Gift Giving 2012 - Every Little Deed Can Do

December is the season for giving, sharing and remembering that there are people out there that need our help. I also believe that Christmas is for children; they should feel love, care and just be happy. I guess we have the same views of those who started this gift giving program. Even just for a day, those who are not being noticed will feel appreciated.

I personally do not give money to the beggar. Especially for those who looks like they are making business out of it. Looking so weak and hopeless when they are near you but then looking at them closely, with their body obviously fit for physical job, they can do better than asking for alms. Technically there are better ways to earn money aside from their monkey business. Really, they can be richer than you if in a day, they’ll be able to collect money to every concern citizen they pass by.

However, it’s a different scenario for children literally living in the street. The street is their teacher and molds them on how they become in the future. Whatever views they may have in life, eventually it will reflect once they grow old.

Kaye invited me to pledge just a few years back for their gift giving tradition. I usually just pledge a few amount and then they do the giving. I was able to join once before and now I was able to join them again with the grocery, packing and the distribution of gifts.

Just some from the first batch of goodies. 

And we are also the first batch to pack, some are still on their way to continue packing. 

After packing, we were the first batch who went to some streets in Manila to look for kids where we can share our gifts. We also decided to divide the group so we are less noticeable to the crowd. Though it was just a food for a night, the spirit and the feeling that they were recognized this season can be something for them.

He literally showed "Wowed" face

It was hard to keep them fall in line. 

For some,we really need to go their place to give their gifts.

We tried to disguise to avoid the commotion. 

I personally would like to give thanks to Kaye and her friends who started this program and for inviting hal and I to be part of this. Though it may be just a little deed, every little deed put together can be a big act.

Looking forward for a better and bigger gift giving next year. 



gusto ko magjoin sa grupo niyo .... bet aki mga gnitong event! said...

next year invite ko kayo ha. =)

June | Life and Spices said...

you have such a BIG HEART for less fortunate.. i admire you. dapat mag outreach ang mga bloggers

Untied Escape said...

@ Kulapitot - Taralets next December, bet?

@ Chyng - Yey, cge... wait ko yan ha...

@ June - thanks, hmmnn okay na idea yan, and get together na din, double purpose...

SunnyToast said...

Good bless you! We share because we do not have much but we know what it feels like to have nothing.

Wishing you a good year ahead!

Eleigh Llaneras said...

Nice one there. If you need extra manpower for those kinds of events, count me in. ;) Thanks for the follow btw! Followed you back :D


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