Discovering Phuket: Patong Beach

Such a wonderful welcome Patong Beach!
I am very excited to see the beach area in the morning. Since we arrived already late noon, we scheduled our next day to walk along the shore of Patong beach in the morning. It was a very quick walk from our hostel. It was the first time we saw the place in a calmer state. That’s the time we’re able to appreciate and see the view of the beach.

Do not forget to get fit!
A view in the morning, calmer than night. 
We saw several tourists jogging in the shoreline. We saw some empty bottles abandoned in the area. Well, it was a good view, but of course, comparing to the beaches in the Philippines, it’s really evident that the Philippines has the best beaches in the world. It was good to see that it was crowded with visitors but I am a bit sad because although I am seeing tourists in our country especially in the well known Boracay, its not like this kind of crowd, it was like as if this is the only and the best White beach in the world.

Just some of the trash and empty bottles we saw that morning
Cyclist getting ready for the tourist rush
Well, maybe because of the image of a non-safe destination, lack of promotion and other more various reasons making us very unpopular tourist destination. Hal and I actually had a chat with a guy from Canada that was also staying in our hostel and he doesn’t really know much about the Philippines. I was like, “Do you know Boracay and El Nido? You must include Philippines in your list and the beaches there are way much prettier.” That guy was actually already found the Patong beach very beautiful already. In my mind, how much more if you visit the beaches of Palawan, Bohol and Cebu.

And the crowd was ready to get sunburn
More of the crowd on the other side
They are all very busy, we are the only group trying to hide from the sun
Patong is much like Boracay because it was surrounded by stores and restaurants. The only difference is that the beach water is very salty and a bit itchy. Anyway, as we return in the beach with the group around late afternoon, there are more and more people everywhere, sunbathing, playing, swimming and just simply relaxing on the shore. 

Sun bathing, relaxing, not a fan of sun burn. 
Such a busy beach
Colorful umbrellas everywhere
And more on this side
Hal and I at Patong Beach
Patong Beach will still be a very popular beach spot for tourist, no doubt because it is accessible and it’s still beautiful on its own way. I’ll still promote Palawan and Cebu though. Of Course.

As the sunset goes, it was the moment that I realized that we are still sharing the same magnificent view of sunset in just other perspective. It was calm, soothing and just let me thank God again for experiencing the beach outside my homeland.

Such a very wonderful view to end your day


Photo Cache said...

I hate it when people don't clean up after themselves in a public place; it ruins the vibe for everyone else. I haven't been to any of the great beaches of the PI, but I'd love to go someday.

I appreciate being included in your Linkie Love.

Take care.

Gladys Serafines said...

I’m sure you’ll love it! Link updated! Regards to Emma and Buster!

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