Overnight at Royal Palm Residences

At the Royal Palm Residences
Two of my “Feb-Fab-Friends” celebrated their birthdays and we decided that our post party celebration will be just around the corner. Since we wanted to have our usual house party, we stayed overnight at Royal Palm Residence in Taguig. Some of the units here are for rent and so we arranged one. Its a cheaper option instead of staying in a hotel. Rate usually ranges from 2,500 and up. It can be lower if you’ll be a long staying guest. We got ours with a discount rate. 

Our view outside, we're on the 4th floor. 
It is a Thai-influenced and resort inspired residential condominiums, complete with recreational amenities. What I like most is they are pet friendly. They allow owners to have pets at home unlike other real estate developers. What I don’t like is because its near NAIA, approximately just 15-20 minutes away, we can hear airplanes arriving and departing the area, though it's not very loud, for me it's still disturbing. 

Sorry for not having a decent photo of the unit, I'm unable to take pictures of the rooms and others because we are too excited to eat and the unit was quite a mess already. We decorated it with balloons for more festive look.

This is all the pictures I've got inside our 2 bedroom unit.
It’s a plus that our friend work here as a Property Manager so we can explore the area so easily and she was able to arrange our reservations quickly. We decided to visit the nearby residence, the Cedar Crest for a swim, courtesy of her arrangements.

A quick swim here at Cedar Crest
It's a hot sunny afternoon
Group pic :) The girls in front are the celebrants. 

We do not have enough time to explore much but if you're a fan of high-rise or mid-rise condominiums I bet you’ll also want to get a unit of your own. For me, not much. :p
Cheers to a fun weekend celebration! 

Royal Palm Residences
Address: Royal Palm Residences, Acacia Ave., Taguig


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