Our Full-Packed Ilocandia Tour: La Paz Sand Dunes

Another treasure of Ilocos.
It’s our final day and we are all first timers to visit La Paz Sand Dunes. It’s actually an additional tour for all of us before we left Ilocos.

Kiko and Carlo with the surf boards. 
From the hotel, it was just a quick 10-15 ride to La Paz. It’s very unique because we really do not have deserted areas here in the Philippines and this is the closest that we’ve got in Asia to resemble a deserted place such as in Middle East countries and Africa. It is around 85 square kilometers desert like safari with sand dunes of around 10-30 meters tall. I immediately remembered and realized that this is where several local movies where shot like the “Panday”, “Himala”, “Pedro Penduko” and some Hollywood films. I am amazed. 

Though at some point I assumed that there should be no plants (or should I say I expect a very few plants or grasses) in the area but there is. It’s maybe because it was not that summer period and it was raining yesterday and so they are green, not really sure about that. =)

Alfie, Julie and Carlo on their surfer pose
Several activities are available here such as ATV and 4x4 ride and of course sand surfing. We do not have enough time (and budget! :p) for a 4x4 ride so we just had a free Sand surfing lesson with our driver and guide.

And so we are all excited to try, should I rephrase, almost all of us because some are nervous already! For me, I am not afraid to try but I am worried to get hurt when I fall. I am such an adventurer and missing this Sand Surfing is not on me. So hit it!

I tried and I literally had cheeks to cheeks on the sand on my first try, but it was super fun! We tried the wider surf board first in sitting position for starters and then the thinner board that is for standing position.

Kiko is the best Surfer as he just nailed it the first and second and succeeding attempts. Me, I am glad that I was able to do it the following tries. 

Remember to bring extra clothes as you’ll definitely sweat walking and surfing. It also doesn't matter what shoes to wear as I bet you’ll remove it for a better grip on the board. 

Get ready to get dusty and dirty too!

And here's how I nailed it. Though I guess I should've stand straighter here. ;p

Lean back, hold your breath and then scream hard!  

And below are the rest of the gang. 

A dusty way to end our Ilocos trip! 

And that ends our Ilocos Tour; we actually had a short trip at Juan Luna’s birthplace and also went back to Vigan for a street food hunt and last minute shop for Ilocos Longanisa and Bagnet. We also had tried eating Bagnet Pizza c/o Carlo. Indeed a memorable trip for all of us. And also, remember to include Sand Boarding upon your visit to Ilocos! 

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"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. "
~ Helen Keller 


Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Eto ang isa sa mga namiss ko pero babalikan ko :D


waaaaaaaaaah! eto namissed kong puntahan .. slide slide sa sand ng laoag

killerfillers said...

i would love to do this again.:)

Manong Unyol said...

wow sandboarding ang saya.. astig:)

Untied Escape said...

@Mica - Ako din sana next time matry ko na din yung 4x4
@Kulapitot - Balik balik!
@Killerfillers - Yes, you must!
@Manong Unyol - Yap, ang saya at for sure uulit ulit ka hanggang sa ma perfect mo na... hehe!

lakwatserong tatay said...

wow...astig sarap siguro itry nito...
btw. 1st time ko magawi rito pero kainggit na yun mga trips mo lalo na rito sa Ilocos Trip na toh..
DIY or Package Trip po ba to mam? Hope i could get your contact...

Untied Escape said...

@ Lakwatserong Tatay - Salamat ng marami! Package trip ito, sulit din kasi malalayo un mga lugar na pinuntahan, buong Ilocos talaga... better if madami kayo..tipid na rin.. :)

Naku mas marami ka trips sir kesa sa akin, mas inggit ako...Gusto ko na mag Camiguin!!!

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Gusto ko din matry to, sayang hindi pa to nadi-discover when we went to Ilocos.

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