Palawan Escape: Night at Seaslugs Bar, El Nido

For those who still got some energy to go night out in El Nido, Seaslugs Bar and Restaurant is a popular place to visit. Most of those travelers recommend visiting this place to dine. The beach front restaurant set the night with a live acoustic band that is of course best with a pair of beer plus your beer buddies. A very good ambiance if you love to chill out with a good music.

We were also quite hyped out that night and prefer being loud than chilling and so we dare each one of us to sing. They normally invite, ask or dare their visitors to sing in front. So after several push, Jessie did! Jay also took his chance to impress Kate and sang for her.

Because we were still full from our dinner at the resort (in which we could’ve waited and save our hunger a bit and dine here instead), we indulge ourselves with their pizzas. We tried different flavors and they taste reasonably for their price. I forgot to take some pictures of the food but I bet it's worth to try their food plus the experience. Both locals and foreigners patronized the place. They also serve breakfast but the crowd visits mostly during the night. 

Anyway, I really do not know why they choose Seaslugs to be the name of their restaurant because “Sea slugs” seems not an appetizing creature. Lol! 

And upon arriving back to our room; Hal and I was welcomed by a friendly visitor. Hal wanted to take the Gecko home but it freaked out after some shots. And I'll also not let Hal to take this poor creature away from his home of course. It's cute but kinda' creepy to touch. :D

This post is part of the Palawan trip last August 2012.


Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Miss ko yung Spaghetti and Avocado shake nila :D

blissfulguro said...

eek. ang scary nung gecko.. *at yun talaga ang napansin ko!* hihi

congrats ngapala teh! :)

Gladys Serafines said...

@ Micaymyx - try ko yan next time... :)
@ Carla - Thanks much! hehehe kilig*

Kura said...

hahah! nagregister din ang ichura ng gecko sakin. naks! may haranahang naganap kay jay at kate?! aylabit!

uy girl congrats nga. hindi ako makapagFB ng maayos sa office e. di tuloy ako maka super like sa post mo. namiss tuloy kita bigla. chikahan tayo ulit.

Gladys Serafines said...

Uyy super thanks Maricar, este Kura nlng para yung trademark...haha! Sana magkachikahan tayo ulit... set na kasi natin yan..daming kwento, mishu too, naalala ko un sunset sa Apo Reef at ang emo lang natin dun... hehehe!

Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Hala yung gecko rin yung tumatak!!! May phobia ako diyan. >_< Ui congrats pala, kahit medyo late. Ayiii. :)

Gladys Serafines said...

Thanks Cris! Ikaw nga din eh... congrats sayo! basa basa ako ng mga tips mo..haha!

Helena Terell said...

I'll keep this in mind. We are going on a vacation next summer in the Philippines and I believe one of our itinerary would be in Palawan. It would be nice to party some more at night after a day of swimming.

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