Discover Phuket - The Famous Big Buddha

The very enormous Big Buddha ~ credit to Sol for the pic
We decided to go on a city tour in our first day in Phuket. And of course the Phuket Big Buddha is on top of our list. It was just a few kilometers away from our hostel. We walked to the tuktuk terminal and just for 20Baht, we asked the tuktuk driver to drop us to the Big Buddha. It’s around 20-30 mins ride uphill.

We were dropped at Yot Sane 1 Alley. We thought that it will be just right there. Not realizing that it’s 6 kilometer uphill walk to reach the famous tourist spot. Upon discussing how we can reach the top (either renting a tuktuk or a motorcycle) a private van parked nearby offered us to bring us to the Big Buddha and wait for us so he can also bring us back and drop us to Wat Chalong after. It costs us 700Baht (group of 8), not bad for a big group.

Another view before the stairs up
The statue sits on top of what they called Nakkerd Hills and it can easily be seen from far away. The whole body is made of White Burmese Marble, it shines in the Sun making the view more breathtaking not only for the devotee but for the tourists who flock everyday with full of hope and wishes. It's still an ongoing project so portion of it is still under construction.

You'll also notice some monks giving blessings to the tourists, they also prepare a bracelet made of string to temple visitors. String bracelets are common to Thai, called “Sai Sin” bracelet. It’s a shortened length of Sacred Thread which being blessed by monks for luck and fortune. This ritual is said to be common throughout Southeast Asia in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Remember to keep the thread for good luck.

Visitors kneeling waiting for their turn of blessings
In return, the monks will be giving you the String Bracelet
You can also burn incense in your prayer
All the funds used for this massive structure come from donations. Near the base of the Big Buddha is a hall showcasing the history of the project and some Buddhist teaching. There are also countless of donation boxes displayed around. You can buy wishing bells and small marble tile to write your wishes and good luck messages for a certain amount, proceeds are to be used in the project.

A bit pricey donation to be able to right your message 
The tile will be part of the construction - and look, Filipino
humor everywhere :) 
You can also get a bell and write your message, for a
certain amount too. 
A Thai kid getting some donations out of the box - not sure if
he's allowed or what but we just let him do his thing. :p 
This really catches my attention, I need to learn this ~ credit to Sol for the pic
And my friend Sol spotted this cute cat in the center of the crowd sleeping in the donation box 
Some stalls can be found at the base to bring refreshments and souvenirs for the tourists. You will also see another smaller Gold version of the Buddha image facing Eastward. This Gold Buddha is made of 22 tons of Brass.

Equally stunning Big Buddha in Gold
Do not also forget to pay respect to their religion as proper dress code is required. You can borrow some sarongs within the vicinity though I am not sure if you’ll pay for it. Be prepare as well to the crowd of visitors in the area and don't forget to check the overlooking view of the city.

And to close this with a famous Buddha Quote:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything.”

Big Buddha, Phuket (Chao Fa Road East near Chalong)
Operating Hours: From 08:00 – 19:30


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