When I Learn To Prioritize

I don’t know if I am good in budgeting. Most of my friends are telling me I’m stingy on money or “Kuripot” in a most common Filipino term. I don’t think so.

I am not born with a silver spoon but I was raised in an equally stable family. A close friend told me that she admires the way I value money today knowing that I was unable to experience inadequate life during my childhood. I guess I am valuing the ways my mother raise me because I didn’t feel well-off during my childhood days. My mother teaches me how to value money and indirectly illustrates the difference of needs and wants to me. My father used to work abroad and my mother is a plain housewife and I can say we are doing well that time (In which I am not very aware before). I am already in my high school years that I felt that we do not have enough funds to support me. (He is on his way of his retirement and was not doing well in business). I decided to study in a state university which is lesser tuition fee and started to value money even more. Luckily I was also chosen to be a scholar in an international foundation that helped me to fund my thesis and the last year of my college.

As soon I graduated and got a job, I started saving but I feel like my money in the bank was not increasing. Well, it will increase then emergency will come and then will just go back to its original digits. Since we are only two siblings, as soon as my brother graduated, earn money, have his own family, we gain our stable life back until a calamity hit our province that put down our poultry business that was just about to start.

It remained like this for some years and I really do not know my priority. My father, brother and I contributed to pay for our debts and we are still surviving fairly. I am also into trips and travel during that time but not regularly.  Since I am earning already, I save money for travel only if I have a scheduled trip. But then, after I realized that I’m getting older, I know my lifestyle is not enough to fund me for the coming years and for my future family. I started my insurance with investment and working on living wisely while focusing in my goals in life.

Oh well, let’s move on. I just share those experiences that helped me to stay focus in my priorities. As soon as I started to travel regularly; I learned to evaluate what are my priorities to be able to travel more.

1.    I learn to cut the spending.
 I am a milk tea fan and my addiction to it results me in buying around 3 times a week. I already cut it out and noticed the difference of my weekly budget. I also cut eating in a fast food during office breaks. Once in a while won’t hurt if you are really craving for it.

2.    I learn to maximize my resources.
Use Google for research, reviews and feedback. This will help you in decision making in buying or planning your travel. Or from the travel blogger/experts that gives tips and shares their experiences. If you're a credit card holder, using a credit card has its advantage only if you know how to use it. Make sure to pay on time and use your points for rewards, use it only if needed.

3.    I learn that even small efforts payoff.
I am so lazy waking up early but I make sure not to miss our shuttle service so to not be late to work. To be early, I always ride a tricycle going out the subdivision considering that it’s just a few blocks away from the main road. It’s also same going home. But now, I walk to save some bucks, though I am still not consistent in doing it, it also adds up on my budget.

4.   I learn to set a limit.
For my DIY trip; I try to set a budget for it. Let’s say my maximum amount for every trip is 4k (depending on the trip) so I try to squeeze my itinerary on my budget. I plan every detail including the food so I can estimate. It’s also cheaper being in a big group because there are more people to share.

5.    I learn to invest on things.

I always believe in buying authentic gadgets, shoes and travel accessories as it gives quality and warranty. A good example is my Sierra backpack that 
has a lifetime warranty. Buying Columbia or Northface bag is still way out of my budget so the key here is to try looking for quality items that will fit your limit. For clothes, not all the time as I also buy in Ukay-ukay and Divisoria; it’s more on how you take care of it.
6.    I learn to do the basics.
I know you have heard the 'Envelope System' and I am now practicing it. I categorize my money by separating bills, groceries, long term (emergency fund, insurance with stocks, etc... ) and short term funds (travels and needs) to easily monitor it. I am also planning to start tithing this coming pay day and I will now include that on my basics.

And so that’s how I learn to set my priorities to travel more. For those travel buffs; we should not consider traveling as an expense. Traveling teaches me a lot of lessons and is something I will never give up so wise preparation and planning is a big help to fulfill it.

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded." 2 Chronicles 15:7

This post is my very first entry to the Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of June with the theme HOW TO FUND YOUR WANDERLUST?
 Compilation hosted by Journeying James
P.S. I just grabbed and modified the milk tea, piggybank and envelope photos via Google search. :p 


keightie said...

wow! you're so organized and disciplined. Nice post!

iamjessiegarcia said...

nice one dys!

im actually thinking of doing the envelop system so i could continue providing for my family and still do whatever i want to do whilst im still single ;)

Good luck on your entry ^^


wow .. nice tips!+

Mitch said...

everything will be soon be paid off! Very helpful tips.. so true! I cant imagine life w/o saving and traveling.. pede pagsabayin, why not! just know the money worth.

blissfulguro said...

woohoo! ambongga lang... buma- blog carnival ka na...

go gladys! :)

Unknown said...

@ Keightie - thankee!
@ Jessie - Ako pramis mag sa-save na ng tuloy tuloy...
@ Kulapitot - Thanks naman!
@ Mitch - korek pag gusto kayang gawan ng paraan diba?!
@ Carla - Nyahaha! nakikisali lang... :p

killerfillers said...

nice tips.nag-try ako ng envelope system di gumana.haha anyhoo i'm trying to invest in time deposit account para di ako matempt mag-withdraw,

Bhie - said...

super like this post...kunsabagay all of your post naman i really like,,,keep it up Dys !!!

melvin said...

ako din since i'm not getting younger dahan dahan lang ako sa pag travel kasi kelangn din may ipon ka.balance lang.

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