Our Year End Party 2012

Our Year End Party Theme: Modern Victorian Soiree

We had our Year End Christmas Party again at Dusit Thani Manila and we used the same ball we had last 2010. We were at Western Premier F1 Hotel last year and I like here better because its bigger. It was really a challenge for us to keep the Victorian theme alive on our dresses without spending much or being overdressed and I am pretty happy to found an outfit in a reasonable price. But I still prefer simpler theme next time. :p

What made our party extra special? Our CEO Charles “Tony Stark” Reed arrived. He was very in the mood to party and seems really having fun. And of course we had our Mr. JJ Arvisu, our “Cool” director who also partied all the way with us that night and Mr. Gael Sydness, our primary visitor which is an external vendor and the "main attraction". You'll know why. :D

The group was divided into Three, Supreme Ground Breakers, Up Beat and Support Team. Being a QAO, I belong to the Support Team.

So here are the party pics!

First Group: Supreme Ground Breakers
Performance: Adonis

Second Group: Support Team
Performance: Phantom of the Opera

Third Group: Up Beat
Performance: Moulin Rouge - Winning Team!

Some awards were given during the event: Docomolympics Award, Loyalty Award, Best Team, Top Agents and Raffle Prizes

And more pictures below.

Our own Tony Stark :D
Kate, Rhea and Jess with our CC Director, JJ Arvisu

And Mr. Gael Sydness with Cleah, and he is the "main attraction" I was telling about. :D

Playing around ;p

Let's Party! 
My outfit for the night; My top was bought at Forever 21 (on sale), it's a dress actually and my skirt bought at a thrift shop and tailored to put volume on it. 

We had unlimited beer, live band and party peeps all night then we all squeezed in and muddled at the hotel room after the party. The room was rented double purpose, for our dressing room and after party - "QA only party". But after we had our exchange gifts, we all just went to sleep out of tiredness. It was a great party but it seems that we had more attendees last year than this year. And I bet everyone would love to add more raffles next time! 

After Party - Just Chips for breakfast. Lol!


anney said...

Ang gwapo ng main attraction! hehe! I love the theme! Avance Happy New Year!


bongga talaga party niyo! at ang daming pogito hahahha

June | Life and Spices said...

napa hinto talaga ako sa picture nung kamukha ni iron man..akala ko talaga..hahaha..

blissfulguro said...

gusto ko yung red lacy dress - ang tanong, san ko gagamitin? haha. ang bongga teh!

Untied Escape said...

@ Anney - Korek, kulang nalang lahat ng girls magpapicture sa knya... haha! Happy New Year Anney!

@ Kulapitot - Hahaha!

@ June - Asteeg ng look alike... :)

@ Carla - Thanks, haha...iniisip ko nga din san ko siya magagamit next...hahaha

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