p
To identify the owner of the crop, they put plant marks like this. The plant will serve as the boundary kung kanino na ung tanim.
More of the Ifugao cultures
The tour is so bitin, but we enjoyed hearing different stories from Mark and other tourist. Kasama ata sa package yun. We stayed at People’s Lounge after the tour. Todo kain kami after the walk pero yung mga kasama naming nag juice at beer lang. Haha! Aga ko nakatulog after, we packed early morning to go to Sagada. Btw, we also met Kenji during the trip. He’s a Japanese guy who travels solo. He joined us going to Sagada as it was part of his plan too. The rest of the travelers including the cute couple from Holland stayed in Banaue to continue Batad tour. As per them, they hear great stories about Philippines which are the reason why they are here.
We had missed some of the spots but we’ll definitely go back and visit again. I’ve learned a lot and nasulit din ang Banaue. It may not be part of the plan but an unexpected tour can be remarkable.

Next stop: Sagada Finally...


Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Parang maraming hits si Sagada nowadays. hahah! Maraming naeengganyo tapos malamig pa naman. Shang sha ang mga sipon at ubo sa lugar na yun. Laganap. hahaha! I hope you enjoyed sagada as much as we do.

Untied Escape said...

Super! babalik ako dun hindi pwedeng hindi, parang ibang mundo. Ne xt time sulitin na namin.

ByahengBarok said...

so ironic, i've been to so many philippine provinces but i haven't been to banaue yet :( but my friends and i are planning to go here sometime next year... i'm excited about that :)

Untied Escape said...

Share your stories soon after seeing Banaue, I need to see more of it pa pero I appreciate it much na... Thanks for dropping by! :)

anney said...

Inggit ako!! Sana matuloy kami dyan early next year!

Photo Cache said...

thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hi!

will be back to read previous posts, after the thanksgiving holiday.

Ash said...

Looks like a great time. Fabulous photos!

Untied Escape said...

@Anney - i'll wish for that too, Must see tlga.

@Photo Cache - Thanks for visiting my site too. I'll be a follower too.

@Ash - Thanks a lot!

Batang Lakwatsero said...

wow.. buti pa kayo nakadaan sa Banaue. dito din dapat ang route namin papuntang sagada pero dahil matindi pa ang landslide at broken brisges, sa Baguio na lang kmi dumaan.

looking forward to your sagada post.

Aaron Dave Francisco said...

Nice post! I miss Banaue. Batad and all. Sarap bumalik diyan. At mag-dine sa Las Vegas. =)

Chyng said...

uy nagSagada ka. nice!
sana si Dandy nacontact nyong tourgudie sa Banaue. pero ok lang, all tourguides jan mukhang mabait at honest. and you are correct, they study french and chinese for their foreign guests. amazing!

will wait for your sagada post! =)

Untied Escape said...

@ Batang Lakwatsero - Korek ang dami ngang landslide kaya super na traffic kami. Thanks for the visit. I'll add your blog on my list. :p

@ Aaron - I'll make sure to visit Batad pagbalik ko.

@ Chyng - Biglaan na tour, thanks, cge pag balik namin. Gusto ko talaga mapuntahan ung Batad.

Goryo said...

Ang sarap nmn ng paglalakbay... How do you manage na mamasyal? Siguro relax ang work mo noh? =)

Untied Escape said...

Hindi masyado, mas relax mag Vacation Leave sa work para makapasyal. :D

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