So Inlove, Can I See You Soon?

My hands can’t count anymore the number of people telling me how beautiful Palawan is. Coron, Puerto Princesa, El Nido… All are breath-taking, I admit. Yes, I want to travel to islands of Palawan and a hope to stay to any of El Nido Resorts is such everybody’s dream.

I wish I could bring my boyfriend along and tell everybody about the beauty of Apulit Island, an every travellers dream. I already know, my friends are already envy of me.

I wish I can relax in an overlooking view of the sea, while sipping a refreshing drink, Oh I can’t imagine enough, thank you God!

Swimming with the clear water, seeing my wonderful friends under the sea and saying hello to Nemo, omg, I can’t wait!

Spelunking is for an adventurer type of person like me. I already imagine myself with my wide eyes saying WOW!

Sleeping in a relaxing bed after a tiring day, soft pillow to hug plus my boyfriend on my side snoring. Oh how I love Apulit Island, too early for honeymoon. No no no not yet!

This will never stop; I am feeling that I’ll be in El Nido Resorts soon! Of course! 

Attracting the good vibes and the splash of the water in Apulit!

Post created in participation of El Nido Resorts 30th Anniversary, don't forget to like their fan page too.


iamjessiegarcia said...

yihee... sleep sleep na friend...

el nido here we come na ang susunod ng alpha gagerls


yey goodluck! I can see from today that ill be reading your palawan series soon! <3

Mitch said...

yeah..ikaw na ang wagi! may photo pa..

Kura said...

oo nga in love na in love ka nga teh. hihihi! goodluck! Pangarap kong makabalik ng el nido. ^_^ at mag moment ng wagas kasama ang boylet. charot! hahaha! uber romantic tlaga dun. mag eenjoy kayo ni boypren. kung sakaling di naman kayo palarin, cheap lang ang el nido girl.alam kong kering keri mo. hihihi! miss you

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