What’s Keeping Me Busy?

I failed to satisfy my itchy feet for quite a while now and I'm really longing for another stress-free escape. I cannot blame the "Bed" weather too because I  know these months are really the rainy lazy months. Though I know I’ll be back soon, I am still feeling great on what’s keeping me busy these days.

1.     Wedding preparation – Yey! Although we still have plenty of time to prepare, we wanted to be hands-on and wanted to find the best team to work in our wedding. Finding wedding suppliers this early will lock the price increase for next year too. And yeah, I created a wedding blog too. 

2.     Business planning – Hal and I are working on our business plan; our passion to travel could be our sweet spot. We are also preparing for our digital printing business. Having a capital doesn’t mean you can start a business; you need a wise planning, good marketing, dedication and passion. And it’s a continuous learning. See, I’m learning a lot now. I’m looking forward on that day, business running smoothly, so our dreams will soon come true.

3.     Keeping a more balance life, Ensuring to exercise regularly while having a Sunday morning bonding with my Nanay is a great way to start my day every Sunday. Now I’m more consistent on this morning routine and more discipline. And I am hoping to add more "staying-fit" time, or maybe less rice?! :p

4.     Increasing my Net Worth, I wish it’s as easy as it sounds but yet it’s possible to achieve your financial goal as long as you know how to manage your money wisely with the I CAN attitude. Keep the attitude and always read and learn. Lucky for those who got a “better than good paying job” as you have plenty of money to manage. However, for those who earn fairly enough to save a few bucks for rainy days, it's still possible. Learn where to save your money and let it work for you. Don’t put your money into sleep. You know inflation right?! Have you heard Mutual funds, Stocks and Bonds. Yeah, I wish I could talk more about this but I’m not an expert. You can check Carlo’s blog and Lianne as they are. 

I will find my way to travel back soon… How about you? What’s keeping you busy these days?