Cebu – Bohol Series: 3. Bohol Countryside Tour

How I love to see you again!

Our 3rd day started early as we bought the earliest ticket going to Tagbilaran. I am so excited because I am a beach lover and I was unable to visit Panglao the last time we went to Bohol (I guess that was 2009). We started the trip with the countryside tour first. I then remember the same tour we had few years ago with only habal-habal and that was fun.

Our first trip in Bohol, and hal was so thin back then.

We only started calling to inquire for our country side tour while we were sailing with Oceanjet. Out of some numbers we inquired during the trip, we selected the sheet of paper that was handed to us by the taxi driver from Cebu that brought us to the port that morning, "Baka wala pa kayong contact sa Bohol, kaibigan ko yan". And we are so lucky to have Kuya Renato as our countryside guide. And so here’s how we started our countryside tour. 

While we are in Oceanjet

Kuya Renato was waiting for us in the port already; we asked him to bring us to the nearest food stop to have a quick brunch. After that, we immediately went to our first stop which is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.

Luckily to pose like this again! :D

Nothing has changed, same view and I just saw the same magnificent Chocolate Hills. A grass covered limestone which turns brown during dry season. Almost symmetrical in shape; these hills are still the main attraction in Bohol.

After the Chocolate Hills, we also had a quick stop over to the “Ship Haus” in Batuan, Bohol that is privately owned by Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias and this was now publicly open for viewing. We didn’t proceed inside as it was scorching hot and we already wanted to go to our next stop. 

The Ship Haus

Our next stop is the Man Made Forest in Bohol. These huge Mahogany trees are located in the border of Loboc and town of Bilar. It’s technically colder upon entering the two kilometer stretch as the tall trees are almost covering the rays of the sun above.

Next is the Tarsier Encounter – we are glad that we’re able to see these cute little primates on Earth again. They are nocturnal animals but then these captive breeds are awake for their visitors. With their eyes bigger than their brains, ability to jump upwards of around 16 feet, with their rat-like tail, rotating 180 degrees head, with only 3 inches body. Who will not be amazed seeing these creatures up close? To give respect and protection, remember, no flash allowed and visitors should be silent at all times. 

We also had a quick stop at the Hanging Bridge in the upper area of Loboc River. Composed of bamboos and steels; this bridge are initially created for the locals to cross the river going to the Barangay on the other side of the main road.

The 2nd bridge on the left was created as an exit
as only 10 persons are allowed to cross all together. 

And then the famous Loboc River Cruise. These floating restaurants are famous as you’ll be able to try a buffet meal while cruising with live music. You’ll also see locals performing under a floating cottage in the middle of the trip. 

Promise, we are bloated after. 
Still not yet done. 
The locals on their Rondalla sing and dance. 
We are just so full and happy! 
I swear! The singer (on cap) is a great singer!

If you'll go for a river cruise here in Loboc, look for Riverwatch Floating Resto so you'll also get to see this man as he sings great, he can sing acoustic songs with such a great voice. He can sing Katy Perry and Adele songs in his own version and it was so beautiful. And yes I am a fan.

After our bloated tummies and sleepy head, we continued our tour to Baclayon Church. We were able to get inside this time and knowing that this is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines is such an amazing feeling. 

And then the last stop is the Blood Compact Site that seals the friendship of Spanish Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna on 1565

Sandugo Site
Bloated happy Tummies!

And that ends our Coutry Side Tour, we skipped some sites to save more time as we wanted to visit Hinagdanan Cave.

Other sites that you can visit:
  • Butterfly Conservaton Center
  • Python "Prony" Sanctuary
  • Clarin Ancestral House (Loay) 
  • Souvenir Shop 
Here are some tips:
  • We recommend to go to Chocolate Hills in Carmen first to avoid afternoon heat. 
  • It's cheaper to buy "pasalubong" in the store near the blood compact site. (Just right beside it); 
  • For the Peanut Kisses, its cheaper at the hanging bridge, the stores on the other side of the bridge.

Our next stop is the Hinagdanan Cave and that will be on my next post. 

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Shout joyfully to God...How awesome are your works.
- Psalm 66:1,3 


iamjessiegarcia said...

Bohol is part of my bucket list and hope to visit this province soon... Got to see the amazing Chocolate Hills. hehehe

Hopefully it will materialize next year ^^


I miss Bohol.. and it is really the nicest province i have visited.. pretty laidback :) nice photos!

Kura said...

tumataba ka ata girl a. hehehe! Yun tlaga yung pinansin e no. Pero prettyng prety pa rin don't worry. Katulad nila, miss na miss ko na ang bohol. At hindi rin ako magsasawang pumunta diyan. Naks! going strong kayo ni boypren a. Nice!

anney said...

May pose din akong ganyan na nakaturo sa chocolate hills! hehe!

Mitch said...

hmn, hindi pa ko nakakapunta ng Cebu, U know t what, pagiipunan ko ang maganda man made forest na yan at ang Malapascua! You cannot deny the beauty of beaches in CEBU... ganda ng pics. When we're in Camiguin, we missed to ride at Oceanjet, sayang. hehe

Chyng said...

missin' bohol.

dys, chatime o seretea tay nila jessie at kate! sa boni tech center lang ako. yung yellow na bldg. tabi ng jpmorgan. =)

Untied Escape said...

@ Jessie- It will jess! Ei meet natin si Chyng!
@ Shugah - Thanks much!
@ Car - Naku napapasarap kumain eh, haha! Xempre suki lng si boypren dito...hahaha!
@ Anney - Haha! Traditional pose ata ito :p
@ Mitch - Next ko din yang Beaches sa Cebu... :p
@ Chyng - Sure! Yey! di na tayo same bldg? set natin yan... txt txt ha! Muah!

Tom said...

Hey UE!

Thanks for the comprehensive post about Bohol! We have also just finished a post on Bohol Countryside Tour and we really enjoyed the tour especially the Chocolate Hills, Tarsiers and Man-Made Forest!

Happy Travels Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi, may I ask kuya renato going der next month...tnx

untiedescape said...

Heres the number 09322275270, hopefully active parin ;)

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