Cebu – Bohol Series: 4.1 Dolphin Watching and Balicasag Island

So to refresh you with our Bohol trip, you may check my previous posts here and here. But then, I’ll share my favorite part of our trip, the Dolphin watching and Snorkling in Balicasag.

We took our breakfast early and met Kuya Larry, which was kind enough to fetch us near our resort. They are from Alona Beach so from there, they need another 15-20 minutes travel time to get us.

Kuya was getting ready. You can also see locals cleaning the shore early morning. 

We immediately headed to the location, Dolphin watching first. Upon reaching the area, boats were already there waiting and rushing to the group of Dolphins just like a paparazzi who is dying to get a shot. 

I am a Dolphin lover. I do think that I am Little Mermaid’s Ariel in my past life. Haha! Yes, though I am not a swimmer, I am dreaming to be a mermaid just for a day. Then I can swim and talk to the Dolphins and other sea friends and they will make a pearl necklace for me. Though so you know, I am not a fan of Dolphin shows. I never attempted to watch either. Well I guess you know why. Dolphins need freedom and they should be able to swim freely in an open sea. Thinking about this makes me cry… literally.

Our Dolphin friends! 
Dolphins are active in the morning. They are owning a certain spot in the sea where-in they seem enjoying, playing and jumping above the sea for a show. Kuya Larry told that they are eating. And I guess, almost everyday, boats are rushing towards them to see those events. However after observing, it seems that the motor boats are disturbing the Dolphins. Once the boat rushed in and get near them, they disappear. I guess it would be better for the spotters to just stay where they are, turned the motor off then wait and let the Dolphins do what they supposed to do.

Sorry if we are disturbing you my sea friends...

I am still glad that the experience was close enough to my dream Dolphin encounter. How I wish I can swim with them. And aslo, I am praying that we can find a better way to watch them in the wild. Wishing here that they are all ok.

After the Dolphin watching, we went to Balicasag Island and experience to snorkel in the Balicasag Marine Sanctuary. 

On our way to Balicasag, what a pleasant view. 
And now I know why Balicasag Island is also a famous diving spot.
Sunny afternoon and a snorkeling time weather for us!
Seriously, this place is the top best snorkeling area for me because we can snorkel freely and there were different kinds of fishes everywhere. You can even fool them by moving your fingers as if you have bread in your hand and they will come near you. Sorry if I was unable to showcase it here in my pics but I am sure you'll love Balicasag!

Yes, because unfortunately, my underwater camera broke down after a few shots; I guess our boatman brought the camera too deep and unable to handle the pressure. My Olympus camera is only good for 10ft.  Good thing it’s still under warranty and was now with me almost brand new, but I need to buy a new battery. L

Some of the few shots we saved after the camera broke.
Jeck showing his Muro-Ami skills. Haha!
Healthy and excited fishes everywhere...
Kaye and her first time to snorkel, first and the best. 

And our lunch; the one on the left :)
After the tiring bonding with the fishes and our luscious lunch, we went to the Virgin Island. The island is a small C shape sand bar and you can explore the entire island in just a few minutes. Though it was a tiring walk and effort to get near the edge of the sand bar, (which we did!, only the one side of the beach.) you can rest for a while and try to be the vendor selling Coconuts for a while.

The long stretch of the sand bar, you need to wait until 2pm for the low tide. 
While replacing Manong's job in exchange for his shade. :)
One thing I’ve enjoyed here was our bonding with one of the vendor and he was able to convince us to eat the shell’s meat and the Sea Urchin. Well, I’m all game! The shell's meat tasted like squid and the sea urchin was like a watery salty taste of the crab’s fat.

Above picture is the empty shells and below is the shells with meat that you can eat.

Below picture is the Sea Urchins meat.
By the way the Spikes of the Sea Urchin is moving, they are all fresh and a bit creepy to touch. 
Hope to see you again!
Kuya Larry and his partner (Sorry I forgot his name) 
And my bloated... You know what!

Wondering how much it costs: 

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“I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.”
-- T. S. Eliot


Rubhie - said...

sarap naman talaga ng underwater exploration Dys...sad naman to hear na nasira un watercam mo..pero super like talaga lahat ng post mo...lahat heheheh ...keep in touch :)

Untied Escape said...

Hi Bhie, Thanks sa comment and sa pag like sa post ko,hihi! Yap keep in touch and sana maka akyat tayo ulit ng bundok... haha! Muah!

YAMIE said...

Wow! 'must be very lucky for seeing plenty of dolphins. btw, i love sea urchins sushi :)


snorkeling ang the best :) wow oh wow!

Sol said...

Huwaaa I love dolphins and I love your pictures here glads :)

blissfulguro said...

ang bongga ng weather gladys! ramdam ko ang init from here.

eto ang di ko pa natry sa bohol. next time! :)

Untied Escape said...

@ Yamie - Wow may sushi palang ganun... hehe! mai-try nga yan...

@ Kulapitot - Wow talaga yung snorkling moment, kaw na magsasawa sa mga makukulit na fishy... :p

@ Sol - Thank Sol, hehe! ganda ng weather for taking pics kasi, mainit... :p

@ Car - Sobrang init, hanggang ngaun di parin pantay kulay ko eh... :D

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

daming dolphin, sumasabay....

killerfillers said...

nice ang saya lang ang daming dolphins. medyo di ko gusto ang lasa ng sea urchin:p

Anonymous said...

wow, ang ganda ng pagkakuha lahat! you should see the butanding here in southern cebu.

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