Macau-HongKong Trip

Macau-HongKong trip is perfect for those who are first timers out of the country travelers. Although this is not our first trip abroad, it is our first time (hal and I) to travel out of the country with only two of us. The Con is that it should’ve been cheaper in a group but the Pro is that it’s like another honeymoon and we can change our plans anytime. We booked MLA-Macau-MLA because of the promo fare but we spend most of the days in HK. It was actually an impromptu booking months and months ahead and luckily I was able to apply for leave on the schedule even I just started few months on my new job. 

Macau is a small place and you can find all the guides you need in the internet. I spent most of the time reading forums and it feels like I know everything already. All you need is research research and research. It’s also better if you have access to the internet so you have a quick worry free aid in case you’re getting lost or if you’re looking for a particular spot. 

Hong Kong is easier to explore, there are English signs everywhere, very easy transport service and there’s a lot to see. All you need is a comfy shoes, right clothes for the season and energy to explore around. 

In our case, we arrived late because of delayed flight, (AirAsia and its crappy service) we ended up arriving around 11pm. It was a long story epic arrival but we arrived safe and sound in Best Western Sun Sun hotel past midnight. It is located in the Macau Peninsula area. The location is Near Senado Square. It’s our choice because we wanted to explore more around that area than the casino side area. 

We decided to skip Macau first and take ferry to HK the next day. What we did is to spend our last 2 days in Macau. So in total we spent 4 nights in HK and 3 nights in MC. 

When it comes to budget, you can be flexible depending on what kind of activities are you’re planning. Splurge if you have because you’ll definitely enjoy shopping. Branded items are cheaper in HK. For us, we stick to our budget and divided expenses daily to ensure it will fit our trip. We avoid using credit card to avoid impulsive buying. You’ll see a lot just by walking the street, try street food for cheaper options and convenient stores for quick snack. But don’t forget to reserve a few bucks for good stuffs to take home.

More posts about this trip soon. 


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