Rizal Park Today: A quick tour back to the historical urban park in Manila

The Rizal Monument in Rizal Park
The Luneta park also known as Rizal’s park is a common site for me during the college days. Having your university just around the corner, seeing how it is today after sometime is such a good feeling. I miss everything, the heat and the smoke of the city. The college students walking around everywhere reminds me of my college existence, and gosh I’m getting older. 

Luneta is better today than few years back when I'm thinner, so baduy and still enjoying the college crazy life. That’s for me, it’s cleaner and more organized. My mom-in-law who was with us during the short visit told me that it was way better during the older times.  

Kilometer Zero is here
It was a sunny afternoon
No litters around that day - good job!
Tourist around - this will also bring them in the nearby historical locations
The Chinese Garden 
This is also new :) 
Now with food stalls around. 
Pleasant surroundings 
Guard on duty
Another new for me, not much structures before
The Orchidarium, also a venue for weddings
They remind me of the "cheering competition" days, we also loiter around  like this for practice
Lapu-Lapu statue on the side, I guess it was under construction before :p 
Another new statue 
Sorry for the photo overload. 

Having so much politics and controversy in the city, it’s still good to see a bit of improvement and appreciate the history of the urban park presented. In the honor of our national hero Jose Rizal and our independence, the park symbolizes every Filipino bravery, courage and freedom.  

Good to see you again! Maybe I should visit our University next time :D

The Rizal Park
Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila,Philippines


juliana juan said...

It’s nice blog about the memories of college life. I also visited this park but a long ago before new york to niagara falls tour. At that time I was just fifteen. On my initial visit to Manila I chose a hotel right across from Rizal Park. It is a very huge park with many different charms to enjoy or just to have a nice stroll or picnic. Of course the focus is to memorialize Jose Rizal who is a national star for the Filipino publics.

Gladys Serafines said...

Glad to know that you’ve visited Manila already. Yes its true, reminiscing always brings back happy and crazy memories :)

jai said...


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