Northern Mindanao Escape: Exploring Camiguin

The island at first site
Usually, travellers going to CDO include Camiguin as part of their tour. We also did the same spoiling our itchy feet wondering what to see in exploring Camiguin. A day is enough to explore the place. And here are the must see places if you opted to include Camiguin for a visit. We are quite lucky that it’s a perfect weather for us, not sunny and it’s not raining hard as well though we experienced some drizzle during the trip. We still prefer that than getting Sunburn.

Katibawasan falls – The falls welcomed us gracefully as it refreshes us with its haze because of the strong splashes of water. Our camera got foggy but we just went on and continue to be impressed.

Majestic Katibawasan Falls
On it's strong current
Sunken Cemetery – The history behind the Sunken Cemetery amazed us the most. We were harassed with poses and clicks because our boatman won’t stop taking picture.

Sunken Cemetery
My Eskapaderas plus Hal. 
As expected :D
With Daniel, a tourist we met along
Old Vulcan - We also had a quick stop over to get an overlooking view of the old Vulcan. We enjoyed some wacky shots on the road.

Hiding from us
Gui-ob Church Ruins – The mossy old church was built in the 16th Century and was once a sturdy Church made from coral stones. At the back you can see the old bell tower, an old convent and an old tree that was said already present even before the eruption of the Mount Vulcan. A chapel was built inside the ruins for prayer and scheduled masses.

Mossy and green
The tree who witnessed all
Ardent Hot Spring – The best way to end the tour is to indulge in the mineral hot spring pool that is being powered by the Hibok Hibok Volcano. They said it gives therapeutic effect and ideal place for relaxation. We were just quite “the pasaways” here because we were too noisy and can’t keep our mouth stop talking (which is typically our normal being). We also saw Daniel here, a friend we met at the Sunken Cemetery and our group courtesy of Jessie exchange numbers. Sadly he was unable to join us on our White Water rafting.

A perfect way to end the day
I love hot spring!
We also went to Soda Water Swimming Pool, Sto Niño  Cold Spring and the Station of the Cross but those highlighted above was the most must see places during the Camiguin trip.

Then we went to the White Beach the next day!

Over-all it’s good to discover the history and meeting the locals here in the province. We also learned that the province was awarded as a “rabies-free zone” which answered our question why there are quite number of dogs around and they are all seems healthy and friendly. Pet owners ensure their pets are rabies free and neutered as much as possible.

Another highlight of Camiguin is their popular pastel which makes them more popular because of its creamy filling that’s really appealing.

Delicious Pastel (source)
We also suggest to get a multicab that will fetch you from the port and introduce you to the places in the province. Our contact gave us a good deal.

Kuya Criz is our guide for the day
How to go:
From CDO, go to Agora Market Bus Terminal - take a bus bound to Butuan and get off at Balingoan Bus Terminal. This will take around 2 hours travel time. Ride a ferry from Balingoan (Misamis Oriental) to Benoni (Camiguin) and this will take around 2 hours as well.

Trike(Motorellas) to Agora Terminal = 10php
Bus to Balingoan = 143php
Ferry+Terminal Fee+Environmental Fee = 174.25php

For the record, this is the most complicated ride I experienced from my trips. Riding the ferry to Benoni port was like a chaos. No lines, everybody was in a hurry, crowd everywhere and  they will literally push you back to get themselves in front first. I do not know what's with that morning but it's really traumatic for those who cannot tolerate. Well, maybe they all wanted to get a good seat, I don't know.

But don't be discourage because if you prefer more comfortable and faster ride and I know you would, fast craft from Cagayan de Oro’s Macabalan Port straight to Camiguin is an option. Paras Sea Cat is recommended if you have limited time and bigger budget. This is advisable if you have tight itinerary.

Camiguin may not be the best place to see but still the beauty depends on your liking. Going back to Camiguin?, probably not a priority. It’s for you to see and maybe it depends on how you appreciate a certain abode.


Micamyx|Senyorita said...

I miss Camiguin! Went there in late 2010 with high school friends. Fun trip and nice dyan. Very mysterious and for a time, Camiguin was my top favorite Philippine Destination hehe

June | Life and Spices said...

Parang mababalian ka ng bones pag puma ilalim ka sa Katibawasan Falls.. hahaha

Sunken Cemetery is also a wonder for me.. Panu kaya yun lumubog. I saw this yata on a local film na horror.

Old Vulcan? literally bulkan ba to?

The best was the hot spring.. ang linaw ng tubig! At may net to prevent the leaves from falling into the waters.

blissfulguro said...

at di pa rin ako nakakaapak ng camiguin... boo me :(

Gladys Serafines said...

@ Micamyx - good to know, well na enjoy ko naman din talaga yang Camiguin trip namin, ang simple lng ng buong island.

@ June - yup Vulcan daw talaga yan, sayang ang labo ng picture, foggy lang...hehehe, sabi nila dahil sa eruption din ng Vulcan kaya bumaba yung lupa tas naging part na ng tubig ung cemetery...

@ Carla - Mag Sea Cat kayo pag punta nyo ha... lol

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