Pahiyas Festival 2012

In honor of San Isidro Labrador, it was a tradition to celebrate the Pahiyas Festival here in the town of Lucban every 15th of May. This is the way the farmers give thanks for the bountiful harvest by displaying colourful rice wafers, fruits, vegetables and handicrafts decorating every house in town.

It was my first time to join a festival celebration in Lucban and was so glad to get to see and feel the warmth of the locals here.

What can you expect during the event? 

1. Food; Of course it's everywhere, they expect number of visitors so you can either eat in any local stores or sidewalk. Or look for your friends house to invite yourself in. For us, hindi namin nahanap yung house ng office-mate namin so we stick to our plan to eat around the area.

Kiping is made from grind rice that was brilliantly colored for main decorations.
Pwede ring i-ihaw para kainin. 

The famous longganisa ng Lucban

And, pansit Habhab - this is 10php per serving. 

Pwede ring pamaypay - :D pero nakapila to para ihawin.

Fried Kiping topped with sugar, mas bet ko toh kaso si ate natalsikan ako ng mantika. :p

2. The Lucban Church; It is devoted to town’s patron saint, San Isidro Labrador and this church is said to be almost 400 years old.

We should not forget to include visiting the Church to give thanks

The beautiful structure of the church outside.

3. Parades; You can see marching bands, ladies wearing colorful costumes/Filipiniana made of native materials, floats and farmers with their Carabaos in costumes.

4. Street Party; We also saw a group of environmental activist singing in the street. They caught our attention because of the Reggae theme of their band and the singer sang well. Hindi namin napansin nag cause na siya ng isang malaking party-party sa initan. Even the foreigners joined the party. Asteeg at ang saya lang!

Haribon haribon...

Instant dance floor sa initan, angsaya! 

Don't get near the mic or else you'll get to sing too.

5. Souvenirs; Of course don’t go home without buying something for pasalubong.

Meet Sol, my travel buddy for this trip (Actually may isa pa pero camera shy)

Na-aalala nyo pa ba toh nung mga kabataan natin? :p

And of course the main attraction are the houses of the locals in Lucban. This is the reason why tourist go to the town every 15th of May. 

It rained for a while pero uminit na ng tanghali. 

Tutubing Okra :p

Locals are kind enough to let you take pictures anywhere you want. 

You can go inside the house to take a picture by the window

Ang daming tao

Iniisip ko parin kung anong hayop or insekto ang gusto nilang i-achieve dito :p 

This is my favorite! Puro luya yan, infairness... 

Pacute lang... Pumila pa ako makapag pa picture lang.

The tallest house we saw :p

After lunch we went to Liliw to check for some slippers and shoes and had a short visit to Nagcarlan Underground cemetery. The day was such a tiring but colorful day for me! We haven't got to know the winner of the event. :p

How to go to Lucban from the South:
Since I am from South, the easiest way for me is from Pagsanjan/Sta. Cruz Laguna.
From the Alabang Terminal, you can ride an air-conditioned van/bus going to Pagsanjan/Sta. Cruz.  Then from the Town Plaza, ride a jeep going to Lucban. You can also join a group tour to get the comfort of not worrying for the transportation especially if you have seniors or kids with you.  Btw, expect for a long walk as the main road was closed for the event.

I hope to visit the next Festival and get to see Kamay ni Hesus next time. 


Chyng said...

makukulay talaga ang ffiesta dito sa pinas, worth puntahan!

di kayo nagkita nila jeng at donnie jan?

Untied Escape said...

Hindi eh, di ko pla nakuha number nila para nakapag meet manlang... :p

iamjessiegarcia said...

sama na ako sayo next year... ^^

such a colorful festival... nice pics dys

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Awesome photos! I want to see Pahiyas! Me and my friends were planning to join the festivities this year, too bad it fell on a weekday and we can't take a leave from work... hehehe! hopefully next year, kahit weekday ulit... hehehe!

anney said...

Uy nandyan din kami! 6:30AM pa lang naglilibot na kami. lol! Konti pa lang tao nun. May mga kasama kasi kaming bata kaya ayaw namin medyo magpatanghali at siksikan na.

keightie said...

Waah! Sana nakasama ako! Napaka colorful! Super bet ko longanisa dyan hehehe Nakakatuwa naman daming Longanisa nakasabit haha Dapat pala nagpabili ako hehe


Untied Escape said...

@ Jessie - Dapat lang, hehehe! dapat maka attend na rin tayo on other festivities. :p

@ Pinoy Adventurista - Oo nga weekday siya tumapat; next year nlng ulit... Nga pla I just watched your GMA interview last year ata yun... ang cool! hehehe!

@ Anney - Sayang; if I know kahit meet and greet lang saglit.. hehe!

@ Keightie - Oo nga noh, sarap nung longganisa :p

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

agree ako sa sinabi ni Chyng....

Kura said...

wow glad! buti ka pa nakapunta ka. hindi ako nakakapunta diyan ng fiesta kasi sabay ng fiesta sa probinsya namin. tsk! minsan tatakas ako, sama talaga ako sayo. Na-enjoy kong basahin yung street party sa katanghalian tapat. hihihi! Parang ang cool lang ng locals. Quezon is love for me. Gustong gusto ko yung mga tao at yung mga pagkain of course. Great picture girl

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