Palawan Escape: Puerto Princesa Underground River

It was not a very sunny day when we arrived but this is what I wanted. Personally I am all excited as ever because years back I thought it’s not very doable for me to go here.
Finally - @ Puerto Princesa Airport
Van was waiting for us and seeing my name outside made me more excited! From there, we immediately went to Sabang Port and had our buffet lunch. Sun was now cheering us more and we were feeling the heat already. Our guide took in charge of everything such as registering our names in the Tourist Information Center and getting us a good spot for lunch.

Upon arrival and upon seeing my name outside the airport :)
The buffet lunch - pics grabbed from Sol
And we will never forget a group shot. - pic grabbed from Sol
 After satisfying our craving stomach; we went to explore the Sabang beach. It was also a pretty site for me and maybe a night here is a good option too. Several resorts can be found here.

Another heaven for beach bummers
With fine sand too!
Mean girls exploring Sabang beach :p
And try to eat "Mr. Protein Rich" inside the "Tamilok 4 Sale" bucket.
We headed to the port where we waited to be transferred to the boat for the underground river tour. The view already says that there is lots of visitor’s everyday. We waited for our turn and had some dirty ice cream and halo-halo breaks until our tour guide advised us to get ready.

It's not very obvious in this picture but there are lots of boats waiting.
And us too...
The tour guide asked us to look for an image in the mountain
- a male face; did you see?
And it was big waves, scary boat ride
You can expect big waves on this part of the open sea that can be dangerous to small boats already. Summer period is really the best time. The beach front is like enclosed island from the big limestone cliffs on both sides. We had quick shots and headed to the trail going inside. A big sign was in front reminding us that we are already just minutes a way to see the underground river. Swimming here in the beachfront is not allowed.

While standing on the entrace...
Another, almost group shot. 
Seats for tired, waiting, picture taking, chatting, re-touching guests :p
And so we go... 
We registered before entering the cave, they also said that monkey’s and lizards can be spotted but I haven’t seen one. Park signs can be found educating you on what to see and what to expect making you to be more responsible Earth warrior. I would really love to stay and read more but our group walked fast and all excited. Pick your life jacket and helmet in the color of your choice and wait for your turn.

Even this is such an amazing sight already
Then they go... 
We didn't fit to 1 boat so we were divided into two

Almost  near. 
Then it was a bit creepy and dark already. It was an effort setting my camera up to get a good shot inside while I also struggle hearing the tour guide since he is at the end of the boat and Chiz and I is at the front. Chiz serves as a light-guide and he should listen carefully to the guide so we can locate what he was pointing out.

Our guide told us a lot of stories and will also sting your imagination to what image the stalactites and stalagmites resemble.

On our way inside...
Some of the equally "okay" shots inside.

Even without imagining what they are look like, the formations are beautiful already.

You can see below how dark inside the cave. There are lots of bats nesting here that produce a quite foul smell of their "poops" on your way inside but will be gone once your inside. And also you can see here the Balinsasayaw (Swiflets) - a kind of bird that you can only find here in El Nido. It was famous because their nest is made out of their own saliva and it is being used to create the famous but rare Nido soup. (And it is expensive!) Just a trivia: There are different species of Balinsasayaw but only 5 kinds of them can create nests out of their saliva - some called them edible-nest swiflet.

While waving to another boat and saying "Hi", the bats and the Balinsasayaw captured by the shot. 
Opening of the cave... - pic grabbed from Sol
Kuya caught an injured Balinsasayaw and promised to take care of it.  -pic grabbed from Sol
I will all let the stories be hidden until you go there and experience the tour. I am awed by its beauty and knowing that our tour inside is just part of the underground river and you need to get a special permit to be able to access or see the depth of the cave further. No wonder that the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park was included to the world’s “New 7 Wonders of Nature.” Aside from the government, it’s also our responsibility to help protecting and promoting our most precious gift. 

Visit their site for more information about the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park 

"We cannot command Nature except by obeying her."  
~Francis Bacon


Pie Pie said...

glads musta :) Palawan :) glad you enjoyed and visited :) my hometown. Andame mo na napuntahan grabe nakakatuwa :) mwah

Untied Escape said...

Ang saya, and ang linis and peaceful ng hometown mo Ms. Pie, walang makalat at mukhang safe na safe talaga..

blissfulguro said...

i miss sabang :( but not the jungle trail. sinumpa ko ang trail na yun!

Chyng said...

glad, san kayo nagstay nung 1st night?

check ur link, mali to htpp:// hehe

Untied Escape said...

@ Car - hehe, mukhang may bad experience ka dun sa trail ah... :)
@ Chyng - Thanks, ni update ko na...haha! dumeretso na kmi sa elnido nung 1st day around 8-9pm cguro kami dumating sa resort...

Photo Cache said...

i wanna go there.

anney said...

Nung nagpunta kami dyan yung isang monkey tinangay yung isang supot naming baon na snacks! waaaaa!

Untied Escape said...

@ Photo Cache - yes you must!
@ Anney - haha! gutom lang... ako wala manlang nakita kahit isa... :(

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