What do you expect in Manila Ocean Park?

A visit again at Manila Ocean Park 
Our unplanned Manila Ocean Park trip is not what I’m expecting to see after my first visit when it was just opened. I noticed that there’s a portion that’s like a “Tiangge” mall inside, arcade games and boutiques. I also noticed that the fishes are not as many as before and the overlooking Manila bay is (as expected) not clean that makes the surroundings not very pleasant to see.

We bought the Ultimate Adventure voucher which consist of the following; Trails to Antarctica (Slide O Fun, Penguin Exhibit, Snow Village), Oceanarium, Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter, Jellies Exhibit, Acquatica Fish Spa, Birds of Prey Kingdom and Liquid Buffet for P849 per person

Though it’s not the same as what I’m expecting, I still have some shots that’s for me is the highlight of our short visit.
I'm not good in remembering fish names :) 
Also on this fish
I know it's Puffer Fish right? Unpuffed.
Hey Manta Ray!
I've seen this before, only smaller. In the dining table? :p
Mini Antarctica, with few Penguins only
It's good to read all the facts here
With my in-laws :) 
And with Hal of course!
Time to get a Fish Spa - the bigger fish, the more painful it is.
The handler told that they are not wild anymore
They were breed captive and will not be able to get back in the wild
Birds were tamed already. 
The small portion is the Jelly Fish Exhibit. 
Pink is cute
Better to see it here than up close in the sea.
Colorful Jellies ends our day :)

The place is still good for learning experience for kids, but maybe because it was running for quite some time already; the place was not conserve for its purpose. Though it was still appealing by looking at the pictures, I’m quite afraid that the marine animals here and the birds may not be getting enough care when it comes to facilities and imitating their natural habitat.

Manila Ocean Park
Behind Quirino Grandstand
Luneta Manila Philippines 1000
Trunkline: +63 2 567 7777
Facsimile: +63 2 567 2309
Email: inquiry@manilaoceanpark.com


Sendo said...

<3 my favorite area in Ocean Park is the jelly fish room ! ganda talaga...romantic..ayee haha

Gladys Serafines said...

Hi Sendo! Yup mukhang yan din ata yung na enjoy ko :)

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