Zambales Comeback: Nagsasa Cove

My first Zambales beach experience was in Anawangin Cove, which was about a year ago. The famous beach was indeed one of a kind which inspire us to try another beach in Zambales. Together with some friends and the heat of the summer (big sorry for the super late post), we headed to the wonderful Nagsasa Cove.

Going to Nagsasa Cove is almost the same as going to Anawangin Cove. You just need to bear more time riding the boat from San Miguel,Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales and it’s more or less an hour and a half travel time. The sand at first look may seem like Boracay (On the photo) but the color and texture is different. Grayish brown, not very fine, same in Anawangin.

It’s striking hot that day that we decided to setup our tents and had a cool melon juice to refresh. There are several care takers of the beach that sells water, ice and Halo-Halo (Halo Halo at 35php)water is a little pricey, maybe because there's no electricity. And as per one of the caretakers, sa bundok pa daw galing yung tubig, and malayo daw. That's what we realized why the water was super hot at noon. The water passes through the long water hosepipe going to the cove. For the ice, I don't know pano nila ginagawa.

Some rested for a while, some went to sleep, others prepare themselves to plunge in the water and of course some didn’t waste time exploring the beauty of Nagsasa.

On the left part of the beach (facing the shore) is like a hidden lake. Di ko akalain na may ganung place pa pala where there’s a lot of campers pa. There are more trees to give shade for the tents and hammocks. Not all of us went there so lucky for me I was able to capture its beauty.

It’s such an amazing place. Clouds reflected through the water and it shines literally because of the sun. We packed at around noon the next day and left the beach at around 2-3pm. It’s not a good idea for us because waves are bigger at noon. Safe parin daw yung ganung time pero they can’t extend ng mas late pa dahil sobrang maalon na daw and hindi na kakayanin. We really recommend to boat early morning instead. I can’t explain kung gaano ka alon at kasabay ng big waves eh yung sigawan nyo sa pag hampas ng waves sa boat nyo sabay dasal. Safe naman kami nakauwi :D

Over-all camping experience is sulit. Another tipid DIY trip din for us. We bring our own tents and food. There are clean bathrooms at some part of the island that you can use. Caretakers of the island are very accommodating. The place is very unique and has it's own beauty.

Another God’s masterpiece you should not want to miss.


Chyng said...

love your photos Gladys! maganda pa din talaga sa Nagsasa, accessible pa.

Untied Escape said...

Thanks Chyng! Forte ko ata yung mga scenery shots pag iba effort na to get good shots, need practice pa. :p

anney said...

Ganda namn dyan! Sana makarating din dyan one of these days. Ganda nung lake! Medyo takot nga lang ako mag boat lalo na pag maalon. Sumusuka din kasi ako. lol!

Untied Escape said...

Lapit lang Anney and not expensive trip. Mag Bonamine ka nlng... hehe! or try morning mag boat. :)

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

nagustuhan ko lahat ng shots mo. Very nice. ang ganda pa rin ng anawangin-nagsasa-capones. pang malboro country pa rin. Medyo nakakatakot lang yung waves at nakaka negra ang bangka. Wala kasing bubong. hayz! hahaha!

Untied Escape said...

Ay korek ka dyan sa kanegrahan, sobrang itim ng noo ko nun. The best tlga yung view noh.

Lantaw said...

nagsasa is really different now. there was a time when the south end of the beach is just a sleepy small community and the only campsite was Mang Ador's

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