Palawan Escape: El Nido_Island Tour C

It's our 2nd day tour and we are scheduled to do the tour C. I failed to wake up as early as yesterday but I still able to find time to get a coffee and pack up. We bought some chips at the nearby store before we left. The sun shines brighter than yesterday and that makes me more excited.

Day 2 of the Island Tour

I kept on asking our boatman if we can go to the Secret beach but they are not really willing to bring us there due to the season. They said it was too risky and we might not be able to get in. They said that the best time should be in the peak of the summer season.

1st stop is the Hidden Beach

Hoping that it’s the Secret beach but it was not. Though the huge limestone cliff really captured my attention and amazed me. We changed our boat on the 2nd day and we have a bigger boat this time. This beach is a memorable place for me because our boatman together with his colleagues really tried their best to get the boat inside but the boat was just too big that the ‘Katig’ (bamboo balance beam) cracked. It was almost broken because it hit the stone. We just convinced them that it’s ok for us to swim to get inside when they finally give up. They are just determined to get the boat inside for us. 

I guess why it was called Hidden because you won't think that there's a beach inside. 
And finally after getting through the big rocks; a white sand will welcome you . 
Inside is such a rewarding view. It was actually a good place for snorkeling and lots of nemo’s can be seen (clown fish) however, corals here are not as colorful and not as alive compare from other islands. It’s maybe because there’s lot of visitors walking in the water instead of swimming because water is not very deep unless you swam from the tight entrance towards the open sea.

I love the mini shore literally hiding inside and we saw several foreigners resting there. We took some pictures here before we left. 

Here's where we rested after a tiring snorkeling. 
And we had another group shot. :p

2nd spot is the Matinloc Beach

This is where we took our lunch and spent more time swimming and fish feeding. We finally had a chance to swim by the shore however it was soooo hot and I really can’t stand staying for such a long period under the sun. (Arte lang!)

Just like a postcard :D
I wish I had a shot like this too!
Some still managed to Kayak under the scourging sun. 

Another fish feeding moment and feels like in an aquarium time for us. After eating, we still had time to swim and this time, the fishes went so near the shore to eat. Of course we had some biscuits and left-overs for them.  
We had a great time here, the fishes were going crazy for the food and so are we because we were trying to get a good shot here but we just can't. :) 

Best effort! 
Another attempt to fit the camera - failed!
And fishes everywhere! 
This is another memorable place because it was my first to wear a two piece swimsuit! Haha! Please forgive me but it’s an achievement for me and I am not very brave wearing it but I finally did it. :D

And we owned the place!
Kiber na sa knila nasa El Nido kami eh! 
3rd spot Matinloc Shrine

From the mini port, the picturesque view and the crystal blue water attracted us. It was really mad hot sunny day and my hot tempered head (it’s normal during the hot weather) is now active that’s why I am quite not in the mood already. However, who will get heated of this view?! Sarap din mag take ng picture pag sobrang init. 

Here's the mini port. 
From the mini port, you'll need to go up here to see the Shrine.
And just a few steps, you'll see the Gazebo
Matinloc Shrine also has a building used to be a retreat house. The Gazebo which is the first thing that will catch your attention is the location for prayer. Though it was already abandoned, tourists stop by and pray. An image of Mama Mary is situated in the middle.

A cross and a Mama Mary statue in the middle. 
On the right side is like a tunnel going to a mini photo museum. You'll discover here the history and events how the shrine was created and the miracle happened here. 

Here is the closer picture of Mama Mary, the retreat house, and the photo museum. 

The story inside the mini museum is inspiring. And also you'll see a cross upon climbing to the rocks, also located at the right side of the island. The cross is placed on the peak of the cliff. I didn't dare to climb to the peak and just managed appreciating the view. 

From the bottom of the collage are the tomb, the image of Jesus at the back
and the 2 guys posing at the peak. 

And also a beautiful beach at the back part of the shrine that's very captivating. 

The view even if your not on the peak is such a wonderful site, I guess this is the highlight of this trip. Seeing a great view like this is such a rewarding experience. 

This is what you'll get upon climbing the rocks 
That's why we can't stop taking pictures like this. :D 

4th spot Cadlao Island

This is the last spot and where we spend the last hours of our 2nd day of Island Tour. The island is simple, plain but still beautiful. We saw a couple and a guy (all foreigners) on their kayak and they went to this island to rest and then made their way back to the open sea. We all felt sad because we will leave the island tomorrow. Some of us manage to continue snorkeling but I decided to find a shade and just appreciate the view. Some of the girls joined me after a while until our guides and boatmen told that we are ready to go. 

The Cadlao Island
Another awesome view
Taken from the other side
Before we left.

And that's how we end our day 2. It's actually quite short for me and we haven't able to maximize exploring other islands. Maybe on the next trip I guess, I also still wanted to see the Secret beach too. However, given that we still missed some, the experience is still one of the best. Palawan is indeed a great place to visit. El Nido is such a paradise for a beach and nature lover. And as long as we maintain being a responsible traveler, each of us can treasure every place and save it for the coming future travelers.

Till I see you again El Nido! 

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” 
~ Martin Buber



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as in nainggit ako ng bonggang bongga!

JuneOsidaBenitez said...

yung tubig.. nasa paraiso na ba kayo? lol

anney said...

Sexy naman! Ganda talaga ng rock formation dyan!

abeng said...

VIEWtiful ^_^

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SunnyToast said...

You make me miss the beach! I love all the photos! it feels like summer on the ber month:)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice place..

SunnyToast said...

i really want to visit this place..pero dapat daw group kc mahal ang underground river tour..ka inis! so I keep bgng my frnds to travel with me.

Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Hello Gladys! Sana makarating rin ako sa El Nido. Hehe. Puerto Princesa at Coron pa lang narating ko. Anyway, tagged you in my Christmas wishlist post. I hope you don't mind. :)

ken | said...

ang ganda talaga sa palawan..

Untied Escape said...

@ Kulapitot - Punta ka na kasi...hehe

@ June - Yung tubig din ang bet na bet ko dyan

@ Anney - Salamat, feeling sexy lang... the best ang rock formation

@ Abeng - Thanks!

Untied Escape said...

@ Manong Unyol - Thanks!

@ Sunny - Nakow delayed kasi ang post ko..hahaha...backlogs :)

@ Cris - For sure makakarating ka ikaw pa... uy thanks sa tag ha...

@ Ken - Salamat

Joyce said...

Waaah!!! ganda ng view from the Cliff! Mahirap ba umakyat sa cliff? mukhang puro guys lang ang naka-akyat.. ang ganda ng el nido.. thanks for posting this!

Carlo | PinoyStockMarket said...

Hi Gladys!

Jan kami nag honeymoon ng wife ko. Nito lang Dec 2012. Lakas ng alon! Tour C din kinuha namin. Buwis buhay! haha! Sa hidden beach namin nakuha yung mga souvenir namin na mga sugat at pilay :)

It was still a fun-filled trip though :)

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