Cebu – Bohol Series: 4 Panglao Beach

After the hot and tiring Country Tour in Bohol, I’m finally in the Panglao beach front.

Panglao Island is very popular with its powdery sand and diving spots. It would really complete your Bohol tour by at least visiting Panglao beaches, get a dip in to the water and get to walk to its shoreline. Though the sand is not as white as you’ll see, it’s indeed smoother, softer and more powdery texture compare to Boracay. Can you imagine how soft it is?!

The most popular beach is the Alona Beach since it’s the most developed part in Panglao. However we decided not to stay in Alona as we prefer more quiet and secluded beach front. We opted to stay in Dumaluan Beach, which is also in the Southern part of the island but about 2 and a half kilometers east of Alona.

Grabbed from Whites and Greens.

We then settled at Whites and Green Resort. It’s a very basic resort but with peaceful feel. The room just fits for the four of us. The room is clean plus the beachfront. We also noticed that they woke up early to clean the surroundings before the guests wake up. Plus points for the accommodating receptionist and staff.

Choose which room you would like to stay.
They also provide complimentary water and coffee which I really like. What’s not good is that the fresh water in the bathroom seems like salty so I guess it would be hard for you to get a good bath. We spent 1,300 each for the 2 nights stay on this resort.

They told us that they do have a lot of guest that day but we felt like we are just few because of the quiet environment. Or I guess they are out for their Island tour.

The beach front.

More of the facilities.

And more...

We didn't stay much on this side. 

You can stay here and eat outside your room if you want.

Or watch the waves.

Or just seat by the shore...

We had a short dip to the lowtide beach until nightfall on our first day but we was able to fully explore the beach front only on our last day in Panglao and the calm and white beach really turned me on.

By the way if in Boracay there are sea weeds, here there are sea grasses that you should avoid. It can be bothering but you can easily noticed a lump of them because of the clear water so just moved away. By the way, no sea urchins in our part so we can swim freely and no need to worry.

If you feel like walking along the shore then you can walk towards the right side going to Bohol Beach Club, the view is better on this side but for me it’s just the same in our beach front as we are just sharing the same shoreline. We also spent our last day by exploring the BBC.

Next is the Sea Tour Where we will get to see the Dolphins and get to play with the fishes in Balicasag Island.

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"House Rules 1. Remove shoes 2. Fix cold drink 3. Get sunglasses 4. Sit down 5. Relax You're at the Beach!" - Unknown


Chyng said...

nainggit ako ulit sa shuttle from alabang to the fort. hehe

Pie jamarie said...

Wanna go to panglao din I swear ako na lnd di nakakapunta sa family and am so looking forward to go....regards and more travel posts!


gnada super ;0

SunnyToast said...

Na miss ko tuloy mag beach but with the gloomy weather! bummer!

YAMIE said...

what else can i say, but i ♥ panglao

Rubhie - said...
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Rubhie - said...

ako din Dys ..ala na ma-say kundi hang-danda !!!!!!!!

Untied Escape said...

@ Chyng - Pag wala nang shuttle mag reresign na ako! haha!
@ Ms. Pie - Yes, Panglao is a must, thanks Ms. Pie!
@ Kulapitot - Thanks!
@ Sunny Toast - Yap me too!
@ Yamie - Oh yes we do!
@ Rhubie - Haha! Thanks Rubhie!

anney said...

Sa dumaluan kami nag stay nung nag bohol kami. Ang ganda pag lowtide. Ang layo na ng narating mo e hanggang binti pa din ang tubig. Palibhasa di ako marunong lumangoy e kaya enjoy sa low tide. hihihi!

sm said...

beautiful pics

blissfulguro said...

1300 for 2 nights. pwede na!

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