Cebu – Bohol Series: 4.3 Bohol Beach Club

It's our last day in Bohol. We decided to spent the rest of our time in Bohol Beach Club just to check what's inside. Since we are just sharing the same beach front, I am not into the beach anymore but just to have a place to stay after checking out from Whites and Greens. Though it's ok for them to stay more time on their place, we decided to walk towards the BBC for a day tour. We left our things in the frontdesk area to secure it while we explored the resort.

Clean beach front.
The pool area.
The place was all ours that day.
Good facilities but the rest room near the pool was dirty. It’s really a big no-no for me. 
And of course :p
Beach huts all the way.

A whole day pass inside BBC is 350php with 200php consumable for food. Not bad but nothing very special for me. I wish we had more time to go to PINR (Panglao Island Nature Resort) which was our original plan. Wdidn't realize that it’s quite far from our place already and we do not have much time. 

And so we just took more pictures...
and more...
And I don't mind anymore because it's tiring...
We were too tired to swim and just spent most of the time facing the beach in the hammock. Relax mode. 
And here’s what we have eaten before we left.
With rice of course. :p

Check their website for more details. :p

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“May your time be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks and 
sand between your toes." ~Anonymous


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