Malaysia: Around the City, Food and How I See It

Such a smooth train ride :)

My stay is too short for me to know the life here in Kuala Lumpur. I actually do not have any expectations or whatsoever because we had a very limited time. It may not be the country that’s on top of my list but I am still very glad that I was able to see the place right through my eyes.

Taken somewhere on our way out the KL airport
The airport is obviously way better than what we have in Pinas. Well we’re tagged as having the worst airport in the world so it’s very evidently true. What do you expect in a corrupt government anyway? (Hays, silently praying here for a better Philippines)

Bus ticket booth before exiting the airport
While waiting for the bus to arrive
And this is where you buy your tickets
KTM ride going to Batu Caves
I admire how organize the airport is and how easy we can get a bus from the airport. It was a smooth welcome for us. By the way, they are also prompt with bus and train schedules unlike here. Transportation like buses and trains are relatively new and clean unlike what we have here which is old, rusty and asking for retirement already. Lol. And also, much cleaner view of the streets and highways with lesser traffic.

There are lots of Indian, Chinese and also Filipino nationals in the country but of course the majorities are the Malays that look closely like us. Communication is not hard as most of the locals can speak English well.

They call this Petaling Street "China Town"
This is where we bought our souvenirs
And their local palamig (refreshments)
Because it was almost Chinese new year, there are lanterns for sale 
The food is generally spicy in which I am not very fond of. Though I enjoy the curry rice, we were so lucky that we have our friend Ems and Arjie who served as our guide and introduce us to the local food such as the The Tarik and Nasi Lemak. Make sure to ask first if the dish you’re ordering is spicy or not. But sometimes, when they say its not, it’s still spicy for me. There are also lots of street foods that are very tempting to try.

Big serving of Curry rice with some of the common chicken dishes
Local pita bread and some spreads
Sweets on the streets
Shop for souvenirs! 
We were advised not to practice the “haggle to the max then forget about it” style that we used to do in local markets in Pinas like in Divisoria. You know what I mean? Normally they are a bit sensitive if you’ll ask for the price, haggle to the very last price they you’ll still not but from them. We were advised to instead buy in one shop so we can haggle since we will be buying in bulk. Prices are almost the same here in Pinas if you'll convert the rate to Peso. (1 MYR is around 12 PHP)

Cute canvass bag for sale :)
It was indeed a short memorable trip to Malaysia and we’re so happy to visit Arjie here. Overall, I guess it's not very hard to live in this city. There are many Pinoys and since it's very close to Pinas, going back and forth is not a problem. I know there's a lot more to discover and experience. Maybe on the next visit and hopefully next time we’ll be able to stay longer.