Palawan Escape: El Nido_Island Tour A

First day of the tour is Tour A; I woke up early and then force the snoring fat bellied creature besides me to wake up too. :) I am full of energy to get ready because I want to feel the foggy morning of El Nido. We saw few guests that were already done with their morning coffee and we did the same. We sit for a while in silence, not talking, just facing the view and waiting for others to wake up. 

How I love this morning!
The people in El Nido seems very laid back too. They are not in a hurry (In which I wish we leave earlier to cover more places) and just taking their time packing our lunch while busy preparing our breakfast. We also rented a kayak in which they recommended and we are very thankful we did.

On our way to our first stop. 
So here’s how it’s done; they modified some places in which they feel are not very safe to go and some are not available now since its already a private beach (I forgot the name of those island though). Not a very hot weather to start for us but I was happy that way.

1st stop: Big Lagoon (Part of Miniloc Islands)

A great big start to awe us, I do not know what to expect aside from some pictures I saw in the internet and TV’s but the nature just did this awesome view on its own. I just stayed quiet most of the time (After taking pictures) and appreciate God’s love of giving us a good view. We stayed at the back of the boat mostly because I hate the wires blocking my view.

The Big Lagoon
Loving El Nido already...
Rocky formation on its finest :D
Water is so dark and creepy actually     
Limestone cliffs 
It's just a quick tour in Big Lagoon and swimming here is not really recommendable. You can also explore it by Kayak but I am not really that brave to do that. 

 2nd stop: Simizu Beach

This is located in the South of Miniloc Islands. It has its sparkling white sand (of course) and colorful marine life underneath that is a good snorkeling site. It’s also another spot for camping that will provide you a very private feel. You'll get to see this private  beach along. 

A private beach along the way - I forgot the name
I wish to get to see those closer
And the Simizu Beach is here. 
And a group was already getting ready for camping. 
Feels like your own.
Simizu Island was named after the Japanese diver who died while exploring the underwater cave.

We snorkeled with the waves (that is not really a good timing for us) and managed to get to see wonderful creatures below. We had a rough time here because waves are getting bigger and was pushing us away far from the boat. You need to get a good hold to the rope or else you will not be able to fight back and be pulled to the side and hitting the big rocks near by is a possibility.

Here’s some underwater shots:
Even the current was dragging us far - the fishes are still going  crazy eating our  biscuits
And our guide easily spotted a Nemo and get a shot
They are just everywhere
And want a close up too. :)
3rd stop: Entalola Beach

Here’s where we had a chance to Kayak and where we had our buffet style lunch. The place seems crafted for the visitors to get a good place to eat. We had a quick dip to the water to freshen up, did experience the Kayak for the first time and then surprised how our guides and boatman did well in preparing our food. Of course we are very satisfied with the food they prepared for us. 

Jumpshot before lunchtime!
And it goes like this!
And still in action while eating - Agree Jay?!
Credits to Sol for the pics (Entalola)

4th Stop: Small Lagoon (still part of Miniloc Islands)

This is my favorite place of all! It was very enchanting to see, the view, the corals, the rock formations are seems like positioned for admiration. You’ll blame yourself exploiting or ruining this place because of its captivating look. 

On our way...
Exploring inside the Small Lagoon.
That's why its better for you to get a kayak so you can explore around easily.

And have fun!
Credits to Sol for the pics (Small Lagoon)

I am also overwhelmed of the creatures underneath. It seemed so close that I was afraid snorkeling here because I do not want to touch the coral and get hit. The fishes and marine life below seems very at peace. They do not mind us and I saw different group of fishes large and small groups, big and unusual look that took my breath away. Unfortunately my underwater camera was out of battery already. Too bad, but then my eyes can prove you that visiting Small Lagoon should be on your list.

Last stop: Helicopter Island (supposed to be on Tour C)

They said it's supposed to be part of the Tour C, it was one of the islands we were facing from the resort. It's a relax time for us here and a chance to swim by the shore. 

Taken at the resort. - Named 'Helicopter' because of its shape.  (The one in the middle)

The sand stretch of the Helicopter Island
You can also practice your snorkeling skills...
So I did! 
And have a swim plus a cam shot!

All appreciation and wonder; of course what could I say but it’s true. I guess this is why El Nido is such a popular place to visit. Look how beautiful our place can be. It helped me realized more that traveling leads us also to be more aware in taking care of our environment and be thankful to be blessed with this kind of beauty and experience.

Let’s not just appreciate and take advantage of it. A small act of kindness to our nature is a big help. Yes, again, El Nido is such a wonderful place to see. How about diving next time?! Agree?!

Next post is our 2nd day of island tour.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land, there is no other life but this.” 
~ Henry David Thoreau (American Essayist, Poet and Philosopher, 1817-1862)


Kura said...

yey glad! i'm glad at nakapag-elnido ka na rin. hihihi! ang sarap balik balikan ng el nido no. tapos tambay lang sa beach. buti nakapag rent ka ng kayak.. hindi ko siya nagawa e. ang dami tuloy nangangagat na isda sa binti ko.

sabi namin ni carla parang masaya pag nag reunion yung anilao girls. isang trip ulit. ^_^


grabe gusto ko tumira dyan forever ...

Untied Escape said...

@ Kura - Tama, pero di namin napuntahan un isang island na pinag overnight-an mo...sayang...

Taralets reunion na! Reunion, reunion, reunion! Haha! Excited lang! uyyy sana matuloy... :D

@ Kulapitot - haha ako din, pero tamang bakasyon lng..haha!

Chyng said...

ansaya naman pag malaki ang group!

anney said...

I'd like to go back sa el nido! 6 years ago nung huli ako makapunta pero di ko masyado na enjoy bawat island kasi ang mga oldies (Aunts) kill joy kasama. hehe!

Manong Unyol said...

wow ang ganda talga ng palawan :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

halatang halata talaga na masaya ang pagpunta niyo diyan dahil sa mga larawan....di pa ako nakakapunta diyan....layo kaya..

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

puwede mo na ba malagay ang blog ko sa blog list mo?

killerfillers said...

Gusto ko ulit pumunta ng El Nido!

Untied Escape said...

@ Chyng - Korek! Kaso minsan nakaka stress pag sobrang gugulo...hahaha!

@ Anney - Balik ka na ulit, haha, sama mo kami para makukulit naman kasama mo...haha!

@ Manong Unyol - Indeed!

@ Arvin - Nasa bloglist na kita dati eh nagloko lang sabay di ko na nabalik lahat.. update ko agad toh!

@ Killerfillers - Punta ka na ulit..sarap balikan noh?

Kaiye Pallarco said...

Waaaahhh nakakamiss ang El Nido!

I agree the water in the Big Lagoon is deep, dark and creepy parang pwede meong humatak sa'yo haha oh well, it's sobrang nice there! <3

Untied Escape said...

@ Kaiye - Oo natakot nga talaga ako pero maganda parin diba? Miss ko na din...hehe

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