Halloween Family Day at Work 2012

We had another Halloween Family Day at the office just like last year and it is my favorite because of the adorable kids coming in. A day open for kids and trick or treat. There are decorations, food, candies, colors, fun, and children's giggles.

This year's theme is Disney's Halloween. 

Balloons and Candies everywhere! 

Trick or Treat! 

Kids had fun with their treats!
The QA Team plus Sup Jhoy and cutee kulit Tilda (Roseann's niece)

Mommy Ysha with Kids (left); Pink Fairy is Cleah (right)

Docomo Peeps

Raven's pretty sister (left); Sir Rai's handsome son Brix (right)

Toy's Story
Little Mermaid Theme
The QA's with the Director, Sir JJ Arvisu
The cutest little Julie's twins - Miguel and Gabriel
Chinky eyes! 
Pretty twins of GJ - Faith and Heart
Posing with the princesses... 

And everybody squeezed in the photo booth!  

Another tiring Family day for the kids and parents, I wish bringing Yana (my niece) here but she haven’t started their sem-break during the event. And by the way, we won 1st place for the team decoration contest. 

Till tHe nExt TriCk oR TrEat!

Happy Halloween!


anney said...

Ang saya! Cute ng costumes ng mga bata! happy halloween!

Untied Escape said...

Same to you Anney! Na isip ko lang kung ma a-achieve din namin un Halloween foodies nyo perfect na...hahaha! Chicken at Spaghetti lang eh... lol

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