Discover Phuket: Wat Chalong

Thailand is also known for their detailed temples and rich cultures

Wat Chalong is another must see and a very popular place in Phuket. This place will tell you more of the Buddhist culture. Travelers come here to learn and be fascinated of the structures and the locals come here to pray.

Just few of the crowd on a sunny afternoon
Though it was often too crowded, Wats are very sacred especially for the local people so visitors are expected to pay respect and observe of the rules such as proper dress code and taking your shoes off.

They could've been praying for luck and more blessings
It was also said that the Wat Chalong is the most important of the 29 buddhist temples of Phuket (formally named Wat Chaiyathararam).

Another view of the temple 
And also, Elephants are sacred here
We are not really sure of the flags, maybe another ritual or sign
Wat Chalong is just about half way between Chalong Circle and Phuket town. Near the entrance is an alley of stores selling different stuffs like plants, bags, accessories, souvenirs and different kinds of food that will really catch your attention. You would really want to try almost everything.

There’s a lot of grilling and frying on the sides, milk teas, fruits and refreshments. Near the temples are much more like the market in the Philippines as there’s a lot of clothes and other stuffs for sale.

Food stalls are just everywhere that you really want to try
Just like in Divisoria
It was again a very unforgiving sunny day and you’ll often expect us near a shade of a tree resting before checking out another temple. Crowds are everywhere and it’s also a bit hard to explore the area peacefully.
Tired ladies
With my hal of course

After a few refreshments and rested under the tree, we bid our goodbyes and headed to our next destination. It was really such a temple-overload. :p

Wat Chalong Temple
Address: Phuket, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand
Opens from 7am to 5pm


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