In God’s Perfect Timing: The Best Days

My La-Loves Eskapaderas Travel Buddies! 
I promised myself that one day. I’ll be able to fly across the sea and wander what else we have outside my homeland. It has always been with me, dreaming and claiming for that day to come. Just a few weeks after getting married, it finally came true. Part of my wish was that it should be before my 30th birthday and it's another wish granted too. What makes it more grateful is that hal and I shared the trip with my friends. Traveling in group can be a bit stressful at times but definitely twice more fun and most of all saves you a lot of money. I really cannot tell how grateful I am and up to now I’m thanking the Lord everyday for the overwhelming blessings. Expenses were just around 20k each for the 15days trip, airfare excluded. :)

Our DIY Route –  Manila – Kuala Lumpur – Phuket – Cambodia -  Bangkok – then back to Manila

The Famous Petronas Twin Towers 
Pigeons near the Batu Caves Temple - all well fed by the tourist and locals
Phuket is known for their beaches, but still nothing compares to the beaches here in Pinas
In the middle of the Phuket's Sin City - Bangla Road, Patong Beach. Wait till the Sun goes down. 
This is my dream travel destination - Cambodia's Angkor Wat
Cambodia's Floating Village - another place to discover in Siem Reap
Bangkok's Grand Palace - undoubtedly  most famous landmark 
Thai monks and tourist in prayer 

Photo credit to Mirasol of ThewandersofSolita
Thank you so much for the wonderful photos.


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