Burot Beach in Calatagan Batangas - A Not so Secret Beach Anymore near Metro Manila

A Quick Burot Getaway

After so many reviews about this place, I’ve finally gave Burot beach a try. I am so excited to see the place as I’ve been hearing a lot about it. And since it just a few hours from Manila, with a decent budget and not so much plans. We had a perfect summer quick getaway. 

We went to Burot last May (late post). It was scourging hot when we arrived. We decided to have our trip on weekdays as I heard there are lots of campers during weekends. Apparently, maybe because its summer, the campers were everywhere. 

The beach itself is better than those that in Nasugbu or other parts in Batangas. The sand is in semi fine texture in cream color. The water is calm but there are lots of sea weeds at some parts. You can also see some Jelly fish and Star fish in the area. If you go far, some sea urchins can be spotted too. You need to be a bit careful in swimming in the area but its workable for me. 

We also saw some bigger ones than this Jelly fish 
Injured Starfish, we put it away from the shore after this shot.
It was known as a private property owned by SM Group of Companies, I assumed its true as a guard in uniform with SM logo on it is the one managing the fees. 

Entrance fee was a bit higher than those I’ve read online from other travelers and bloggers. Oh you know when the demands get up, expect this already. 

No decent comfort rooms especially if you’re sharing this to lots of campers. That’s okay since it’s an undeveloped beach. However since campers are paying for a day or overnight stay, maybe SM should at least try to build a more suitable comfort rooms for their visitors. However I am hoping that they keep the beach that way. 

One sunny afternoon

The place is more appealing when the sunset comes in, a perfect place to see the sunset. Make sure to bring lamps and flashlight as there’s no electricity in the area. It’s also better to wash ahead of the crowd or wash before it gets dark.

The sunset at Burot
I saw several stray dogs in the area, tamed and seems very used to the life at the beach
Kids playing plus the sunset is such a picturesque
Life at the beach
We did our best to wake up early to explore the place more. We went to the other side of the beach and saw a not so pleasant view. I do not know if this is still part of the private property but garbage was everywhere. Irresponsible camper’s maybe, that doesn't really care much of nature and just went there to enjoy and forgetting their part and their responsibility. 

On our way to the other side of the beach
Peaceful at far and very beautiful place to see
Yet at some parts this is what you'll see
And this 
Overall Burot beach is a good place for a quick summer getaway. I wish it will be protected as it deserves to be. The beauty of the place makes it worth raving because of its accessibility and a feeling of being away from the city. It’s recommended for those who do not have much time in going to far places for a beach trip. It’s a place that’s also asking for a little care to preserve its beauty. And also much better to be visited with your friends and love ones. 

Travelling would never be fun without them!
And another beach revealed :) Thanks for the experience!

~And the voice of the sea speaks to the soul~


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