A Cat Named 'Sansa'

Warning: Not a travel post.

Aside from loving dogs, I am a cat lover too. Ever since I was a kid, I am exposed to numbers of stray cats living in our porch. We do have our official cat in the house named Jenny and she’s the only cat can go inside. Ever since, Jenny is raising kittens and bringing some friends in our place. And since we do feed them, the number grows radically and I remember how hard I cried every time my mother put kittens away home so they can’t come back.

As I grow old, Jenny died out of her age and one by one the cats living in our house were moving out. From more than 10 cats down to 0, we do not have cats around and I’m used to it already, that’s the time Mikey (My Dog) arrived.

It’s been a while that we do not have cats at home but now I already have Sansa which is our official house cat.

Sansa is a Persian and a Siamese mix. Aside from being black which is not typical for a pet cat, she’s extra special because she’s well taken care since birth. She takes a bath, can only eat cat food (except for cooked fish dish), sleep in the bedroom and poop in the litter box. At first I know my mother will not like the idea of a cat strictly inside the house (because for her, cat stinks and a mess) but she loves Sansa from the very start.

Here's Sansa's family, the two orange male kittens stays at hal's house and Sansa is here with me, the Siamese  cat is the daddy that was just borrowed from their neighbor to be Meiji's partner (Sansa's mom)

Who says a Black cat can’t be so adorable?

Since Sansa is not afraid of being groomed, you can cuddle Sansa anytime, just make sure she didn’t chase a mice or a cockroach before you cuddle her up. She loves to sit besides you, on top of you or on your back or on your shoulder. Sansa hates when I am on a phone or in a laptop. She keeps on meowing and doing anything to put my attention back to her or if not, she just wants me to watch TV or sleep. Ayaw nya ng may ginagawa ako. It is sometimes irritating but her cuteness wins, she just wants me all the time. :p

Just call her name and she literally run towards you, she also knows when I am coming as she's already waiting at the door for me. She is quite stubborn cat to my father because she knows she can go out easily if she will beg to my father to go out. To my mom’ it’s the other way around, she’s ok inside because it’s no effect. She can go out the porch at sometimes or if we are around. And Mikey and Sansa are good friends.

She likes to play a lot! Sansa's favorite pet is a black stuffed toy cat that is now smaller than her that she wrestles all the time and the Christmas ball that she always carries using her mouth. She’s also our baby now and looks how she really feels that way. Some says Sansa gave sulky fierce look but she’s not, she is such a sweet cat in person.

And so who says that black cat brings bad luck?  


iamjessiegarcia said...

ang totyal lang ni Sansa... sya na ang may blog entry... "Sansa, ang totyal na feeling house pet" LOL

Untied Escape said...

Opkors! Ang pinaka sosyal na itim na pusa... hahaha!

Pinay Thrillseeker said...

cute naman ni Sansa, kaso demanding...ayaw ng may ginagawa ka...hehehe...:)


takot ako sa cat.. they seems maamo

anney said...

Ang sweet namn pala ni Sansa! Hi sansa! Nice to meet you!

Guyito said...

Hi Sansa,
Takot po ako sa pusa pero mukhang si Sansa ay hindi naman scary. Kasama mo rin po ba si Sansa pag nagbibiyahe?

Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...

Ang dami kong friends na mahilig sa cat.. nagkaron din ako ng cat.. haydee pangalan yun nga lang.. ayaw ng mom ko kase mapanghe daw yung wiwi.. kaya pinamigay namin.. pro oks lang may bago nkong pet dog naman.. si anikin..

Pinoy Adventurista said...

we also have a cat sa bahay... sobrang malambing... or malandi... hehehe! :)

Untied Escape said...

@ Pinay Thrillseeker - Haha! yup, sobrang OA nya mag meow meow pag nasa phone ako di ko tuloy maintindihan kausap ko
@ Kulapitot - Mabait yan pero expect makalmot minsan
@ Anney - Thankyou thankyou ~ Sansa
@ Guyito - Gusto ko isama pero hanggang sa bahay lang ng bf ko yung na travel nya...naka motor pa kami.. :p
@ Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera - actually smelly nga talaga yung wiwi at popoo nila pero bsta lagi lang malinis un litter box nya dapat.
@ Pinoy Adventurista - Haha! true, ang malambing na cat ay malandi rin...hahaha!

Lawrence said...

Since cat food lng ang kinakain, e di hndi sya marunong manghuli ng daga? db kya nanghuhuli ng daga ang pusa ay para kainin? hehe

Mitch said...

Swit and selosa Sansa.. wala ko hilig sa cat, pero this one seems different. kasi naman bantut ng pupu nila.. hehe. Pero ito sosyal ang pagpupu.. at imported pa and peg!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mahilig ako sa pusa noon....ngayon hindi na....

Anonymous said...

hi just came across your travel blog because of your recent post that undeniably caught my eye...Sansa;)she's pretty!!!pwede po ba paligawan sa baby namin?lol!!our baby RJ is a 2 yrd old gray cat...his mum is a white persian and the dad--i'm still a wee bit confused because Jerry the ginger colored tabby whom we thought is his uncle could really be his dad..hahaha...RJ's got a nice gray coat...and he's one independent pusa....!!!

anyway...now i know of your blogspot then i'd have another site i can refer to should and if we do go around....thanks and more power to you Ms. Gladys and UntiedEscape:)

Untied Escape said...

@ Law - naku naka dalawang bubwit na yan... isa sa bahay isa sa kapit bahay... hehe! hiniram siya one day para paghulihin ng daga... :D nature na siguro kahit catfood lang pagkain nya :p

@ Mitch - Haha! uu bantut talaga, better kung ung litterbox nya odorless... Medyo mahal nga lang un Cat litter na ganun.

@ Carmen - Thanks for visiting! Naku baby pa si Sansa 6 months palang siya eh... Pag pwede na siya ipa-partner let's see... hehehe!


adorable!!!! I love sansa!!

Photo Cache said...

so happy to read this. i am a cat lover too, only recently. i even have a blog for my 2 cats (http://emmaandbuster.blogspot.com)

i feed a lot of stray cats in the backyard and most of them are black (black and brown hues, the combination is really good) and gray. i even name them and sometimes they stay all day in the backyard.

we try to lure them into getting inside the house, some come in to eat and investigate, but freaks out when we shut the door behind them.

your little furry friend is so cute and adobrable.

Untied Escape said...

@ Wander Shugah - Thanks! I love Sansa too!
@ Photo Cache - I can relate, :D they are just so adorable because of their curiosity and being playful. Thanks!

Btw, I saw your adorable cats! Emma is so beautiful with her gray coat... I wanna hug them both :D

Pa Ul said...

Geez I've seen a black kitty, hope my day would be great (joke). I also travel sometimes but on the budget and if I can afford it. It gives us a breeze of seeing new places and things to relax and enjoy.

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