He's not Damon Salvatore, He's Damon!

Warning: Not a travel post

You already met Sansa my Black Cat, a mix of Siamese and Persian breed. This time I want you to meet the newest member of the family.

Meet Damon! 

After taking a bath

Why Damon?! I am just too obsessed to The Vampire Diaries series for quite a while and because he is soooo  cute like everybody’s favourite “Damon Salvatore”, I guess Damon wouldn’t mind naming my cat like his. :p Anyway, I know he loves cats too because he is an animal rights promoter so I guess this is totally ok. By the way I super like “Klaus” too! I guess everybody loves them both!

Moving on with my Vampire Diaries craziness, here’s Damon. A Brat, funny, silly and a totally mess kitty! Damon is a pure Persian. Do not be deceived of his furry fur and sweet looks because he is a total disaster. Well, quite acceptable for now because he is little, but we are quite worried for the days to come.  He plays a lot and wanted to explore everywhere, he also pisses Sansa all the time. Sansa did not like Damon at first but eventually moved on after several days, maybe she realized that there’s nothing she can do.

Play time

Sleepy Damon

Silly Damon

Sansa is sometimes jealous of Damon when we cuddled him but now they are playing already. Sansa remained the sweet girl but she’s very strict to Damon at times. Sansa's still trying to cope up in being the only baby and now they are two.

Sansa sneaking on Damon

Getting to know stage - still trying to be friends

Now they are ok! 

Even Damon really makes our house a mess, because of his cuteness, he wins all the time. My "Nanay" are just so fond of new kids-like cats at home. So again, he's not our Damon Salvatore. He's Damon! :p

It’s just so fun to have them both! 

Enjoy your Weekend!

Bye for now!


Photo Cache said...

What a cutie pie. both of them. I have two of my own, Emma and Buster.

chyngreyes.com said...


Sol said...

whaaa ang kyut >.<

Ikay said...

cute nman ng mga kitties mo!
I'm a TVD fan too...from season 1 till this season...and I'm so in love to Damon Salvatore.. ^__^

June | Life and Spices said...

Ang cute nila. Esp when Sansa was looking with almost like a boredom to Damon.. :3

clumsymee said...

Dami mo na pet Glads! Hilig mo sa pusa ako takot naman hehehe.

Nga pala a friend nominated me sa Liebers Award hehehe and then I nominate you hope masagot mo ang mga question ko sa blog post ko ☺☺☺

Hope to see you and Kaye soon ☺

Gladys Serafines said...

@ PhotoCache - Thank you! I love Emma and Buster too! I'm a follower of them cuteee... :D

@ Chyng - Thank you! Amishu!

@ Sol - uyy thanks! teka di na kita nakikita sa office ah...

@ Ikay - ay oo grabe addict na din ata ako sa TVD :D

@ June - Yeah, thanks... Kung ma iimagine mo lng kung gaano kagulo sa house... :D

@ April - Waaahh now ko lng nalaman may blog ka din pla... followed you back... Amishu!!! Wala bang kitakits?

clumsymee said...

Gladys - wala lng trip lng yan blog na yan bwahahaha... May get together pero pa-planuhin pa daw nila Syrel KTV ulit :)

Gladys Serafines said...

@ April - Yey sama ako dyan, cge gawin ko yang ni tag mo sa akin... hehehe

Jan Ashlee Franco said...

I love cats! :D can I have the black one? hehe

Jan Ashlee

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