Northern Mindanao Escape: Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Another memorable experience I had down the Northern Mindanao part of the Philippines is in Dahilayan Adventure Park. Hal and I had a semi whole day date within the trip. Two of the girls already had their early flight back to Manila and the two girls left decided to stay and just rest in the hotel. Hal and I decided to maximize the remaining 1 day and headed to Bukidnon.
Fly high in Dahilayan Adventure Park!
Going to Bukidnon from CDO is easy, From Agora terminal you will find a Van terminal that will route to Camp Philips, advise the driver that you are heading to Dahilayan and they will help you find a habal habal or will drop you off where you can easily get a habal habal that will bring you to Dahilayan Adventure Park. 
The Del Monte Landmark 
I thought it will be a short ride but it was not. Good thing I was ready for a hot and rough habal-habal ride. Though you’ll surely hurt your legs and butt, the view is amazing and the road seems endless. You’ll see the Del Monte logo which serves as a landmark and you’ll pass by unique houses (not sure if the design was created on purpose) that will really catch your attention.
Loooonnnggg ride you see?!
Cute houses we saw along... :)
We tried to ask some questions to our habal habal driver but he was having a hard time speaking Tagalog though we really appreciate his effort answering our questions.  We continued our long and endless road and we noticed we’re close upon seeing pine trees on the sides and it was getting colder.

And finally we reached the Dahilayan Adventure Park. I’m quite exhausted and the cold temperature is just perfect for me to relax. But before that, we had to try the zipline first.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Entrance
Ready for the Big - Zip!
Their shuttle will bring you to the launch point of your longest dual zipline ride experience. It’s 840M ride, 4700 feet above sea level, with speed of up to 90 kph and was said the longest in Asia.

At first I was worried with my safety but I am really satisfied on how the staff assists us and guide us properly. It’s thrilling but tolerable actually, really a great experience.

Safety first :)
Drop off point - Bitin!
The only thing that leads us there is to try the longest zipline and that’s it, all for experience. After the awe-inspiring ride, we just unwind for a while and appreciate the surroundings. And of course, picture taking. 

We realized the ride was longer that our stay in Dahilayan
One of a kind date! Worth the ride!

I wish I could show more pictures but we are quite tired to explore more of the area. We just waited Kuya to fetch us and we headed back to CDO. It was quick but memorable trip.

For thrill-seekers, I suggest you get to try all the ziplines here for fun and experience.
There are also other amenities available here such as wall climbing, rope courses, Horseback riding and ATV. You can also stay here overnight and so you can maximize your trip and avail complete package which is better if you prefer to experience all the rides.

For me, I am just glad to try the longest Zipline in Asia. Though I quite expect a bit over here, I thought it was scary but it was not. Surely you’ll enjoy especially for first timers. 

Dahilayan Adventure Park
Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines